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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I’m Bowflex team member Dave Patania
along with fellow Bowflex team member Aaron Brotherton. We’re here at world headquarters in Vancouver, Washington. Very excited to talk about the Bowflex
Max Trainer – our newest piece of equipment. Aaron, you and I were just
talking – the whole key to this whole thing: it’s about time.
Yeah, it is it is about time. We found that time is actually the
number one reason people don’t work out, so we wanted to build a piece of
equipment that basically just take time out of the equation and get you in the
gym and feeling incredible, right in your home gym. That’s the beauty of Max – incredibly
small footprint and so incredibly versatile. What I guess, here’s what I’m going to do, I’m gonna go ahead and hop on. And let’s show them a little bit about how Max
works. In a nutshell that’s going to give you the cardio burning feel of a
stair stepping machine, with the low impact motion of an elliptical. Yeah, stair stepping is interesting, right? If you go to the gym everyone knows that stair steppers burn a
ton of calories, but there’s never anyone on them in gym. Right? Because they’re
really hard. This machine takes all of that away and
actually because it’s a slightly elliptical pattern on the stepping motion it makes the stepping much much easier.
Much, much, more effective for the user. Because to become effective it has to be something that you want to
do over and over again. Max just feels really really good. It’s really smooth. Another thing that we love about it is, as
you were saying, is the upper body workout that you get on this. There’s
three different hand positions: lower, upper, and middle. And Dave do you wanna talk a little bit about kind of like muscle activation and whatnot.
Right. Why are you using this machine? These handles they’re not along for the ride. You’re gonna be pushing, you’re going to be pulling. You’re going to be engaging up to
eighty percent more of your upper body than on an elliptical machine. So as
you can see as Aaron is performing this motion look at this, he uses his lat muscles, uses his chest muscles. Look at this: as he’s pushing and pulling – the front part of the deltoid being used. Rear part of the shoulder being used. Triceps, biceps, everything is being
activated. And an additional benefit, while he’s doing that – look at that – the abdominals are being engaged. It’s very rare that you can get a
machine that’s going to engage the entire upper body. And… uh… just back to
what you were talking to – a little bit about the elliptical and the stair
climbing motion- it’s that little sweet spot in between. The climbing motion where you normally get that big push of impact on the knee, it goes away on this machine. Yeah it’s incredibly smooth. As you were
saying, you know, we’ve got six of these in our gym here. They are busy all the time. People are on them. And not only do you have all these kind of upper-body solutions, I even see people getting on here just
digging in, hands-free and just going for it, getting an incredible leg workout, if that’s what they want to focus on for the day. Variation is the key, I mean it gives you limitless opportunity to kind of switch things up. It’s not always about how hard can you go, how high can you climb – it’s about variation and mixing things up. And you know
one of the bigger residual benefits is the fact that it’s going to give you a
residual calorie burn up to 48 hours after performing. So when you’re, when you’re done with your 14 minutes max session and you’re at home you’re
burning calories. Yeah, even while you sleep. So let’s talk
about why that works. So Joe why don’t you bring the camera over here. I’m going to show
what interval looks like on the Max Trainer. So first thing is, when you get on, you actually going to see the screen
light up. You put in your user information right here. This is where you
going to put in your age, your weight, and that good information. And then if you
can pan back a little bit here, you can see there’s a button that says Max
Interval. So after you enter your age, height, and weight, you hit Max Interval and you are off to the
races. I’m gonna show you what happens. You’re going to hear a ‘ding’ and then I’m
just going to go. There’s the bell. It’s giving me a target.
I’m gonna try to peg that needle within that target. There we go. I’m inside there. This is what
we consider the active part of the interval. This is
the short burst of activity that we talked about. It’s 25 seconds long. You can do anything
for 25 seconds, I guarantee it. And then it’s going to come down…bells… And then it’s going to give me a new zone. And I’m gonna try to stay here, for about a minute and 20 seconds. And at the end of that, this active rest period. It’s going to take me back up, and I’m going to try to get back
into that zone. Now you might be saying “well I didn’t seem like very much.” Well, sure. Can I go harder? Absolutely!
If i want to go harder, there’s two things I can do. I can work
harder than the zone that it gives me. I can really crank it. I can do this for 25 seconds if I want to. Another thing I could do is I can
actually increase the resistance level, make it much, much harder make it… ha it’s gets much harder for me to go. On the fly, this is all on the fly and you have 16 different levels of resistance, smaller increments, so you can really
have those resistance levels focus based on what you’re trying to do at any
particular time. So for me to get it into that same range
that you saw before, it’s now going to be a lot more difficult. We’ve got about 20 seconds left before
it gets me there. It’s gonna be much more difficult. So you can see, I’m working much harder to
get that needle to keep moving because I can vary the resistance. Right now I’m on level 15. I got to tell ya, I
don’t work out on level 15. And the cool thing to remember folks, is that with
this, this is all based on you and what you’re
looking to do. Your hearing key terms such as calorie burn, and engaging upper
body, don’t think that this isn’t scalable for
any level of exerciser. Because it is. Anyone anyone in the household can use
this machine because it’s all based on who’s using it. You enter all of those
metrics and then the machine will scale and set a range specific to you. Now Marisa, you’re over there looking at a monitor. I’ve got heart rate strap on. What was the reading when I was going?
160, that fast. That’s burning calories and that’s the
secret. I’m gonna get your heart rate up, you’re going to get into that zone, then
I’m gonna let you rest. And here’s the beauty of the Max 14 minute interval: you’re actually going to work out
intensely over the course the 14 minutes for about three minutes. The rest is rest. It’s active recovery. When you’re down that green zone and you’re just trying to bring your heart
back down so that you can get back up there, and do it again! You do it eight times. And
everybody’s got 14 minutes. Everybody can get a great workout on this machine. The last thing that I want to talk about, (I’m gonna let you do it ‘cuz I’m running out of breath) is the ability to go for longer than 14 minutes. Right, yes. So say you finished so Aaron just did his 14 minute Max Training session, he can go back to back with another one if he chooses. Or, you can always set it at a manual
setting and go for 25-35 minutes at a pace and speed and resistance that suits your
needs. It’s the variation and the ability to do different things at all times, that’s what this machine offers. It
isn’t just how hard can you go. We we give you that option, but we also
give the option with multiple programs, levels of resistance, and that’s what
it’s all about – scalability. Yeah multiple workout programs. And again if
you love to get on an elliptical machine, or any other kind of workout, and you
want to watch TV, you want to put your tablet down, watch a TV show, watch a movie and just go – set it and
forget it. Set your resistance level and just do something that feels good for you. It’s a great way to get
acclimated to Max or it’s a great way to get started if you’re if you’re not
familiar with the fitness or haven’t been active for a long time. So this
machine is absolutely scalable for all fitness levels. Where can they learn more?
You can go to You can also give us a call
at 1-800-536-1796. You know, contact us if you want more information, we’d be more than happy to give it to you. This is a great tool, again, for any level
of exercise. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks a lot Aaron.
Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Introduction to the Bowflex Max Trainer®

  1. Questions: 1-Does it move in backward motion or only in forward motion.?
    2- what incline level does it go to.?
    3- Does this move around easily – like if needing to move from one area to another?

  2. @Bowflex  – Now I know why my Max Interval is so difficult to achieve – My burn interval is set all the way over near the 30 area. I noticed on this demonstration that it is barely above my pre-set active recovery area.  Can I modify the target range on my Max 5 Interval workout?

  3. I have just purchased by M5, but am getting some shin splints and knee pains.  I am a runner in very good shape and am wondering if I am overextending my knees because of my height, 5'.  Should I move closer or farther away to reach [and I do mean reach] for the top handle for the sprint?

  4. Hi +Andre! Sounds like we might need to do some troubleshooting with you. Can you call us when you are by the machine? Our number is 800-605-3369 and our hours of operation are Mon – Fri, 6 am to 6 pm, PST and Saturdays from 7 am to 12 pm, PST. Thanks!

  5. So this is my first week using my max trainer

    First thing I noticed today is my endurance has gone up. I have my interval workout set at 17 minutes and I am able to actually hold the setting to the set time

    my workout today was very intense

    PS Make sure you guys stretch out before using this machine else your muscles are going to cramp up

    And Thomas yes at 260 no problem I'm 275 and I'm going at full pace on this machine with no problem its very stable

  6. I want tone up my legs, glutes(lift and tone) and eliminate cellulite. Will this machine help me with that ? If so, is there specific program on the machine or should I use manual for 30 minutes. Can I get the same results on the M3?

  7. I understand that you guys are in vancover Washington. I would like to ask a question I have fibromyalgia and we are very limited in our ability to work out due to doctors orders and such, I think the m5 is very good for someone like me. I would like to purchase this product, I would like to know if you track my progress so others like me with my condition will be inspired to do so as well. IF I CAN GET the M5 for the price of an M3 and I will be a spokes person,. I can not afford the M5 but I need to lose 60 pounds, if there is a discount available,

  8. Anyone know where I could buy one of those or do they have to be ordered?
     I'm also interested in getting a bowflex uppercut. Do they still sell those?

  9. wow got the m3 about 3 weeks ago and today is the first day i was abel to do 14 mins i am 280 and 5 10 and work a very physical job. this is a great pice of equipment 

  10. So far I really like my M5. My only issues is that the flywheel itself appears to be "wobbling" all the time, like a tire on a car that isn't quite aligned properly. Secondly, the handrail on the right side of the machine was welded a bit out of alignment so my right arm is further forward than my left ever so slightly. Is there any way I could be sent a replacement? Also, warning to people 5 ft tall of smaller, my wife is 5 ft tall, and she just cannot use this machine. The lower handrails (the ones you would normally push down on) are just way to high up on her core to be used in any comfortable way. I am 6' 1" and the M5 fits me like a glove.

  11. Thanks very much just ordered one and it has just arrived will see if I can post a review on it for Australian customers to see.

  12.  I bought the M3 and lost 21 lbs in 5 weeks. started with 20 minutes a day, now up to 60 minutes 4 times a week. I swear that this works, along with cutting carbs.

  13. @Diana Cota, YES! This will definitely tone your muscles ion your legs, your arms and your core. It's an amazing machine! Thanks!

  14. Could I use the chest strap heart rate monitor with another android app? Would be nice if I could use it to monitor my heart rate when I go for a run.

  15. I have a question.  I am wanting to get this for me and my son. But he is a big boy.  What is the weight limit for the Max 5?

  16. How do you manage the machines in a gym when there are only 2 user profiles available? Can you input your age/height/weight for a round of the Max Interval without logging it as a user profile?

  17. I just received my Bowflex Max 5 and I LOVE IT! Holy Cow, I'm out of shape because I haven't worked out in a while. I am super excited about this machine. It is going to give an awesome cardio workout but also it is perfect for my hips, buns, and thighs and that is exactly where I need HELP!!

  18. I am a bit confused? What about Form? Why did you guys design the bowflex to have the handles so far forward that you lean forward.

  19. I've heard many users complain about a loud squeaking noise that happens after several uses. Has this problem been fixed? or is it something that happens normally?

  20. Ordered mine Nov 18 and received it Nov 21st. Only took me about an hour to set it up, and I have had two great workouts with it already!

  21. I just bought one yesterday, should receive it soon. After watching this video, I am confident I purchased the right piece of equipment. I spent $1,710 (with the mat). Shipping was free and they took $100 off the machine.

    I'll repost after I receive it and try it out a few times. I think Bowflex may have developed the perfect cardio machine…

  22. Just received my M5 and finished my first workout. First of all, the assembly was quick. My wife and I had it together in about an hour. Second, the machine is solid. Definitely commercial quality. I weigh 265 and the machine handled me just fine. The steal is heavy duty as well as the welds. If you're worried the machine is cheap and fragile, don't because it's solid as a rock. Three, the machine gave me a phenomenal workout. It's similar to a stairmaster but is easier on the joints.


    1. Don't buy the mat. They charges $100 for it. It's thin and not worth it.

    2. The fly wheel could be a little heavier. At least give us the option and charge more for it? But, I'm not complaining. The machine works well.

    Summary: It's the best machine "pound for pound" I have ever used. The stairsteppper/elliptical concept is genius. If I were to open a public gym, I would definitely purchase a few of these machines for the cardio room.

    Despite the few cons, I have to give the machine 5 stars. I only paid $1,710 (with the lame mat). The treadmill I want is going to cost me almost $4,000 so $1,710 isn't bad.

    Special note: I have absolutely no affiliation with Bowflex….

  23. What is the resistance and flywheel information? How much does the flywheel weigh and what are the drive belt specs. Iam looking at an elliptical from sears with 21 lb flywheel very similar features and lifetime warranty on the frame 3 years on parts and 2 years on labour on sale for 1200 bucks, sell me on why should i spend 600 more on the M5?

  24. My Max Trainer came two days after I ordered ….It's an amazing product!! Perfect design and very very effective…Thank you Bowflex I can finally reach my goal in my own home!!!!

  25. The machine is really great. Well done, Bowflex. However, the app is not good only because it doesn't work. Can you guys fix the many bugs in the app?

  26. I haven't seen much discussion about women over 50 years old with regard to the Max Trainer. I'm a road cyclist, not hard-core, but certainly not a beginner. I have not ridden as much this past year and consequently have gotten out of shape. Would ideally like to lose 15 lbs to prepare for this year's cycling circuit. I've ordered, and am waiting for the delivery of, the Max Trainer 5. What can you tell me about women over 50 successes?

  27. I just received my max 5, I'm so excited to get started on it. I literally received it 2 days after I ordered it!! Unbelievable!
    Question: my 11 year old son is trying hard to make some diet and exercise changes and would love to give the max trainer a try.
    My question is, would you recommend this for him? He is 4ft 9" and weighs 126lbs.
    Thanks in advance!


  29. I am turning 13 today I belive I am getting this for my birthday. I am a competive swimmer and swim 6 days a week (8-10 hrs a week) and I was wondering if I can use this to help me get stronger and gain endurance. I did work with a personal trainer for a while so I know how hard to push and how to do all types of exercises.

  30. Bought a Bowflex Max Trainer M5 last month. Best exercise machine I ever bought. After 15 minutes, I am worn out. It works you thoroughly. Highly recommend it.

  31. @bowflex Hi is bow flex good for elderly people like my mom has really bad legs and she can walk and all but is it low impact? I called the help desk and she said it is no impact I don't want my mom to hurt herself while on the machine I'm asking cause we are all wanting a machine that works for all of us

  32. This is killing my knees. Am I doing something wrong? I am 30, not in fantastic shape but not a beginner either… I worked out on my elliptical every day before receiving my M5… My elliptical didn't hurt my knees. The M5 kills them! I read it is very low impact but I am not finding this to be true for me. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or what? Help! I love the feeling of my upper body being worked but I am not sure how much more I can stand the knee pain when I'm on there.

  33. I've owned the max trainer for over a year and use it all the time. It's a great workout! It does squeak quite a bit. I have had to tighten the left leg on it several times. I am pleased with the app and like syncing to track my progress. I wish you could adjust the settings on the max interval program! Burn rate and time would be some nice features to be able to adjust. I want to be able to go longer than the 14 min without having to restart the program. I wish it would save the burn rate too, instead I have to set it evverytime I workout.

  34. I have an alignment problem with the top handlebars.The handlebars do move separately, the problem is that both handlebars do not arrive at the same point of forward and backward motion. The top handlebars are not aligned properly after putting together. The left handlebar pushes forward more than the right handlebar. Bowflex sent a new arm, but the handlebars still do not arrive at the same forward point or back wards point.. Do you know why there is an issue? Could something not be aligned with an inside wheel?

  35. so I weigh 230lbs and when I input my numbers into the machine I constantly come to burning about 184 calories using the Max Interval. Is that the true number of calories I burned or is actually more? I only do it 3x a week.

  36. Классный аппарат! Покупали такой себе в загородный дом в Зоне Спорта – просто космический тренажёр! Качество работы магазина просто на высоте, как попали на другую планету.

  37. I just got an M3 today and WOW this thing will kick your A$$.  After 14 minutes I was drenched in sweat but I honestly love the motion.  Really glad I bought one and can't wait to start seeing results.

  38. wow…the Max trainer 5 is amazing….i definitely want one.. guess i'll save up my pennies…😎 ..oh. .and i'll take the one of the gorgeous trainers for motivational purposes definitely the handsome Dave. 😎

  39. I appreciate all the "why this is such a good machine" and "these are all the benefits of the machine" videos.  I would like a "now that you have it put together, this is what to do next" video!!  Should we do the fitness test? This video seems to say, just hop on, get used to it.  Then…..WHAT!!??  Husband says he did the fitness test (he didn't know that he needed to update the user profile, so then REDID the fitness test with his information—of course got two completely different numbers).  What do we use this information with?  DO we use this information again??

  40. Just received my M5 today and I've already done one workout and all I can say is WOW. This is an awesome machine!

  41. I love my M7 machine. It is a real ass kicker. If you are serious about fitness this is the machine to get.

  42. Just got my M3 and added a new video which is the first of many in the up and coming series I'll be posting. Check out the video and my story…..

  43. Got the M5 last year. Used it and then got busy and stopped working out. Started a week ago again and it feels good to get that workout in. I can feel it for 24 hours afterwards. It's a great quality and very smooth which I really like. It's actually very quiet too. Sure it's expensive, but it's quality and works well. I don't think you will be disappointed.

  44. Just got this machine. It's amazing! It. Works. Everything! My abs were sore tonite. Didn't know the machine was working that part. It's only my first week on it and I love it!

  45. BOWFLEX!
    Now make a tutorial on how the chest strap heart rate monitor works.
    None of the above?

  46. I just purchased a Max 5 Trainer. How do I upload my info as User 1 into the Max5 as shown in the video? I don't see it in the manual or on the website.

  47. The "knock knock machine" buy it and find out what I mean. Or just look at all the youtube vids of it making a knocking noise.

  48. I love the machine, the max 3 but I'm having trouble getting up to the 14 minutes….help!!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  49. I have a bad knee and a treadmill causes it to get painful. I am a pre diabetic and need to work out. Is this machine easy on the knees? Thank you

  50. I have sciatica problems but not to the degree it immobilizes me. I ski, use a water rower, total gym, resistant bands…… so my question is would this machine worsen my sciatica at all?

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