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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, this is Andy Wilkinson from,
bringing you another video lesson on how to gain weight if you’re skinny.
And in this video we’re looking at and answering the question:
“Is it best to gain mass and to gain weight as muscle?”
Or said another way: “If you’re trying to gain weight, should you
try and put on that weight as muscle or something else?”
And it’s a great question to ask because, as you’re about to discover, there are 2 main
approaches that you can follow when you’re trying to gain weight.
And the specific action steps and techniques you need to apply are very different, depending
on which approach you plan to take. So getting very clear, right at the start,
about which process and plan you’re going to follow is very, very important.
Because it will help get you focused, and it’s going to keep you ‘on track’ in the long-term,
to be able to take the consistent action steps you need to gain that extra weight.
So, now let’s take a closer look at each of these approaches.
Okay, so to answer this question if it’s best to gain weight as muscle, we just learned
you basically have 2 main options when you want to gain weight.
Either you put on that weight as stored fat deposits in your body.
Or your other option is to gain more weight in the form of healthy lean muscle mass.
Now, if you decide to put on weight as ‘Fat’, you can simply select an unhealthy diet of
junk food. Oily, fried foods that are soaked in saturated
fat. But the ‘down side’ of eating a diet based
on highly saturated fat and junk food is that it’s obviously unhealthy.
Your body doesn’t like it very much. And so while you may indeed notice an increase
in your overall weight, the levels of bad cholesterol in your body will probably shoot
up – making you more susceptible to heart disease in the long run – and it can make
your skin greasy and break out in spots. Which isn’t very attractive.
And I’m guessing it’s NOT really what you’re looking for as a result, right?
So, what I recommend you do is gain weight by increasing your overall muscle mass instead.
You see, many guys have already tried eating a lot of junk food, and it HASN’T made a big
difference in their weight anyway. So the ‘muscle mass’ approach really is their
only option. And the great thing about gaining weight in
the form of muscle, is you have much greater control over ‘where’ that mass appears on
your body. Whereas with ‘Fat’, most guys notice it gets
dumped around their stomach area – they get a fat gut.
And for women, they tend to notice it gets stored around their hips, bum and thighs.
However, when you perform Weight Training and lift weights, you can focus on specific
muscle groups in your body that you’re interested in growing.
And incorporate a healthy eating plan to support that muscle growth and overall weight increase.
And that really is the secret to gaining healthy weight.
Eat a nutrient-dense, high calorie, HEALTHY diet.
Perform weight training specifically to encourage muscle growth.
And get sufficient rest to benefit from this training.
So, to summarize what we’ve just covered here, the question was:
“Is it best to gain mass with muscle?” And my answer is “Yes”.
Aim to gain weight in the form of muscle mass, because:
1. It’s much healthier for you to do it this way.
It’s much healthier for you and your body. 2. You have much more control over where that
weight appears on your body. 3. You’ll have more energy and self-confidence
by developing muscle mass instead of fat. And,
4. You’ll LOOK and FEEL more attractive when the additional weight you’re carrying is muscle,
and not fat. Okay, that brings us to the end of this video.
Thanks very much for watching. And if you like the information here, and
you want to learn more about what you can do to gain weight and muscle if you’re skinny,
then I’ve created a bunch more videos for you.
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Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you soon.

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