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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi everyone today’s video is about what
my husband eats in a day to loose weight just for your information he has lost 23 kgs. This is a typical day when he is in weight
loss mode .in todays video i am sharing indian vegetarian weight loss full day meals. ie breakfast, lunch & dinner. do check out “PARTY DECORATIONS” youtube
channel for awesome DIY party decorations and do subscribe if you like it. Link is in the description box.start a day
with warm ginger, lemon and honey water. add a teaspoon of shredded ginger in water
, boil and strain the water add a teaspoon of honey, squeeze lemon slice and ginger lemon
tea is ready. it helps to stay hydrated, gives immune system
a gentle boost plus it can help to speed up metabolism and eases digestion.
for breakfast he is going to have overnight soaked oats. overnight oats have increased digestibility
they keeps you full for long period and they have many other benefits. i am going to use half steel bowl of quakers
steel cut oats, add 2 percent milk till oats are covered, 1 table spoon non fat greek yogurt,
1 tsp honey mix it well cover and keep it overnight in refrigerator. in the morning, i am going to add handful
of strawberries, blueberries, granola and almond slices. mix it well and enjoy delicious oats. recent studies shows that blueberries may
help for weight loss.for lunch i am making bottle guard or lauki curry. lauki is high in fiber, low in calorie and
contains essential vitamins and minerals. this recipe is really tasty and every family
member of yours will love it. in a heated pressure cooker i am going to
make a regular tadka first. then then add onion let it cook . then add
turmeric, garam masala, red chili powder, coriander and cumin powder, asafetida, cilantro,
salt, mix it well then add 1 chopped tomato, laud, half steel bowl water, don’t add too
much water pressure cook it till 2 vistles and tasty lauki curry is ready.for the side
i am making stir fry veggies. here i have Brussel sprouts, asparagus, carrots & zucchini
. these veggies are high in fiber and low in calories.then we will have lunch with laud
curry, 2 bajara roties, carrots, onion, and stir fry between lunch and dinner
drink lots of water and as a snack eat a fruit or handful of nuts.for protein packed dinner
first i am going to boil half steel bowl of soaked rice. then in a heated pan add oil, black paper,
cumin seeds , bay leaf, garlic, onion half a teaspoon of biryani masala, red chili powder,
turmeric and then add cauliflower, broccoli, snow peas, asparagus, brussel sprouts and
carrots cook it for two minuets and then i am going to add half bowl of cooked toor daal.
mix it well add boiled rice , steam it for few min. and fiber and protein packed dinner
is ready. make sure to eat your dinner before 8 pm . thank
you so much for watching. please subscribe and don’t forget to check
“PARTY DECORATIONS” youtube channel. subscribe if you like it. link is in the description box.

7 thoughts on “Indian weight loss meals PART 3- Wife Mom Boss

  1. Mam mane diet start ki hai pr muje bhook bht lgti hai chakar b a rhy hain
    Kya karo
    Main ghr k sb km karti ho 7 kg lose krna hai main vegetarian ho

  2. Hi swarada how r u? How r ur kids? Very happy to see u again after a very long time. My daughter delivered a boy baby n now he is four months old. I shifted to my own house just 20 days back now I am very busy with my school work and also setting house. Tq for sharing healthy diet recipie dear n sure I will try.

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