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today we’re going to be doing another
episode of natty or not we’re gonna be talking about David laid is he on
steroids let’s get into it what is going on guys my name is mark from superhuman
fitness and if you guys are new to this channel my channel goal is to help
beginners get more into shape build some muscle or lose some fat natty or not is
an episode where we talk about a bunch of body builders and seeing if they are
on steroids or if they’re not and today we’re talking about David late if you
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and like this video so last year in October David laid had a benchpress of
340 pounds as a max right and it took him about two months in December he hit
a benchpress of 365 that’s okay right two months for 365 that’s normal but get
this the next month right afters from December to January in a week this took
him two months in another week he had another 25 pounds progress so the first
two months was 25 pounds progress from October to December and then took him
one week and then he got another 25 pounds at 390 pounds right after one
week apart his size at the amount of time he’s been training it’s just
ridiculous you can’t get 25 pounds added on top of your benchpress in a week
that’s crazy steroids don’t only make you bigger
right what they can do is they stimulate your nervous system so right when you do
right when you’re on that cycle you can actually lift more weight without
building that muscle so that’s probably what happened within that one week and
here’s something else guys he actually got guy knows so guy know if you don’t
already know it’s something that happens during puberty from hormonal imbalances
and it kind of gets you like a more feminine of more feminine tissue around
your nipple you guys can see a picture David laids
gyno right here but this only happens like between the age of 13 and 14 during
puberty but he’s not 13 or 14 and he’s definitely not going through puberty and
when he develops that that much later that’s definitely a sign of steroid
something like maybe testosterone he looked like he was natty for a long time
but recently just that little change and all those new maxes that are starting to
come in it’s a little bit sketch but I can’t say for a hundred percent
sure but by the looks of it I would say that he started a cycle pre recently if
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6 thoughts on “Is David Laid On Steroids?!?

  1. Right now, i'm 50/50. He's pretty cool. It would take a long time for me to get that much muscle. Great video!👍👍

  2. For the 390 pounds he was using a Thompson fat pad which allows you to get your whole entire back onto the bench and dig your scapula shoulders and all that and then he was using a debit bar if you watch his videos and you don’t sit there and try to take money fr For the 390 pounds when she was using a Thompson fat pad which allows you to get your whole entire back onto the bench and dig your shoulders and all and then he was using a deadlift bar if you watch his videos you would know he clearly said he wanted to test his max but it wouldn’t count for competition because he’s using a deadlift bar and a non comp bench

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