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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Je ne me suis jamais sentie à l’aise avec mon corps Je me disais que je ne pourrai jamais changer ! Mon copain ne m’a jamais fait me sentir mal à l’aise, (il me dessinait même sur le ventre) Je croyais que c’était génétique J’étais obsédée par mon poids Mais il m’a dit que si je voulais changer, je pouvais ! On a commencé à s’entraîner avec des applications de poids de corps Mais c’était une erreur J’ai commencé à perdre du poids J’étais plus fine mais je n’atteignais pas mes objectifs Et certains mouvements dans ces applications étaient dangereux J’avais besoin de quelque chose de différent Alors je suis allée dans une salle de sport ! J’ai commencé à adorer la salle de sport ! Mais les programmes et applications que j’utilisais n’étaient pas vraiment bien ! Alors je me suis fait mon propre programme J’ai commencé à avoir des résultats Je me suis lancé des challenges J’ai complètement arrêté de faire du cardio Mais j’ai continué de faire mes propres entraînements HIIT J’ai appris de nouveaux exercices Je me suis concentré sur mes entraînements et mes changements physiques et non plus sur mon poids C’est devenu une habitude On s’est toujours entraîné à deux Mon corps réagissait comme je le voulais Cela me motivait encore plus ! Arrêtez d’espérer et commencer à faire ! Si vous voulez changer, vous le pouvez Commencer directement sans vous donner d’excuses Pour moi ce n’est plus une transformation sur un court terme, c’est un mode de vie Récemment un coach m’a fait une diète et un programme ! Je me suis entraîné encore plus intensément J’ai pu mieux cibler mes objectifs, comme mon bas du corps (prendre du muscle) et affiner mes bras J’ai pris du muscle Mon copain a lui aussi beaucoup changé ! Plus d’excuses, rejoignez l’aventure ! Vous pouvez le faire !


    ✖️ Best Booty Workout at Home !
    ✖️ Fat Burn ABS WORKOUT at Home :
    ✖️ What I eat in a day :

  2. What type of work out I need to do if I want to lose belly fat can I take long walks and run and how long did ur transformation take

  3. Here I am again. I have lost 17kg, almost normal weight for my height. Just ate some chips… I want beautiful abs.

  4. This is really inspirational! It's incredible to see how strong you became on your journey, and you look absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing your progress!

  5. Wow,just wow!You really worked hard…You look amazing! Tbh you look pretty in the begging to tho.Well done !🌸🌌💜

  6. Would u recommend cardio at first then move on to weights, I have no access to a gym and also just kind of need somewhere to start

  7. You two look beautiful and lovely together both!!!! I would say cardio would help burn the fat easily… Together with weights. But simply all the amount of the work you did is admirable!

    P.S. you have the most beautiful kind eyes ^^

  8. Amazing…congrats on your success girl! I would love to do half the things you did but I sometimes have back problems so no heavy lifting for me!

    Though like you, I also find some exercise programs and apps to strenuous for my body so I did my own routines by mixing and matching the movements that I can do so I don't injure my back.

    First week was the worst. The second to third week my body felt lighter, refreshing, and it gradually refuses to eat junk/oily/fatty/sweets food since I also change what I ate.

    You go girl! Keep up the good work! You are so right. There is NO excuse in getting a healthy body. Love it!!

  9. Yes girl GET IT!!!

    I loved you video short & straight to the point. Alone with all your progress. Thank you for sharing & inspiring! 🖤

  10. I'm sorry, but I want to exercise but I can't… I just starve, I don't eat food.. Just a little and I lose weight.. But I know it's not good.. Jojo Effekt can come but I just can't do exercise.. I don't know.. Can you help me?

  11. You can tell u work hard. I have been weight training and just about 6 months started incorporating martial artes mma, boxing, jiu jitsu which are amaazing ways to switch it up and not get bored at the gym.

  12. Your amazing working hard to achieve your goal and believe in yourself that you can do it and it help us to motivate also 💕

  13. How long did it take? Your story is inspiring.. I have also shed off some weights, from 67kg to 53kg (within 7months). I thought my physique is already enough, but seeing your abs which doesnt show loosed skin, I think of, "hey maybe mine can still improve".

  14. Es hermoso como los dos juntos pueden realizar este sueño…
    Algún día también quisiera estar así de hermosa como esta chica
    Aunque aveces la gente me dice que nunca podre lograrlo 💔

  15. I've been going to the gym for 3 weeks now but my objective is to be able to lift more (tho I still run cause I really like it) my body is really similar to yours at the start and knowing women that have grown to lift really heavy weights and become better really inspires me!

  16. Ask random question : the breast size actually can be small?
    I mean example from 38E to 36C?
    Please please

  17. You changed alot
    Its not only a body transformation video
    It shows how fitness changes a person physically and mentally
    Hats off to your hardwork and passion and to the guy too even he did a fantastic job by encouraging you to keep going
    Love and Respect from INDIA💗💗

    Can you tell me what's your height ??
    Only if you don't mind😁😁

  18. s'il vous pait comment obtenir un programme j'ai 68 kg et je soufre de prob de ventre aide moi s'il vous plait

  19. Hey I'm tired of my body Im starting to do these workouts everyday lol I've been doing it for 3 days so far pls tell meet how long you worked out for when you begannnnn plssss 🤧🤧💕 And I'm so proud of you! Ahhhhsixjjsss

  20. hey sista u motivated me.. ur so inspirational… i gona work hard lik u to achieve things in my life…

  21. Hi, i'm starting to eat healthy and do a gym at home because going to the gym embarrasses me. I have chosen the exercises I do, but I have always done a lot of research to always improve. Do you think it's wrong to do a program yourself or do I have to go to the gym?
    You made a crazy change and with this video you motivated me even more thank you so much! 😊

  22. Merci pour cette vidéo. Elle me motive beaucoup, j'ai 30 kilos à perdre et niveau sport je suis complètement perdu 😞

  23. Congrats and great job, but just by way of feedback and suggestion, perhaps let the viewer read the messages for a few more seconds per message and move the images a bit slower too so it's easier to see the images and look at the progress being shown in the pics of the changes to the body and muscles. I had to keep rewinding and pausing to finish reading the messages with the video or to see the muscle definition/body transformation.

  24. I Love your video because mqke me feel i can change my life my body and can be a better person Thanks 🙏👍👍👍

  25. Beitrag hat zu viele, zu schnelle Bilder. Mit Musik dazu soll Aktion Power , Dynamik unterstreichen. Äh, alles viel zu laut viel zu unsachlich. Der Anreiz wäre bei tieferem Einblick der Übungen gegeben. So wundert man sich, erhascht die ein oder andere Einstellung. Auch ältere Menschen sollen doch mitgenommen werden. Mit diesem Einspieler, zu schnelle Sequenzen und Musik gewinnt man nicht alle.

  26. Disculpa, cuanto tardaste en conseguir tan sorprendente cambio, realmente genial, gracias por motivarme cuando ya estaba por rendirme <3

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