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Hi guys, welcome to Natural cure tips. my today’s topic is for men. it is all about men health. today i am going to introduce such a herb
that is very famous in Pakistan and india, and are being used from many several years. i also use this herb personally , thats why
i think i should spread this information to all of you. there are many names of this herb, in different
countries it has its own name. in english it is known as, Chlorophytum borivilianum.
in hindi and urdu, it is called Mooosli safaid. mooosli safaid is very rare in pakistan and
india, It is used for arthritis, cancer, diabetes,
boosting vitality, improving sexual performance, and for many other uses. this herb is hugely used in india and pakistan,
due to which, other countries like USA, Gulf & Europe, has been importing dry roots of
this magical herb. this herb has too many benefits, let me tell
you some of these. Sexual Wellness: mooosli safaid is hugely known as a sex tonic.
this herb is ideal for men, and can be sued by women also. This is also called Herbal Viagra. It helps improve Male Weakness. cure erectile dysfunction. increase sperms count. Reduces frigidity in women. Help boost urge for sex in both males and
females. physically health. mooosli safaid also helps in boosting physical
health. if you are physically slim, and you want to
become physically fit, then mooosli safaid can help you. It helps gain more weight, which makes it
ideal for underweight people. it is best for bodybuilders.
for gaining weight, take mooosli safaid powder and add 2 spoon in milk and boil it for 5
to 10 minutes. then after add 1 table spoon of honey. And drink this 2 times a day, especially morning
before breakfast. other benefits. mooosli safaid improves immunity and stamina. its also good for cancer, diabetes & arthritis
patients. it improve the quality of milk in lactating
mothers. i hope you will use mooosli safaid herb.
for my next video, please subscribe my channel. till that time, take care and good bye.

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