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100 thoughts on “IRON MAN Workout – Insane Fat Burning AND Muscle Building Workout

  1. This is an awesome workout.. I usually don't post comments but for Jeff, probably the best trainer out there.. I was following a program where we focused on one muscle group a day and it was good no doubt. I was able to do 45 to 60 mins without any real problem but when I started with the Athlean X program.. Man 20 mins in n I was sweating like a pig.. N this conditioning without, or 4 minutes of hell.. Just awesome.. Jeff, your tips, videos, programs, just awesome!!! Thanks a ton!!!

  2. Damn did this as my first burst workout, though I took mini breaks throughout I was sweating crazily just after completing the second set of exercises.

    Can't wait to see what else the program throws at me.

  3. His workouts are extreme yet realistic for those really looking for a change. Will be doing this the first chance I get!

  4. got athlean x last week,started the program this week so today instead of the quick feet exercises i did this,i did all 8 minutes but with 2-3 five second breaks in the 2 min of the exercises.I felt like my muscles were going to explode.Thanks Jeff,you are an inspiration,greetings from Croatia.

  5. so once this is done can you exercise afterwards or is it just this for the days exercise. i haven't tried it yet so it just doesn't look enough for a days workout 8 minutes through 24 hours

  6. Have you ever heard of people burning fat–and delighting in three full delicious meals at the same time? Just Google Fat Blast Furnace to find out more.

  7. Question about IRON MAN Workout 

    Hi i will start training soon and i would like have an advice as to witch direction i should go in terms of a training programme. My height is about 1.89cm and i weigh ruffly 80kg's i was training for a year and a half using the 5X5 STRONG LIFTS PROGRAM witch i'm sure you are familiar with. Before i was very skinny didn't had any abs but when i started to use 5×5 program i have gained some muscle. 10 month's have passed since i have trained and i don't know to witch direction i should go , How effective it would be for a person like me to use the iron man workout?  or should i choose another workout plan?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !

    This is my transformation after and before

  8. Hard work on the shoulders, since I just did my shoulders the day before.  So, lesson learned- schedule it for a day when your shoulders are well rested.  Would suggest the same for your quads.  Do the pushups properly, and you'll really feel the ab and oblique muscles kicking in on the one-arm portion. 

  9. Do you think that this is something you could do every day as cardio? If I did that, would that interfere with my regular workouts, as in, take away resting time from my muscles? 

  10. Going through my second run of AX1 and I'm gonna mix it up a bit and sub this workout in tomorrow. Looks like a great workout.

  11. Don't have space for the "On Your Mark, Get Set, Sprint!" workout that I'm doing either tomorrow or Monday so I'm "shopping" for which Burst workout I should do. 🙂

  12. It's an amazing way of getting a good cardiovascular exercise quickly and I feel extremely warmed up for the following weight training.

  13. Do you substitute  this for another workout on conditioning days, or is this in addition to conditioning? Also, do you do abs/core after this?

  14. One question I would ask, yet I figured out my own method for this and it works great. How would one count to 2 minutes.  Easy Way to know when the 2 min is up.
    ANSWER for myself personally.
    Since I cannot workout with music and my MP3 Player.
    I used an audio editing computer program and I created a few 8 minute songs. I like trance music, so I just added 4 trance tracks and skimmed each track to exactly 2 minutes each, that way when I start the workout, I know exactly when the 2 minutes are done and to move to the next exercise.
    Hope hat helps for those. I dont want to count in my head, I just want to concentrate and listen to my music, so my technique works great.

  15. I guess one question I want to ask if you found out someway. If i run on a treadmill or stair master for like 1hr, I burn around 500 to 600 calories.
    How many cals does this 8 minute workout burn.

  16. You're push ups are bending at the wrists.They should never be at that angle.Really bad for your wrist bones.Elbows should never go out like that.

  17. Jeff your vids and advice is really helping me make gains. But how am I supposed to fit this sort of workout into my week? I train 4 days of weights and swim on two other days. I ache too much at the moment (especially on my legs) to be able to do these.
    I am making gains but need to reduce my fat levels.
    Sorry confused at my body

  18. I've watched a few of a your videos today. I can tell by how you move, you are an expert in your field. We share a lot of similar values & outlooks on fitness. Well done brother!

  19. I'm really trying to get back into shape now, so would it be a good idea to do this exercise, then do a run, and repeat every day?  I'm just worried about overtraining since you warn against it so much.

  20. Man, I just gotta say your videos are awesome! I love everything you do! The way you explain, show, teach, just everything I find fascinating! I've been watching your videos for a couple months now and really just multiplying what I already knew. Your videos have helped get better results and help my chronic tendinitis in my knees to where I can workout my legs again. All I can say is thanks for taking the time to do these things.

  21. Jeff, you are the best man.I've followed and watched so many people in the you tube but no one like you. Love everything you do

  22. Just started Athlean-X, didn't have a step ladder for day 2 conditioning workout so I went with this one. Holy cow I was gassed halfway through it, really intense for only lasting 8 minutes!

  23. really intense! If this is how hard I'm supposed to be training then i have been doing it wrong. Never felt my heart beat So hard and got lots of endorphin realease. Thanks Jeff!!!

  24. Finally did it what a great fat burning workout did the whole 8 minutes of course with a few seconds of breaks..but most definitely a great workout thanks again Jeff keep up the gains..

  25. Anybody know a good substitute for the mule kick? I have bad shoulders and this exercise is not good for them at all.

  26. Like many others, here window shopping to substitute a conditioning workout in the program. Tore my calf a little last week and still recovering so box jumps really isn't a great idea.

  27. Any modifications on the mule kick to make it a lil more manageable when fatigued and form is gettin sloppy? Like just kick ur legs out less or something?

  28. Purchased AX1 last week. In the second week now, and was looking for some additional conditioning in the instruxions and found this. Thanks Jeff..

  29. Jeff,

    How do you work these kind of short workouts into your weekly routine? If you do this workout is that your only workout for the day?

  30. Hey Jeff. Really good video. Is there or are there a step down to some of these exercises for newcomers? I find the push up punches a hard exercise to do the first few times. So if you could please give some options, that would be great. Love your videos. Really helpful.

  31. Thank you I'm over 50 and overweight. Working out regularly and am going to incorporate these exercises in to my regime along with the 4 minutes of hell exercises that I gleaned from you before. Right now I do reps not time but it is killer . Thank you and God bless you

  32. I started going to the gym 4-5 times a week about 3 months ago. I was spending 2+ hours per visit. I wasn't really seeing the results I thought I should have been seeing by now so I purchased the AX-1 training. Keep in mind – my gym visits consisted of also running on the treadmill for 30 minutes and burning 300+ calories at a time. I thought I had a leg up on others starting this training because I had been conditioning and lifting for 90 days already. It turns out, 2 days in, I don't know what the fuck I was doing at the gym… I did this video for the day 2 cardio and felt like I haven't been off the couch in years . I am extremely sore and convinced the AX-1 is no laughing matter …

  33. So I wake up every day and decide to hit the gym… I watch your videos for technique and routine. I watch for the science.. It's a must… Ty

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