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– [Preston] My parents
said I could be anything, so I became a guy. And when I’m up on stage, I feel like this is actually who I am. (upbeat music) My name is Preston Thomas
Martin and I’m a bodybuilder. The Trans Bodybuilding
Competition is a bodybuilding competition for trans men who are pre- or post-op for their top surgery. It’s basically like a comfortable
setting that we can all come to, those of us who love fitness. This is the third year of the competition and it’s grown a lot
since it first started. There’s more competitors,
there’s more people that are coming out to see it, it’s just grown bigger and bigger. – Quarter turn to the right. – [Preston] I’ve always
watched the national professional bodybuilders up
on stage and I’m just like, “Aw man, I wanna be there one day.” And this Trans Bodybuilding Competition has done that for trans people. This is a comfortable setting for me to do something that I love
to do and show off. (laughs) I came to like bodybuilding because I realized that it helped me a lot. As far as my mental health goes, bodybuilding is like therapy for me. It helps me learn how to calm myself. It makes you a stronger
person all the way around. After transitioning, my perspective on masculinity has changed a lot. Even though it’s been six years since I’ve been transitioning,
I am still a sweetheart. When I look in the mirror
now, I see a strong person, but I have really had to look at my life and everything that I have accomplished and everything that I have been through and been able to come back from. The fact that I am happy
with my transition, I’m happy with the way
that I’m turning out and the way I’m looking, I’m happy with how strong I’m becoming mentally. I look in the mirror and
I can’t help but smile. I get excited. (laughs)

54 thoughts on “Inside the World of Trans Bodybuilding

  1. It should be illegals to be gay or live your life in the opposite sex from which you were born. It's wrong. morally wrong.

  2. no penis? no sperm? then you're not a man, stop trying to play god, plenty of people are not born how they would like to be doesn't give them the right to disguise themselves as something they are not to deceive people

  3. Get smaller earphones, like skullcandy ones. Makes for a better work out. You also look as less of a douche and someone wanting to be seen. Get that pump, little guy.

  4. I don't understand why any woman would want to become a man. Makes no sense. Woman's are such beautiful masterpieces of Gods creation. To overlook that is selfish.

  5. Personally I find the fact that people would be trans is a little dumb. You must be REALLY insecure to spend tens of thousand of dollars on surgery. But I'm ok with it

  6. I cannot beleive the ridiculous amount of dislikes. I went on here and saw this empowering story, and instead I saw transphobes spreading hate everywhere. It makes me so mad that people feel fine spreading vile hate here. If you want to say something like that, say it to their faces.

  7. Freaks. There are people who believe they are handicapped or should be blind. Should we entertain their delusions too?

  8. Ok, so nobody's saying it, so I'll just go ahead and say it! What the hell is up with their nipples!? They look weird af.

  9. okay so why is no one speaking about his kyphotic posture that should have nothing to do with gender…he needs to fix those rounded shoulders first

  10. I seriously hate the dislikes on this video. If it were poorly made then sure, dislike but this? Come on, stop being assholes and enjoy the fact that they're enjoying their lives and feeling confident about their bodies.

  11. If you dislike this you probably haven't evolved enough emotionally to be able to process these individuals clearly happy and genuine in their own skin. Videos like this will continue to be made in an effort to educate you. Transgender people are not going anywhere. Embrace us as we embrace ourselves or continue to carry around the uncomfortable feelings you hold towards us. You could chose to let go of your ignorance and see our strength. It would feel a lot better spiritually for you, I promise. πŸ˜‰Oh, and God already told me it is more important to just transition and show up for this divine assignment by embracing myself exactly than to listen to ignorant, spiritually bankrupt "Christians" that want to confine my soul to a body. Transgender people are further along in their self development than you and I'm sure that must be scary to embrace.

  12. All of those guys are crazy… bodybuilding is way too much work in my opinion! But hey gotta love fellow trans people right?

  13. ok great big story, just disable the comments on this video. the amount of negativity is killing me

  14. you need to be 'close' to the actual experience to truly understand it, I think. so for all transphobes out there, go find yourself a trans friend because only then you'll understand the struggle and grow some empathy to trans people πŸ™‚ bless you all!

  15. make way for the comments of all the disgusting god fearing people of the world…..

  16. Hm. I'm glad they have found the identity they now poses. It's difficult sometimes to find yourself and some of these people strongly feel masculine. As someone who has been through a drastic identity change I understand.

  17. Thus is fucking insulting and disgusting, fucking transgenders dont get to be people vecause they dont know what a person or personality is, makes us regular people sick of living in this sick world

  18. Why do people give a fuck about what other people do to their bodies, it's not your body and it's not your life so why do you care so much.

  19. They are courageous for getting up on stage but honestly? It embarrassing to even call these people bodybuilders.

  20. Weird seeing women with men’s muscles knowing they have a hairy vagina between their legs and can get pregnant

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