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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Yo what up guys, welcome to part two of the 1rm training series this time we will take a lot to the two other upper body training. In the last video, we saw the push day this time full upper body I also wanted to say thank you for the support to my last video you seem to like the 1rm stuff a lot that’s why I will tell you more about it if you also like this video please leave a like and a comment if you have questions So I will talk about the training in more detail now At first, I will tell you what my current training split looks like because you saw the push day, now upper day sounds a little bit strange at the beginning not a very popular split For me, this is also the first time training a split like this we are experimenting a little bit the split looks like this: I train 5x a week The week starts with an upper day where I train my whole upper body Focus is on half rom pull ups so pulls with more weight but not full rom dips against a resistance band to train with a not linear curve of force so the dip gets harder while pushing up to fight my upper sticking point Also I train rows rear delts & core on that day The week continues with a leg day Day 3 is the push day you saw in the last video where I do 1 heavy dip single that will be heavier from week to week afterwards, I add the backoff sets bench press, overhead press, triceps extensions and again core Day 4 is again a leg day and the last day, day 5 is the second upper day On this day I start with a heavy pull up single that will be increased in weight every week and of course also heavy backoff sets and 3 sets of tempo dips with 2s pause in the bottom position. You will see these in this video here afterward another exercise for the rear delts and another rowing exercise So I train pull ups 2x a week and dips 3x a week to handle these high loads you need to be really careful with the volume to not do too many reps or sets in each workout to let your body enough capacities to recover from the last session before you start the next and train on the full potential It’s not easy to find this amount of volume/intensity that needs some time and testing because of this, I do weekly feedback with the coach to adjust everything You will now see the last video of my first training week my real training is always one week ahead of what you see so the second week was already going better than the first and the third week will be even better and so on and so on So, let’s continue with the workout videos I recorded two training days for you Wish you a lot of fun with the clips and don’t forget to like and comment! Soo, that has been the two upper days the next workout video will be released this Sunday there you will see the next heavy top single dips and top single pull ups of week 2 there you can see how I progressed and if I got stronger or not So stay tuned and see you guys on Sunday Wish you a nice week!


  1. Hey bro i made my program to achieve the front lever it's good to train it 3 times a week or it's toi much ?

  2. all that volume training spend on assistance ( hypertrophy must be very importent for you )

    as a lightweight guy i reduce assistance training when im in high intensity cycle

  3. Thank you for explaining your routine bro, so useful for reference in my own training 🙏 if you don't mind me asking, what is your diet like? Do you eat a surplus when you do strength specific work?

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