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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, what’s up guys? Sean Nalewanyj, of,
with the Muscle in Minutes Q&A, where I answer your bodybuilding and fitness questions in
two minutes or less. Today’s question is on the issue of the pump. Now, this is a question
I get all the time. For those of you who are training intensely in the gym, you already
know what a pump is. It’s that increased in blood flow that you get to the working muscles
while you train. You’re muscles are going to kind of swell up and feel really tight
and engorge with blood. It’s a great feeling. But it doesn’t actually have anything to do
with hypertrophy. And so, you strive for a pump during your workout. I think in reality
here, the answer doesn’t even really matter. When you go to the gym, if you’re training
with any reasonable level of volume or any reasonable level of intensity, you’re going
to get a pump no matter what. So, whatever potential anabolic affect that pump has, it’s
going to happen without you even trying. Obviously, the goal is not to strive for a pump. So,
it doesn’t make any sense to say that you’re primary aim when you go to the gym is to get
the biggest pump possible, because if that were the case, your weight training workouts
will literally consists of you lifting 10lbs or 15lbs dumbbells and pumping out sets of
100, or 500 or 1,000 reps or more, because that would obviously give you the biggest
pump possible. Instead of doing a set of heavy squats, you know, you could just stand there
and do jumping jacks while you workout, and get a massive pump in your quads. But I think
anybody with any, you know, reasonable level of training knowledge, knows that that’s not
going to be ideal for stimulating hypertrophy. So, the simple answer here is forget about
it. Just don’t even worry about the pump. Go to the gym and focus on what is really
important, which is progressive overload. So, every time you go to the gym, your primary
goal is to come back stronger than you were last time. This is the fundamental baseline
factor involved in building muscle over time. And that’s what you should be putting 100%
of your focus on. When you train hard, you’re going to get a pump. It’s going to feel great.
And whatever benefit that pump might have, it’s going to take care of itself without
you even trying. So, just forget about the pump all together. Focus on progressive overload.
And that’s really all there is to it. So, I hope you found this information useful today.
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18 thoughts on “Is “Muscle Pump” Important? (Does The Pump Build Muscle)

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  7. The pump is the most important part of training , but it should be done on start of workout.After you get pump one should train as heavy as possible.Getting blood in muscle is very important.Train heavy on already pumped muscle

  8. You said progressive overload is the most fundamental factor of muscle gain over the long term, but jeez, rep range has to be a very close second considering sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (muscle growth) and miofibular hypertrophy (strength growth). I've personally seen more muscle size growth in 3 months of sticking to a 12 rep range than 8 months previously of worrying about what numbers I'm putting up (although I was putting up higher numbers than now) and focusing on increasing every week or so. I'm kind of being picky about your term "muscle gain" I realize. 

  9. I can't get pump with heavy weights, even till failure. I must use moderate weights and drop set to a light weight for maximum pump.

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