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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

one whole freaking year of intermittent
fasting this is my results so it’s been a whole year of doing the whole
intermittent fasting thing intermittent intermittent inter dementia
but I’ve done it for a whole year all right I started at around 210 maybe now
I’m walkin around 195 without even trying anyways it’s Hirvonen fasting you
guys already know what it is it’s basically being a fasted state where you
don’t eat any food or consume any calories for specific amount of time in
the day you can have some breaks depends on how personal or how about it you are
with the whole intermittent fasting lifestyle there’s actually some studies
that say that you should only interpret it fast three four days a week that’s
actually how I did it where I intermittent fasting four to five days a
week and the other two days I will just eat brunch if I wanted to be like a pig
if I want to and yeah enjoy that bacon guys enjoy that bacon for white flesh so
how have I been doing it basically the days that I go to work I work four or
five days a week those days that I go to work I stay fasted all day until 9:00
p.m. at night I have a window of eating from nine ten eleven twelve
so basically nine to twelve or even sometimes ten to one it all depends but
I have basically a four-hour window of eating and when I eat I eat everything
all right everything under the Sun anything under the Sun whatever the hell
I want to eat it’s a beautiful thing all right and I work in a restaurant so
when I break my fast after my working shift
I eat pizzas burgers pasta extra cheese extra butter extra mayonnaise why not
drink of mayonnaise milkshake I could do that if I wanted to and that’s how I’ve
been eating so you can you can imagine the freedom that I’ve had add the
freedom to eat whatever I wanted to with the mindset thinking that I will not
gain a single pound from all this fatty foods okay so it’s honestly it’s the
best diet for someone who loves to eat and eat terribly because it gives
you the freedom and it gives you the freedom how many times did it say
freedom in this video hundred times it gives you freedom I’m basically letting
loose the inner fatty and also letting loose the inner primal being inside of
me say for example when I break my fast and I’m gonna eat a steak old belief in
me would think that hey if I eat a steak I cannot eat the fatty pieces of the
steak I cannot add extra butter or cheese on top of that steak because it’s
gonna clog my arteries and I’m gonna get fat all right it’s gonna get me bloated
but here’s the thing when I break my fast what the hell am i eating I’m
eating a fat ass steak and I’m eating the fatty pieces of the steak like in
order to revive there’s that fatty lip I eat that lip I eat that fat lip and I
also add butter to my meal just because it satiates me it’s taste it tastes
delicious after eating that high fat meal if I
crave a little ice-cream go for the ice cream eat that Ben and Jerry’s eat the
full pints eat that it’s fine here’s the thing I’ve been eating like that for
over a year and I did not gain any weight is that freaking crazy but yeah
that’s my results that’s my results that’s my beautiful
results of not gaining weight and eating whatever you want because of
intermittent fasting a little disclaimer I lift weights I go to the gym but while
I am intermittent fasting I only work out like 30 minutes a day and the
misconception that a lot of guys have with Fitness is that you gotta go hard
you have to go hard every day four times a day but you don’t have to go hard
unless you’re trying to be a bodybuilder then ya do it didn’t that’s your thing
do it alright that’s not my thing no more I just want to stay healthy I want
to stay lean I want the freedom and time to do what I want in life alright so for
me 30 minutes a day was perfect but but to be honest to be honest I did lose a
little body mass all right like I’m wrong ten pounds
lighter part of the reason why I’m 10 pounds lighter is honestly because I
have not been doing bodybuilding workouts all right I haven’t benched in
a long time all of my workouts has been 30 minutes a day doing the basic stuff
guys pull-ups dips push-ups body squats one-handed push-ups and crunches you
know what I mean like basic outdoorsy non-gm workouts but I still do it at the
gym just because I like the ambience and I lost some mass but I’m still fairly
lean with the freedom of eating whatever you want it so it’s a it’s a trade-off
guys all right with that in mind this is my old physique all right that’s me like
the Ergo kind of your your before basically before intermittent fasting
and this is me now interpreted fasting average five days a week and only
working out 30 minutes a day like five days a week – well that’s my body
composition as of now from intermittent fasting for a whole year intermittent
fasting again for just four to five days a week working out for 30 minutes a day
four to five days a week but one of the things that I notice on being on this
intermittent fasting journey if you oh is that it changes your perspective with
food work I like sometimes 4 p.m. at night and I’m in a fasted state all
right I’m working the whole shift in a fasted state and my co-workers would be
eating snacks in between shifts before the shift they’d be snacking and I’d see
it and I’m no longer tempted by it I’m no longer tempted by food in front of me
even when I break my fast and I have the food in front of me I’m no longer as
tempted by it anymore either so the thing with intermittent fasting I
truly feel is that if you’re aware again if you are self aware of things you
slowly become more disciplined physically I’m not hungry
in that fasted state it’s weird and I do physically feel mental clarity in doing
whatever objective I’m trying to accomplish whatever activity that I’m
doing my mind is no longer focused on trying to get that food and I am more
focused on what is in front of me and what I’m doing
which is honestly a superpower it feels great
I hope you guys enjoy this talk I would definitely eat more
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day ever


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