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A lot of you guys have been Commenting for me to dive into the topic of intermittent fasting and there has been a lot of buzz in the fitness community Surrounding IF and its fat loss and muscle gain benefits in fact You can find examples of people getting great results with IF everywhere from testimonials of fitness professionals movie stars And of course the people you follow on social Media so after trying it out for a few months and doing a lot of research I’m finally ready to review and share with you guys my results but first off. What is intermittent fasting? Well for those of you who are not familiar with IF there are several different variations But all of them revolve around the premise of strictly eating inside certain eating windows and not eating anything at all During your fasting window however water no calorie drinks and BCAAs are allowed and are usually Recommended during fasting as they will not affect the fasting window or break your fast, but if you really think about it Technically each and every one of us is already following a version of IF because we’re not eating at night while we’re asleep well Unless you tend to sleepwalk to the kitchen and then sleep snack Which if you do set up a camera because I want to see that But for everyone else we’re fasting for about 8 to 10 hours a night while we sleep however the most common IF Variation is the 8 to 16 model that simply means that you consume all of your calories inside an 8 hour window And then you fast for the remaining 16 hours of the day now. This is not very extreme since many of us are already Accidentally following it by sometimes skipping breakfast and not eating late at night, so it’s not too far from reality But if we deviate from the 8 to 16 model there are other variations Such as the 6 to 18 and the 4 to 20 model which are a bit more extreme and then there are even certain variations of intermittent fasting where you don’t consume any food for 24, 36 or 48 hours I mean I think I would die if I had to do that but Latter of course is more of a more of a cleansing and detoxifying tool Used like once every six months or so rather than like a viable diet plan so if an eight to ten hour fasting window is what’s natural and normal for the majority of us why extend this window to 16 or 18 hours? Well here’s the science behind it now the reality of the situation is that Intermittent fasting has not been thoroughly studied and not definitively proven to work in any way But the preliminary trials suggest that by cutting or eliminating calorie intake for a period of time or fasting This causes your body to dramatically Deplete its glycogen stores this in turn directs the body towards using stored fat as its primary source of energy Resulting in reduction of intramuscular fat stores and fat loss in general. This is also very similar to the thoughts behind fasted cardio But alright if this is how intermittent fasting promotes fat loss what about muscle gains? Well with a reduction in fat on your muscle tissue your muscle Cell has become more sensitive and responsive to insulin and insulin is a powerful anabolic hormone that promotes Protein synthesis thus increasing muscle mass and short this means that when you reach your eating window Your body’s ability to take in all of those important nutrients is significantly enhanced causing your muscles to grow Another common claim is that during a long period of not eating or fasting human growth hormone is considerably boosted causing more protein synthesis and more fat loss and with that being said Intermittent fasting does seem like a powerful combination creating a snowball effect where your body loses fat Causing it to become more sensitive to insulin which helps you grow more muscle which in turn increases your metabolism Resulting in more fat loss and so on so let’s quickly recap the intermittent fasting benefits Well to summarize the alleged claims of intermittent fasting are improved insulin sensitivity boosted HGH production enhanced fat loss and muscle building improved oxidative blood markers improve brain function and focus improved overall health and prolong life expectancy with less chances for chronic diseases like diabetes cancer or heart disease etc But before we move on to the actual review of these claims, and I deliver my final verdict Let’s first examine a major concern most people have with intermittent fasting Which is muscle breakdown during the fasted state if you’ve been watching my channel for a while now Then you know that muscle loss does not occur that easily. It’s not like if you don’t eat food for 16 hours You’ll all of a sudden burn through all your muscle mass you just your body is much smarter than that guys Your total amount of muscle is always the result of the equation muscle synthesis – muscle breakdown both processes happen 24/7 and there’s not much you can do to Considerably influence them of course major lifestyle changes such as prolonged Eating on extreme calorie deficit will likely increase the occurring muscle breakdown Whereas consistent weight lifting will likely increase overall muscle synthesis Leading to more muscle mass so to answer the question of whether or not intermittent fasting will cause muscle loss The short answer is no because meal frequency is not nearly as important as overall calorie intake if you look at the big picture Week after week you’re getting the same amount of calories and the same amount of protein You’re just changing the timing of nutrient delivery Intermittent fasting is not a new diet with different food It’s the same food with a different diet schedule But if you’re still not convinced or need some peace of mind during your fasting window just supplement with some BCAAs like BSN’s amino X and that would pretty much eliminate any muscle loss risk or concern that you might have now the problem with intermittent fasting is that if you look at all the research and studies they all have a lot to do with caloric restriction so while the subjects are indeed on an intermittent fasting eating plan They’re also on a caloric deficit which is very different from what we do as bodybuilders And I will link to those studies in my pin comment section below Now of course you’re going to lose weight if you eat less food right guys nothing new here in fact This is why intermittent fasting works, so well it Restricts you from eating the majority of the time So you will not be able to eat as much as you normally would within your normal eating window which was Basically any time you weren’t asleep now You’re limited, and of course if you lose weight your insulin sensitivity will likely improve leading to more muscle gains again Nothing new here guys Personally I would be far more interested to see a study where they compared a standard caloric deficit diet with an intermittent fasting calorie deficit diet Both with the same total calories and of course there aren’t any because the results would be the exact same now having said that though Intermittent fasting subjects might be more successful as I stated before Because it would be difficult for most people to consume 2,000 or 3,000 calories within a four to six hour window which could induce more fat loss because they can’t hit that calorie goal They’ll be in a deficit as for the improved blood markers and less oxidative stress intermittent fasting can lead to again It’s all a matter of perspective guys, and that’s the key word perspective eating less food overall Usually means eating less junk food as well, which will positively affect your health again Nothing new here, and I think that’s why some people go nuts for intermittent fasting if you’re eating crap And then you all of a sudden clean up your diet any Type of meal schedule or diet that you now pick up that’s clean will work because the main Deterrent, which is the junk food is now gone, but what about brain function though because that comes up a lot as well Well, we know that our brains main fuel source is glucose which is essentially carbs, so yes I mean guys the brain can use ketones as well But let’s save the ketogenic diet for another day now we need carbs to function think and move and in my opinion Being on being in a carb deprived state in the morning will not help improve your alertness or awareness Instead it will most likely cause dizziness and maybe some loss of performance and lastly the HGH boost Which everybody talks about guys the teeny-tiny increase of HGH you may experience Will simply do nothing for your fat loss or muscle gain endeavors. I mean elite bodybuilders and athletes Inject two three or four times more HGH than their body’s natural potential can produce plus all other kinds of anabolic substances But we won’t get into that in order to get extreme results from increased HGH levels So why would you think that as a natural lifter of five to ten percent HGH boost Would give you any like any kind of drastic results in terms of muscle growth the answer is it doesn’t make any sense again however If you had a bad diet and suddenly cleaned it up it might look like the results are drastic but at the end of the day I mean you can’t out train a bad diet so if all of a sudden you’re eating clean And you were eating junk you will see results no matter what time you eat the food But in all fairness all we prove so far is that intermittent Fasting may or may not work if you already Started using it and are having success with it then who am I to argue with you? Keep doing What works for you And if this diet plan helps you stay on the right track Then it’s suitable for you my main problem with intermittent fasting is that for me It’s not a long-term viable solution but more or less It’s a short-term fat loss tool in fact. I just want to interject something here You know we’re all about lean gains on this channel So if you were bulking properly in the first place You wouldn’t have any need for any short-term fat loss tool and with that being said it could work if you use it for maybe Like two to three months to shred some fat before a contest or before summer But I just don’t think it’s a diet that you can follow forever for the majority of you It’s not going to be sustainable eating six hours a day for the rest of your life, and let’s be honest here I don’t just care about getting you guys to look good and shredded I also want to improve your quality of life by helping you adopt a healthier Lifestyle so getting on a diet schedule such as intermittent fasting will eventually mean you’ll get off of it And that’s not what my advice is all about a lot of people I know who tried intermittent fasting that ended up binge eating hating their diet and not being able to eat consistently enough to get results Also, if you think about it on a social level intermittent fasting is a bit anti-social for example Let’s say you’re eating window is noon to 6:00, and you have a date at 8 o’clock at night Are you seriously not gonna eat Just kind of like sit there watch the person you’re on a date with eat their food while you just kind of stare at them And what about like a family dinner? Are you just gonna stare everyone else eating food like a family dinner is a nice time to interact with family and have fun Now of course you could move your window around on certain days, but again. It’s not very sustainable I don’t believe it’s worth all the hassle at least for my lifestyle and lastly guys if you’re a hardgainer And are having trouble building muscle. I firmly believe intermittent fasting is not for you, and it’s because if you’re a hard gainer 99% of the time it’s because you’re already Not eating enough food so to think you’re all of a sudden going to going to start shoving down 4,000 5,000 calories in a smaller window of opportunity it’s not going to happen if you have a hyperactive Metabolism you need to fuel that fire as often as possible and not deprive your body of calories for 16 to 20 hours straight So to wrap this up guys who is intermittent fasting for and does it work? Well I don’t believe that the actual fasted state equals more Results I do believe in intermittent fasting though as a short term solution Especially if you’re a bit overweight to start with and want to drop down to a healthier body fat percentage But if you’re currently using intermittent fasting and feeling great with it by all means carry on guys It’s something that may or may not work and has virtually no Disadvantages so why not stick with it it all comes down to calories in Versus calories out and at the end of the day the best diet plan is Plan that works for you. If you’re seeing results with intermittent fasting It’s because the structure of the plan is one that works for your Lifestyle if you’re a binge eater every night a diet schedule like intermittent Fasting will prevent these additional calories because you will not be allowed to eat at night It’s all relative to your lifestyle guys. There’s no big secret that you don’t know about and everyone else does It’s just all about finding what works again for your lifestyle however I do suggest that you watch my meal plan video and use that information to construct your own meal plan and stick to those calories and macros then it just comes down to training consistently following your meal plan and Getting those results each and every one of you has the potential to accomplish your goals and much more you just need to be Consistent so be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it if you have any questions or future video Suggestions leave them down in that comment section below and as always guys more good stuff coming soon see ya

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  1. Intermittent Fasting doesn't cause rapid muscle loss, bad lighting does…
    (13:53)- MEAL PLAN BUILDER –

  2. For me personally I can't eat small meals throughout the day because if I all of the sudden get busy and I need a bigger meal to meet my calorie intake I can't without feeling like complete shit. BUT fasting I don't have to worry about it nor even count cals just eat a big meal or two after my shift and can easily get 3,500-4,000 but its not as strict as I can only eat during this certain time if I'm hungry at like 3pm I'm eating normally my first meal is 3-5pm I feel great but this was an awesome video I agree this isn't for everyone.

  3. I've been intermittent fasting for about 5 – 6 months now and up until now it really works wonders. I lost about 40 pounds of weight. I still have to go 40 pounds but I'm quite sure I'll make it. Until now, it's not really difficult for me to keep me to the hours about 8 – 16 hours to 6 – 18 hours. This might change when I'm almost at my goal weight because I'll have a lot less fat to live off. I don't really know about muscle mass though. Just training as usual. I did lose a bit of strength but that can be due to the caloric restriction. I must say, the caloric restriction really is easier to me because I can only eat a certain amount of the time. This makes me not crave stuff like cakes, chocolat,… junkfood.

  4. What are your thoughts on ramadan? you are not even allowed to drink water in fasting window🤔.also very informitive video it helped me understand the whole concept of fasting 👌

  5. "Most of us are fasting in the 8-10 hours while we are sleeping." Holy crap, I wish I slept that much. More like 5 and a half to 6 hours a night. Is it possible to gain muscle well with that kind of sleep? Cause I can't really get more than that. I get up at 4:30 every day for work, and most days the earliest I can go to bed is 10:30.

  6. Would you recommend this for someone whos looking to lose weight and build muscle at the same time? Ive lost 50 pounds in 3 and a half months by doing muscle workouts and just recently adding cardio. Im just wondering if i should try this.

  7. I'm a hard gainer…I'm 63kls..but I want to try these IF, COZ my tummy is a lil bit blouted..any suggestions?

  8. Well balanced. My wife loves intermittent fasting. I can stand it. But she actually performs better and is more concentrated. She describes it as a high. Guess we are all different.

  9. This isant true I ate same amont of cals and was gaining weight eatting clean switched to if with exact calories eatting dirty just to get all calories in a short window and started loosing weight. So your theory of all junk food cut out cause no time is false " with me at least" a study would be nice to see done of This.

  10. Is it okay
    If my eating window is from 8am-2pm and i eat my breakfast and lunch in that
    Please rply me if you have the same window and having good results

  11. ScottHermanFitness  sorry Scott. You appear to be a really likeable dude and obviously extremely motivated and dedicated to your health. However calories in equals calories out is just BS. That means I could eat 3000 calories of Twinkies everyday and have the same results if I ate 3000 calories of protein instead. Just a false premise. In fact there are people out there that switch their calories up to even bad keto with crap fats that have proven to drastically reduce their cholesterol and weight while eating the same calories. That's just simple science that proves that calories in calories out is just false.

    Your video, while good, and while showcasing your hard work which is evident in your physique, was full of conjecture and oppinion with fairly no scientific backing.

    There are studies out there of groups of women who ate exactly the same calories except that one group ate their calories in a 12-hour window after a 12-hour daily fasting period and lost about a pound a week.

    Also scientifically, we know that eating carbs increases your body's insulin production. So if you are jacking insulin up in your body all day that is a simple chemical action that will impact your body. Even if you ate healthy carbs and the same amount of calories but in a 6 or 8-hour window there is no way that you can logically say that the same exact calories in but without a constant Spike in insulin throughout the day because you're avoiding eating during that time frame… There's no way you can say that the insulin spikes all day will not have an impact versus a spike in a six hour period.

    there's just a lot of science out there that pretty much says everything that you've said is pretty much wrong.

  12. Intermittent fasting works for me because I can still be a big eater and I have no problem living this way for the rest of my life. After 3 months of it I went from 293lbs to 235lbs and I can't say I'm not hungry during the day but it's extremely easy to deal with it now. The only thing that is dangerous to me is I find myself eating peanuts to eat enough. I'm full after 900 calories of chicken and veggies. I'm told that 900 isn't enough to live so I eat 500-700 Cals in peanuts. I have no idea if that's unhealthy or not though 🤔

  13. He said 10-20% of an increase in HGH but doctors say 1300-2000% increase in HGH… I've been doing the 23-1 window of IF and I hit a PR on my deadlift and my squat and I'm 20lbs lighter. I went from 188lbs to 168lbs… it took me 1 month to drop down and my strength did go down slightly. Then I took a 2 month break when I ate in a 4 hour window but I was eating garbage and I stayed the same weight…now I'm back on the 23-1 and my strength went back up and that's when I hit my PR's….so idk. I'm lifting more than I ever have and I'm 20lbs lighter

  14. Dont take bcaa until you brake the fast because if you take wile fasting you will get a spike in insulin therefore braking the fast sciencetific proven

  15. I'm on two diets cause on one I'm hungry.
    On a more serious note, dry fasting is better for fat loss. I guarantee you. Don't eat or drink for several hours and your body will use the hydrogen in your fat and the oxygen you breathe to generate the water you need and thus burning fat 3 times as fast as water fasting.

  16. Interesting subject Scott. I’d be interested to hear you talk about the pros and cons of caffeine in contest prep and training in general. I’ve heard you touch on the subject previously.

  17. Were you reading that you have 5 til 10 hgh boost? Everwere they talk about 1500% for woman and 2000 for men increas. Not 5% till 10%
    But im like the rest of your video. Becaust you not totaly negative haha. And im like your channel. Go on with it. Your channel is very good! Im learn a mutch from you thank you scott!

  18. Good video! What we’re all slowly finding out is it’s really all about having normal blood sugar & insulin levels. Abnormal blood glucose & Insulin results in chronic inflammation & chronic disease. If trying to lose weight & get in shape and build more muscle got you interested in your diet & exercise, Keto and IF, then great! You care about yourself (no sarcasm here, honest) & that’s a great thing! Because Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimers, High blood sugar, High blood pressure, certain cancers, Heart disease (just to name the big ones) are ALL RELATED to your diet. All related to Insulin. Keep your insulin spikes to a minimum. After you eat (I recommend a Keto or modified Ketogenic diet)… STOP eating. For a while. Let your body recover. Let your insulin level recover. This idea goes way beyond just simply losing weight. It’s about your long term health as you age. Good luck everyone! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

  19. I checked the science out on this before and I seen a several vids on this, and only a handful of you all used real science. Great vid, you was spot on, and the watching the date eat thing is hilarious, bro.

  20. Why IP? Here is a useful video which answers this on the grounds of Ayurveda/Naturopathy "IP is a way of life to allow your body to effectively repair/heal itself".–HU

  21. Well put together video. I do if and feel great and lost weight with it. There is one topic you didnt touch on and that's autophagy. If has been shown in clinical studies to boost autophagy and aid in overall health. Keep up the great videos brother. I do like the science based stuff so please keep those coming as well.

  22. my journey, im 18 years old and height 180 cm and im doing 3 days split workout
    starting IF on
    1st of december 2018, 98 kg
    26th of december 2018, 88 kg

  23. I didn’t know intermittent fasting was a thing. I thought I had a terrible diet that was somehow getting me shredded. Definitely works.

  24. I still love you, Scott, but you lost points on the BCAAs. Any nerd that has studied IF (myself included) would Tell you that BCAAs will break your fast and reduce your IF strategy into a simple calorie restricted diet.

    The science is clear, consumption of Amino Acids (macro nutrient) will still produce an insulting reaction and take you out of the fasted state.

    I’m sure the comments section is having a bloggasm about how, and why.

  25. I've been one ITF for a year, its a blessing for me because I'm never hungry morning or lunch. I eat from after 5:00pm till as late as 12:00 pm I don't look at what I eat in terms of calories but I eat almost only meat sometimes some rice or if a certain dish has other things in it. I'm not religious about it. if I'm out with a group and they want to eat I eat. it not a diet its a lifestyle I've chosen to live. I work out with many forms of exercises regularly. it has helped in maintaining my physic. its easy for me to do. my food intake is more of a keto diet minus the vegetables and high in protein. no the protein doesn't take me out of keto and believe me my protein is 75% of my calories.

  26. Hey man, 2 simple questions; does fasting around 5 to 7 hours (during the day) and sleep deprived (late night) affects muscle growth?

  27. IF is the most sustainable “diet” i’ve ever tried. You can eat for 8hrs or just one meal a day and have cheat days when there’s a special occasion. It doesn’t cost money and is as simple AF.

  28. Very informative video Scott. I used to be a hardgainer but I put on quite a bit of weight from over a year of lean bulking and consistent working out. However, I did accumulate a bit of unwanted fat in the process due to the holiday sweets that I binged on on thanksgiving and Christmas. As a result I am in my first week of my mini-cut and I used IF to do so and so far my body fat percentage dropped from 14.9% to 13.7%. My goal is to get as close to 10% as possible before continuing with my bulk. I know this will put me at my targeted weight goal longer, but I’d rather have my gains be as much muscle as possible than have it be fat. Is this a good mentality or should I just embrace the fat gain to reach my targeted weight goal?

  29. Please help me get fitter. I am unable to loose weight from last year after injury. I am consistent to gym and also Intermittent fasting from last 15 days. My complete body is in good shape and only have belly fat. Also my belly is always hard and kind of bloated. I am 40 years old , please advise a workout plan and diet so that I can become fit and look better. I will be highly thankful I am your big fan. Now need your support and advise to come back on track after injury. Thanks and Regards

  30. You say your channel is all about lean bulking and at the end of the video you recommend hard gainers to eat 4000-5000 calories. Hahahahha

  31. LIKED the vid: I think IF is a good tool to use as part of your diet regime, HOWEVER I think it's just as effective to carb/calorie cycle as well….In fact I would argue that one should be cautious with using IF for a prolonged period of time due to metabolic slow down (aka adaptive thermogenesis). IF DOES indeed work, but you just have to know what you're doing and how to make it optimal for your lifestyle. Me personally I use it as a tool, but not on the daily, more like in an effort to "calorie cycle" without having to log all my intake. I personally like to use a "flexible dieting" approach, where I focus on protein and "mind my carbs and sugar intake" I'm not a big fat eater aside from what I get in meat and some produce and nuts. But no matter the diet adherence is the key. DEUCES!

  32. Glucose the brain need is if you're ketones adaptive will always come from gluconeogenesis.. tired trying to explain ignorance… Some are scientist but some are just a typical bodybuilder or just a reg. Trainer

  33. Scott, interesting video. One thing I disagree with is your comment on HGH levels being 5-10% increase from fasting. It is significantly higher, multiple studies show that a 24 hour fast can boost HGH 300%.

    Here is one example

  34. I do prolonged fasting, 72 hours+ a week. It is great for your health to do so, has almost miraculous effects on your general health and also your hormone levels.

  35. I have done IF for 3 months now. Sometimes 16/8 sometimes OMAD. I'm 63 and I was 197# at 6'2" now I'm 165# with 13% body fat. I'm never hungry to the point where I'm uncomfortable. It is really not difficult to do this. Every morning when I woke up I used to be in pain and have to do all kinds of streches just to feel a little better. No I wake up pain free. I still do the stretches but just because I want to. I feel really good these days and I think I'll be able to stay on this IF eating schedule for the rest of my life.

  36. When i do a slight weight increase on a bulk, i need to eat at least 3100 calories. I cannot fit that into 8 hours.

  37. Great Advice 👍🏾. Only thing I disagree with is Taking BCAAs during fasting state ( BCAAs) will kick you out of fasting state. Love Your Channel Scott👍🏾👍🏾

  38. I just used IF (OMAD) to loose 10 kg in 6 weeks. Sustainable lifestyle? Hell no – BUT effective as hell! Why did it work? 1. Natural caloric restriction – You are LESS hungry when on an IF protocol. 2. Avoiding temptations is EASY because you simply cannot eat. 3. You learn so much about hunger and how your body respons to it. 4. It promotes health eating – when you eat one meal per day you take effort into making it a good one! 5. IMPROVED self discipline – This is something that really benefitted my well-being in general and could be applied to other parts of my life. 6 MORE energy than usual. You have no dips in energy level during the day. 7. Noticeable better cognitive function – my memory improved substantially…. 8. More time because meal-prep and eating is reduced substantially. I could go on but I think I made my point. IF is a GREAT tool to get to know and to have in your tool-box. It requires money, no time and its 100% flexible. Do every day, every second day once a week and for ever how long you choose but get to know this powerful tool – you won't regret it!

  39. Pleas dont talk about things you dont understand, talk about things you know something about 🙂

  40. The amount of research, thought, and experience that oozes from this video – all for the sole purpose of helping us out is definitive proof that your not some juiced-up meathead like a lot of other people I see. Great work!

  41. Bcaa breakes the fast smh! Why does everyone inc famous bodybuilders believe that bcaa is good while fasting

  42. Hey Joe, overall I agree with the video. However I do think Intermittent fasting is sustainable. I have been doing 4 or 6 hour window for 16 months and love it. Just need to have eating window in pm and makes it great for social events. I can't imagine not intermittent fasting

  43. Guy that INVENTED AND POPULARIZED IF Leangains recomends BCAA or EAA during fast if u train fasted. So no brainer for me….if he says its ok then is fckin ok…dont complicate it.

  44. It could be sustainable because if I eat from 12-6 and if I have a date at 8 I can just eat from 3-9

  45. I want to fast 4 times a week (I workout on Monday, Wednesday, Friday) on the days I do NOT work out. Because working out on an empty stomach doesn't feel good for me. But how do I start the fast every other day ? If I want to do the 16/8 fast on Tuesday to start the week, Do I have to basicly start the fast on monday 8pm? (I want to eat 12-8). Or do I just eat whenever I want on Monday and only start eating at 12 on Tuesday? The first option sounds more logical to get the 16 hours in. But it's actually starting on the previous day so it fucks me up a bit haha 😀

  46. My longest fast so far has been 6 days refeed with a few eggs then went for another 6 days.
    As long as you have fat on your body you won't die.

  47. BCAAs will break a fast. Having said that, this is a fairly well stated description of how IF works.

  48. Anything you put in your body that has 10 or more calories will break your fast. Anything that spikes your insulin will break your fast. Therefore, BCAA's are not acceptable.

  49. Hello Scott. With the I.F how much I can wait before to take my first meal in the morning after my fasted workout? 30-45 minutes or close to 2 hours ? I'd like to complete my 16/8 protocol after my workout but I don't want to take my last meal at 4 p.m so I can eat at thank you

  50. One of the best explanations of IF out there…couldn’t agree more with every thing said. I see the BCAAs as a personal preference . But IF is great for someone who’s trying to loose some weight esp for a 2-3 month span , i agree deff not something for life. But personally I can tell it’s helping get rid of stubborn fat and I my caloric deficit has not increased just the timing of when I eat. Also if your someone like me, I enjoy eating big meals and going to bed fed… starting your window late allows you to have a big caloric dense meal at night. I haven’t had an urge to snack at all at night because I don’t have any room left for food! Lol

  51. Just a clarification: yes our bodies are smart but not that smart. When the glykogen stores are used, and the body is in need of energy, the body doesnt care whether it will get this energy through muscle breakdown or fat tissue break down. Thats why you SHOULD take protein or aminoacids (aminoacids are the building blocks of proteins) while you are "fasting". This way will help you decrease the percentage of muscle breakdown. Also glucose doesnt come just from carbs. Thats why we say that our body creates energy from muscle breakdown and fat breakdown. Its because there are certain aminoacids which are called "glygenic". These aminoacids are used in gluconeogenesis to produce glucose. And with fattissue break down the fatty acids that are produced are used in a biochemical chain reaction named "b-oxidosis". From this process energy is produced indirectly because a product necessary for gluconeogenesis is produced, but not glucose itself. So a recap: certain aminoacids-> directly glucose, fat acids-> indirectly glucose

  52. Went from 256 to 177 intermittent fasting Monday through Friday and eating whatever I want on the weekends. Been eating like this for 18 months and feel like it's easily sustainable. In fact I find it down right convenient, throw some bottled water in my lunch box and move on. I don't worry about food till I get off work.

    But it isn't for everybody, this we can agree on.

  53. intermittent fasting is not some new age secret, I remember my grandfather telling my uncle how to help him lose his belly, I was just a child but remember him telling him dont eat anything after 8 at night and dont eat until after 12 when you get up, you will end up not eating as much during the day he told him. That was around 40 years ago that I listened to that conversation, brings a smile when I see guys on YouTube selling some plan about it as if they had just invented it themselves!

  54. I have been practicing I F (20-4) for 3 months. I have lost 38 pounds and put my Diabetes into remission. My A1C went from 14 to 5.2. I F works, but you can't eat tons of garbage during your eating window.

  55. Scott can or have you done a video for gains for those who have a hard time gaining muscle? I am a female who lifts but reach plataeus and has a hard time gaining muscle. I eat a healthy diet and protein however I tend to get full fast and cannot force myself to eat more protein in one sitting. Would love your thoughts on solutions.

  56. it seems like IF is a good deal if someone is trying to loose weight and cant keep their calorie intake under control.

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