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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Here, you can feed me and
I’ll feed you. Okay. Mm. Mm. Yeah, that’s good stuff. Ya know, mm,
I love my job. So today I’m meeting
this chick named Tammy. She makes a living on
the internet eating. She is in a fetish world,
what they call a feedee, and her boyfriend
is a feeder. So basically, she’s getting paid to
pack on the pounds. Kinda sounds like
my dream job. Hi, it’s C Signature
here, and I have some amazing treats that
I’m gonna shove down. Hopefully I’ll
get a sugar rush. It doesn’t want
to stay up. I love food and I love sex, I wanna know
more about this fetish. Like, feedee, feeder, tell me how it started
and why you love it. I’ve always loved food
my whole entire life. A lot of my family
members are overweight, so I feel like they
wanted me to not be like them. They wanted me to be the
California American girl, I felt very pressured. I always had this huge
appetite and I love food. It’s like, just
something sexual for me, just to myself. Yeah.
My whole entire life. Instead of all my
boyfriends before telling me, eat salad,
don’t eat fast food, stop eating this. My boyfriend Neal,
he never said anything. He’s like, no,
you’re beautiful just the way you are. And, it just started to
escalate into him feeding me to him then starting
just to make movies of me on the beach, just because,
we were just having fun. Yeah.
And just put on YouTube, just for fun. Because he thinks you’re
beautiful the way you are, yeah. And then people literally
started approaching me about like feederism, and that’s something I
didn’t even know about. It just happened and
I was like, wow like, is this for real? Like, this is like who I
am, I could be myself. Yeah.
And people like give me money to like to do
this for a living. Yeah.
Even when you talked about food you were like
touching your belly. Is that an androgynous
zone, like? Yeah, I love my belly,
yeah. Yeah.
Is there a community? Yes, BBW SSBBW. And you’re small
actually, for a BBW. Well I’m, I’m 300. You are? Yeah. Oh, I thought you,
you look, you look smaller, sorry. This is sucking it in. Do you have a scale goal? Yeah, well my scale goal
is to hit 300 pounds, which I just
recently hit. Which is so awesome and
exciting, so now my new goal is 400. Okay.
But it’s more about
the way that I feel, when I gain the weight. Like people, like my fans of course
want like the number, but I like want to enjoy
every single pound and. Yeah.
every inch of me that grows. I see you have a whole
array of deliciousness. How long would this
stock last you? This is a couple days. What’s your most popular
food that guys like? Well. What’s your-,. One
thing they’ve been like, they love to see me,
like, have, like, soda
Okay And just sit there and burp. One of my fans he just bought me $100
worth of Pizza Hut. Do they like, know you by name at
the grocery store? Yes, I, we definitely
have a lot of people who that we see. Cuz I go to
different markets, I know where to get
the best deals, because eating gets
very expensive. What do you want for
breakfast? Hm. My boyfriend’s actually
out getting some stuff right now, so I’m sure he’ll bring
some good stuff back. Okay.
But I love sausage and bacon and hash browns. That sounds really good
right now, a lot of meat. Do you have anything here that we can
start prepping? Yeah.
Okay let’s get some bacon frying. What do you find erotic
about, about food? I like to feed. I just like to like, make
sure like, other people are like full and
happy and satisfied. And I like to be full and
happy and satisfied. What does full and satisfied feel like for
you? Oh, it’s like an orgasm
in my stomach. Yeah?
It’s just, it’s so yummy, yeah. Warm and fuzzy? Yeah.
Hey, babe. You guys got
started already? Oh my God,
more Hot Pockets? I, I kinda feel like you
need more Hot Pockets. Well, what else do
you guys got in here? A lot of stuff. Oh my god, you guys
are packed to the gills. What is that? Is that some kind of
smoking weed apparatus? It’s my funnel. Okay. I put whey shakes, so
like, chocolate milk, heavy whip,
mix it all together. And I funnel it just so
it’s like-,. Faster? Yeah. Like a champ. Excuse me. Oh man. I could probably do
a couple more of those. Yeah? How do you feel? Very full. Very full, I’m sure. But good. Well how about
we weigh in? Whoa, I’m so,
I’m so full. I almost flew
off your scale. Help her on there. It’s wet. Okay. How many pounds did
you pack on, and it’s not even dinner yet? About six. Six pounds. Yeah.
So, I mean this is, this is. And normally this is
an early start to my day. Yeah. I mean,
this is the process. This is the process of, because weight
fluctuates so much, this is the process of
getting to your goal. Yeah.
High five. So Johan, how do you
feel about someone else watching your videos and
knowing that he’s getting off to,
to you feeding her? That’s a added bonus for
me, honestly. The the double
reinforcement is great, and it makes me feel
like I have all the more trophy that I already
thought, you know? And you guys don’t
do sex on camera? Yes we do. You do? Yeah
We do. Mmhm.
Do tell. One of our, that’s,
well actually one of our most popular videos
was when we did like, we had like,
a large pizza and he fed it to me on camera
while we’re having sex. What’s your goal as the,
the feeder partner? My goal?
Is it just like a day to day, like weigh in and
it’s sexy? Or do you, do you have
a personal goal that you want to
achieve with her? For me, it’s really just
about the metamorphosis. Yeah, because I figured, I was like, man there’s
got to be a number. There’s got to
be a number. There is a number and that is a lot to do with
it, even for myself. But, ultimately it’s
gonna come down to what she’s comfortable with
the way she feels. Are you comfortable, are you comfortable
revealing the number? Honestly, there
is no limit. Okay.
But what would be
your fantasy? You know, it really
comes down to how she looks over time. If she were, you know,
to weigh 500 pounds, I would be happy, if, if
she were happy as well. Yeah.
In the feeder world, you’re still gaining. Yes.
You’re getting there. I don’t even know if I
wanted to stop right now, if I could. Yeah.
I love eating way too much. Yeah. It was a shoe in for her,
it wasn’t like, you know, let’s get her
amped up for this. It was just something
she was naturally doing already and it was just
like, why not, you know, turn it into something
that’s more lucrative for you, so you can do more. Yeah.
of what you already love doing. Exactly. When I hit 250,
getting to 250, what I’m telling you as
much as I would eat, day in and day out,
was so hard to gain. Oh.
You know, like, it, it’s There were hard times. There’s plateaus
where I really had to like
Plateaus like, I would cry, and I would still be eating,
and I’d be so full, but I just really just wanted to gain
a couple more pounds. Do you guys have a like
a general doctor that you’ve been seeing in
the adult industry? We have like doctors-, my
doctor knows what I do, you know, all these
kinds of things. She’s got a bunch. Yeah, because I mean, some people’s end result,
like as far as how far they want to
go is bedridden. Is-,.
Oh yeah. someone fully taking
care of them. There’s a couple
people out there, feeders, that they say
don’t let them push you. Cuz who will, right? Fold under pressure. And there’s
a lot of people, even models that I know, that have folded
under pressure. Some of her fans, they like to envision
that you know, they’re tiny and
she’s huge. She’s going to
crush them,. Yeah. Eat them, what have you. It’s all connected. Yep. This psychological aspect
of fetish is so much more interesting than meat and
potatoes fucking, right? You know, just
Vanilla? just,
Basic. So boring. Mm-hm.
You know, to really get down and
into the, the mind of fetishists,
Exactly. is so interesting. We, what we are, I mean,. Yeah. it’s normal to us. Yeah, it is. We don’t point
any fingers. So, all right,
we’re sizzling now. Do you want eggs? No, this is good. Just a ton of bacon. Yeah, meat.
You want meat. All right, let’s get you the
munching sanctuary here. Let’s do this shit. Woo. Can you get a Hot Pocket? Yeah baby. I didn’t think this would
be as erotic as it is. Were you-. Food and sex have
always gone together. Do you like, oh, so you-
The ancient Romans, they used to
binge on food and then have wild orgies. Yeah.
You know, that was their normal. Can I have ice cream? Ice Cream? This is still breakfast. This, okay. We are still on. No, lunch doesn’t happen
until like four or five. If you saw the last
video we shot, your head would
probably explode. I’ve never shot a video with that
much food, ever. And we’ve shot over
300 videos, yeah. So you, so
you guys are shooting-,. Straight up.
maybe once a day? When we do shoot,
it’s usually like we have a few that
we’re gonna hammer out. It was like,.
Okay. You know, it’s either
like what we want to make or like, what is
being asked of us. And, you know,
like people, they pay for them and then they
have a deadline. Well I feel that
energy in the room. It’s like really hot,
it’s hot. You are, you’re blushing. You are getting
turned on. This is a, this is your
guy’s personal thing. It’s our thing. Can I do a spoonful? Of course. Here you go. Okay.
Oh it’s like a threesome. Yeah. That’s good. So, would you guys be
interested in showing me how you, how you guys
make a video later? Like-.
Of course. I thought you’d
never ask. Food dungeon. Oh, so this, is this where all
the magic happens? Yeah. All right. So let’s pick out
an outfit for your video. You’re going to shoot
an awesome clip. Oh yeah.
Let’s see, I have some
stuff in here. This is my basket
of outfits. Let’s have some options. Cool. Oh my God,
it’s as big as my head. Jesus Christ. I’d make so much money. Fucking big tits. These clothes
would fit me. Is this okay that
I’m reading this? How about this? That’s beautiful. It’s very tight though,
it’s really tight. Oh, you know your
fans love that. That does not fit you. No, not at all,
that’s the point. This is the smallest
one of them all. Wow. It’s really tiny, it doesn’t cover my
butt at all anymore. Damn, girl. All right. Should we use this one? I kinda think we should. Okay.
But also I, I found something
on your floor and I just wanna make
sure that you, that it’s okay that I,
I looked at it. Oh yeah. This is your 2015 new
year’s resolutions. Yeah. In 2015 you wanna, in six months you wanna
reach 350 pounds. Mm-hm. Eat three Chipotle
burritos,. Yeah.
a day? Yeah, in one day. You want to grow your
belly over 70 inches. Mm hm. Eat a King Kong
pizza in one night. What is
a King Kong pizza? It’s a pizza, it’s like this big
Yeah. You want three
more fat rolls. Mm-hm. Where? Just on my tummy
Number 20, I want to enjoy
every pound. Mm-hm. That’s awesome. Yeah.
Yeah. Well hey. All right, let me
inspect this outfit, let’s, let’s have twirl. Oh my gosh. You look beautiful. Thank you. Hey, that looks good. Yeah. Looks like a dungeon,
crazy. Good job. That’s what
we’re going for. What’s the motivation? What are you guys
working on tonight? I have two pizzas. Somebody wants me to see
if I can eat two pizzas. Hi, it’s
Sexy Signature here. First, let’s see how
big my belly is. So it’s 58 and a half. Let’s get started. Mm, so good. So full. All right, cool, let’s
get this other angle. Kimberly, do you want
to sit next to her? Sure. Let’s measure you first. Your waist is about-,
30. Are you hungry, Kimberly? Yes, I’m hungry. Feeder or feedess? Keep feeding her. I am. Oh yeah. I feel like, like
a Greek God or something, I don’t know. How many slices do you
think you could eat? Well, my usual is I try
not to eat too much pizza. But today I’m trying
to expand my horizon. Okay, that’s down,
that’s one down. That counts, right? One down.
Yes. That’s one down
right there. What about that one? And well done. This one. Deep breaths,
deep breaths. What is life? All right,
she’s ready for it. Nice, get that in there. Almost done,
one more bite. Two slices down, do you
think you want more? She said she could
probably normally eat two. So, perfect reason she
should go for four. Four? Oh. There might be buttons
popping for this. I feel my pants
Like I said. Let me just
undo my pants. All right,
I think you did good. She’s on her way. Fuck yeah. Should I weigh in,
I mean should I measure? 31. Oh snap. I expanded. So 59, so
I grew half an inch. Progress ladies,
high five. High five.
High five. I’m in pain. Well, that’s it. Thank you for watching this clip
until next time. Bye.
Stay hungry. So I had an amazing day. And I learned a lot about
eating, and feeding. And, you are really
good at it. Thank you. And I am mediocre. You’re good,
you have potential. I have potential,
you think so? Yes. For sure. Thank you very much. Do you think you’ll be
eating again tonight? Oh yeah definitely,
just probably not for probably not for
two, three hours. Two, three hours of
just solid sleep, I will wake up starving. Yeah?
Oh, yeah. There’s one last thing I
have to do before I go. Will you take
another bite for me? All right. Yeah. Mm. All right, guys. Okay? Okay. That was an awesome
experience. I mean, I don’t know if
I’m completely cut out to be a, a feedee. I mean, right now I’m
feeling real full and real guilty. And I’m definitely gonna hit the spin
class tomorrow. You know, I kind of feel
like I’m seeing a new sexual side of food. To get sexual,
orgasmic pleasure from food bonging,
it’s an amazing thing. Being a part of
the community, BBW, that’s big, beautiful
woman, community. They’re excited about it,
they want to talk about it, and
they want to learn more. And they want to
grow together, out, outwards, outwardly grow. So here’s to food, and
here’s to sex, and here’s to my undying love
of Twinkies and BBW’s. Oh, yeah. Foodgasm, that’s
the stuff. There’s a lot of cream. Mm.
I gotta go walk this off.

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