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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel, so today I’m going to do an intense 10 min abs workout. its going to burn but its going to be so worth it. It’s going to be 10 exercises, 50 secs each and 10 secs rest. and for 10 minutes non stop. So yeah without further ado. Let’s get started The first exercise is reverse crunch with leg drop. Just make sure your legs are straight as possible when you do the leg drop Let’s rest for 10 seconds, and we are going to do some crunches Let’s take a 10 seconds rest, and we will move on to these [kicks] Just cross over your legs and make sure your back is flat on the ground Let’s take a ten seconds rest, and we have Russian twist Lean as far back as you can and twist make sure your back is straight [I] know it can be quite difficult by now, but let’s try out best Next we have mountain climbers bring in one leg in at a time as fast as you can. Let’s do it guys Now let’s do bicycle crunches, my all-time favorite. Bring one leg in at a time touch on the opposite elbow Flip over and we are going to do spider planks Bring your knee as close to your elbow as possible. This is really great for obliques Now we have plank with hip twist. Anyway three more exercises guys we can do this Next we have raise lakes crunch. Just one more to go after this, let’s push it guys And the last exercise is up and down plank Three seconds left …and we’re done! I hope you guys enjoyed today’s workout Thanks so much for watching guys, and I’ll see you next week. Bye

100 thoughts on “Intense Abs Workout Routine – 10 Mins Flat Stomach Exercise

  1. *✧・゚: *✧・゚I'm going to start this workout to feel better about myself! *✧・゚: *✧・゚

    ◌((Wish me luck – 13/08/2019))◌

    ◑Day 1: ✔
    ◑Day 2: ✔
    ◑Day 3: ✔ – form is a bit off but I'm improving.
    ◑Day 4: ✔ – it's gotten a little easier and I haven't seen MUCH change yet. Time for a break?
    ◑Day 5: ✘ – rest day.
    ◑Day 6: ✘ – i felt extremely sick and could barely walk so another rest day.
    ◑Day 7: ✔ – stomach has gotten slightly flatter.
    ◑Day 8: ✘
    ◑Day 9: ✔ – my noodle arms are weirdly able to support my body weight now. I've been eating bad the last 2 days lmao.
    ◑Day 10: ✔ – a little flatter for sure.

  2. Okay so I already have a flat stomach but no abs so I decided to do these workouts today and TELL ME WHY I already see abs forming omfg. This is working guys!!! but I almost passed out doing these😢

  3. ugh..i cnat do this anymore! 😂 i thought it was so tummy felt like burning. I was like groaning all the time

  4. I want to be able to be has skinny and pretty as her but I feel like I’m never going to get there and I wish I had something to motivate me

  5. I work out every day and my mom and my sister always calls me and it’s so annoying like I Am literally trying to lose weight here!!!!

  6. I have been doing this same workout 2 twice a day for about 3 yeas and i can honestly say it gets u results x

  7. Chloe what can you eat because its hard for me to stay away from unhealthy foods DX
    I do mostly all your workouts everytime im bored

  8. Working out is not only great for the body but also for the mind. I work out everyday to keep my anxiety and breathing issues under control. Thanks for the videos… Once my injured knee heals I will definitely do this workout. 💕

  9. I did this for the first time and I nearly died. The first 8 exercises I took 10 second breaks , but on the last two I took 50 second breaks . I'll do this when I'll have free time. I hope it'll work.

  10. I’ve been doing this everyday for a WHOLE MONTH now and here’s what I have to say:
    The first week will be SO HARD and you will find yourself wanting to take longer breaks and not being able to do certain exercises, like the up and down plank in my case
    But after that you find yourself being able to complete ALL the exercises in the given time, trust me. I’m now able to do all of them including the up and down plank.
    I have found that my ab line down the centre of my abdomen is more defined and I have so much strength in my upper arms now( I used to not even be able to hold a plank for longer than 30 seconds)
    Now I’m so used to all the exercises and I’m trying to step it up a bit. To do this I instead of trying to just get through the exercises I put thought into every move and really try to tense my abs. Also for the Russian twist keep your legs off the ground.

    Keep going guys

  11. I tried lying my back flat on the ground but seems like it still hurt sometimes? I hope someone is encountering this problem too cuz I've never finished an abs workout.

  12. Day 1: not gonna lie I skipped 2 exercises My stomach is burning but a good burn:)
    Day 2: much more easier felt the burn more 👍
    Week 1: my stomach has flattened a lot I will update next week 😉
    Week 2: absolutely amazing results for only 2 weeks my stomach it getting really defined and the abs are wanting to form now 😁😁

  13. I just gotta ask since I'm just starting my fitness journey, how much time should I work out a day? I really have to manage my schedules because I have school, thank youuu ❤❤

  14. I've been doing this for a couple of weeks and I assure you, it works! I already had a flat stomach but now I see a lot more definition.

  15. so Im doing this cause the girls in the locker room are questioning why I’m so skinny but my stomach is a bit chubby, also I’m really lazy so can I get some motivation?


  16. I need motivation asf😭😭
    But I love chocolates😂😂
    Did the workout for a while for like 1 week saw changes but my mum just came back from from the us and brought lots of chocolates and candy couldn't help my self 😂😭😭😭💔 so I'm back to square one 😭😭😭😂sadly
    1like=1day of full motivation
    Help me yalllllllll🤗💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  17. I need motivation like fr my goal was to do this everyday 3 months ago and I didn’t.. one 10 likes is one set of this

  18. Days done: 6

    I will no longer be doing this workout. I have not stopped working out but I have started using a different video.

  19. Well you know what even tho this video is old and no one is gonna see my comment starting tomorrow i will start to do an update 🙂

  20. Funny how the first three results when you search for intense an workout are for females, aren’t we guys supposed to care more about our abs? Either way good luck to all of you with your workout

  21. If you want you can lift your feet off the ground during the Russian twists. This is bit more difficult, but not to bad.

  22. I've been doing this together with Hiit every weekday morning for months. The result is amazing! Thank you! ♥

  23. the funny thing is that I laughed AlOT and im always probably doing this because I really want abs and I want to have a flat stomach 😀 this honestly feels like it helped a lot thank u very much for it:D and my parents aere gonna ask why lmao

  24. I've been doing this everyday starting yesterday and I'll update everyday:
    (Starting weight: 119, height 5'6)
    Day 1: did it but it reallyyy burned and had to take longer rests and paused during some
    Day 2: completed it with longer rests and had to pause longer still, still very difficult
    Day 3: completed it but the last three killed me
    Day 4: I'm sick so I didn't do the workout but I ate less and healthier
    Day 5: still sick but managed to get through half of the exercise!
    Day 6: still sick and completed the first half of the workout
    Day 7: I didn't complete the workout because of so much school work 🙁
    Day: 8 I didn't complete the workout but I did do lots of jogging and had 2 1/2 hours of soccer practice
    Day 9: I'm still s little sick but almost better. I completed the entire workout 2x! Also for reference I weigh 113lb now!
    Day 10: I completed this workout and then later did the lower abs workout video of hers.
    Day 11: I did this exercise completely through and it was easier than yesterday
    Day 12: I completed the workout
    Day 13: I completed the workout and my abs are more defined
    Day 14: I completed the workout but surprisingly felt harder than usual
    Day 15: I didn't do this workout but I did a different one by Chloe ting
    Day:16 I completed the workout but it was very difficult which I am still confused by

  25. I’ll try this everyday, i’m superrrr out of shape for my age

    1 like = 1 day i have to do it
    I need some motivation guys

  26. Day 1: I did this for the first time and LEMME TELL YOU if you do arms before this you might die like I did. Obviously haven’t seen anything yet, but I can tell you I will be sore tomorrow 😂😂 and I have volleyball practice tomorrow so that’ll be fun

  27. Day two: some changes my stomach got flatter by making it hard I can see the line in the middle💪♥️

    Day tre : still same but a bit flatter and my love handles started to get smaller♥️

  28. ow! my ribs . tying to be motivated by ouching till the workout ends?! my spine is fracturedc but me still wanna be thin… may god bless me and help me get skinny i wanna be as skinny as model girl

  29. Gonna do some updates because I don't see why not

    Day 1- All the exercises were ok except the last one 😓 whew chile

    Day 2- didn't do it because I was visiting my grandma

    Day 3- IT WAS HARD, but did the full workout

    Day 4- It WaS not that bad actually 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Day 5- felt great and I can definitely see my abs coming through😁 considering my stomach was so big 🤣

  30. My 1 week was over and I diceded to do it one more week it's not beacuese I haven't seen any results I never skipped workout even did 40 minute cardio with it. I love my body now and I am so proud thanks! Chloe

  31. Hey guys I really in need of motivation!!! Ensure you that I will absolutely update!! Please help me!!
    Day 1: done! I do this before bed and it is so difficult. I've been eating unhealthy all summer now and I've gained some weight.Think I def will feel sore tomorrow, doing this for a big even on 5/10!! PLEASE SUPPORT!! (27/9/19)

  32. Hey guys and gals! I'm posting this comment as the starting point for challenging myself 🙂 I've always had problems sticking to programs/diet and hoping maybe for your support! I'll try to edit and talk about my progress using this video along with others (by her and Emi Wong) and some stretching. Wish me luck 🙂
    Today is 27/09 and I weight 69 kg (not taking measurements in cm's for now, I'm afraid I will get discouraged if I don0t see progress right away). I'm posting an edit on the 1/10
    1/10: I just did 2 workouts because I moved out yesterday to go to France (yay!) but restarting today 🙂

  33. let's face it this child had no problems with her abs!!!!!
    well I used to be there at 5 long time ago and could do a thousand crunches and anything else I really try but know this child has no problems with her abs nevertheless I'm going to do it cuz I could do all this and a little bit of Pilates it's just hard when you're old nevertheless don't let my comments or anything else to tell you just do what you can,Another point is you have to get the fat off fitst!!!!

  34. I'm doing this a month but I'm not getting the results. It's that I do feel toned only after workout for just few minutes and that's it.
    Then again that tummy comes out. Why???

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