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5 thoughts on “Is Protein Bad to the Bone?

  1. Dr.McDougall MD, Medical Information. “Excess dietary protein, particularly purified proteins, increases urinary calcium excretion. This calcium loss could potentially cause negative calcium balance, leading to bone loss and osteoporosis. These effects have been attributed to an increased endogenous acid load created by the metabolism of protein, which requires neutralization by alkaline salts of calcium from bone.”11
    drmcdougall. com/misc/2007nl/mar/dairy.htm

  2. Thank you Dr.Greger. I'm glad to be informed as a vegan, wanting to share accurate information.

  3. I am surprised ! I am reading Dr. McDougall who said the opposite in his book "The starch solution" (page 43) :-/ that is "Thus, the chronic overconsumption of dietary acids from meat, …, essentially causes you to pee your bones into the toilet".

  4. I've been told for so long by McDougall that animal protien causes bone loss. So if it's not protien than what's causing it?

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