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A soybean – a rather simple legume originating
from Eastern Asia thousands of years ago, has, in one form or another, beaned its way
into the pantries of almost every household. Soybeans are nutritionally one of the best
plant crops discovered, containing high amounts of calcium, potassium, fiber, vitamin c, folic
acid, and healthy polyunsaturated fats. But these legumes are best known for its high
protein content, where at 36 grams of protein in a serving, beats out all other plants.
It’s even been called a superfood, with links to reducing heart disease risk, prostate cancer,
osteoporosis, and even Alzheimer’s. Soy is now popular as an alternative for common
food products such as burgers, pasta, and milk. But it wasn’t always popular. It made
its US debut in the 1700s and was fed exclusively to animals. Not until the 1920s did we started
eating it ourselves. Today, soy is the second most popular crop in the US, surpassing other
big names such as wheat, cotton, and rice. It was all fine and dandy for this little
super food up until new studies began making some really serious claims. Claims that made
soy seem completely evil. People got scared, pitchforks went up, and soy’s popularity is
in disarray. But what exactly are the studies saying? Should
we really fear a little legume? According to the studies, a reason to avoid soy is due
to soy’s high concentration of isoflavones, which in high doses, can cause the development
of cancerous cells. Quite a serious problem if true, however, other studies showed that
isoflavones had no correlation to cancer cells at all, but in fact, it might prevent cancer
cell development. And women, it might even reduce menopausal symptoms as well. But men,
be careful since a study showed lower testosterone levels in mice after ingesting 20 milligrams
per kilogram of these evil isoflavones! Wait! Not soy fast. How much isoflavone is that
exactly? In human levels, that’s equivalent to an unreal 57 cups of soymilk per day! A
more practical study found zero testosterone changes when subjects consumed the equivalent
of 3 cups of soymilk per day. But there’s more claims against soy. In another
case, claims were made that soy can interfere with thyroid function because soy contains
goitrogens, a substance that leeches iodine away from thyroid hormones. Not good at all.
But again, studies show that even subjects with low iodine levels showed zero changes
in their thyroid from eating soy. In fact, the American Thyroid Association reviewed
14 studies about this problem and concluded that there is “little evidence” of soy negatively
impacting thyroid function. But perhaps the biggest soy controversy is
genetic modification. A staggering 93% of all soybeans in the US and 79% in the WORLD
are genetically modified. Although genetic modification, aka GMO, is a colossal topic
that can’t be covered in this video alone, it can be said that, as far as research goes,
there is no sign that GMO soy will cause harmful effects to human health. This stance, however,
can change in the future if the research shows otherwise. Of course, we also don’t know how
the substances, such as pesticides, used on GMO crops might affect our health.
Now with all these studies analyzed, what’s the verdict? Should we still eat soy? Indications
are that moderate consumption should be okay. There’s no strong evidence showing that soy
will cause cancer, lower testosterone, or mess up your thyroid. Also, if you cook or
ferment the beans, a lot of these supposedly dangerous toxins are actually eliminated in
the process. Oh, and for anti-GMO peeps, stick with the organic stuff.
Whether you’re going to eat soy or not from now on, it won’t change the fact that this
small bean is jam packed with nutrients. The title of “super food” doesn’t seem too far-fetched.
What are your thoughts on soy? Curious about any other health and nutrition topics? Feel
free to share your thoughts on the comment section below!

100 thoughts on “Is Soy Bad For You?

  1. There's one thing you missed about Soy and it's relation to the Thyroid and I can attest first hand that this is true since I have Hypothryoidism.

    Soy's goitrogens don't just leech Iodine from your thyroid but also make your thyroid produce copious amounts of Thyroid-stimulating hormones(TSH) and increased levels of TSH means your thyroid is slowing down. Which does impact your physical and mental well being. It was rendering me completely energyless throughout the day and I was sleeping upwards to 12 hours per day.

    I went and had a bloodtest done and my TSH levels were 12.0 which is staggeringly high when the average is between 1 and 5. When I cut out my break soy protein bars and had a follow up blood test 6 months later my TSH levels dropped 6.0. Still high but that's a major improvement and I was noticeably more energetic.

    Call it anecdotal if you like since I'm not really providing any images of my bloodtests so take what I say with a grain of salt(iodized cuz that's good for your thyroid) but whenever I consume soy in even moderate amounts I feel increasingly sluggish. Mostly from soybean oil.

  2. If you are a man, stay away from soy and soy products. Soy can lower testosterone and make men effeminate overtime. Its been proven.

  3. Bro I consume 100 gm of soya beans cooked everyday for body building ….is that oh k?? Won't it have any effects on my body like testerrone and other stuffs

  4. What ppl tend to forget is that milk also contain hormones like estrogen that are animal hormones not plant hormones ”phytoestrogen”

  5. @PictureFit, my nutricionist has told me to avoid soy, because the grain is processed… so there are better alternatives such as eggs…

  6. Watched this video while eating soy chorizo by Trader Joe's over an arugula salad! Yum! Soy products are tasty and nutritious

  7. GMO are specifically created, along with others purposes, to reduce the use of pesticides making stronger and resistent crops.
    Tell people that GMO are posibly unsafe to use for pesticides that are not using is like telling people that regular crops are safe using regular that are risky in the first point.

  8. So glad I watched this… I kinda got worried for a moment after reading and watching some really misinformed things about it X-D

    I kinda love Soy in porridge, trust me its better than boring old milk! Give it a try when you get the chance, its kick ass with some blueberrys 😀

  9. soy is bad for you and sometimes it is good for you😂😂😈😈😈😈😈😈😉😬😬😬😬😬😬 want some thing from superior god who acts in teen titan

  10. Alex Jones and paul joshep watson a Zionist jew shill are defending the meat and dairy industry. You idiots forget that meat and dairy pumped full of estrogen.

  11. Soy has higher kcal per protein ratio than beef, thus it's less effective in muscle building.
    If I were a vegan or vegetarian and wanted to bulk, i would definitely use soy, but also whey.

  12. "Soy won't lower your testosterone" soy contains estrogen which is a female hormone and too much of it can mess with your hormones.

  13. If soy is a main part of your diet, meaning you chug down Soylent and eat tofu slabs every day, you’re likely gonna have more feminine qualities, e.g. gynecomastia, wider hips, lower sperm count, etc. Yet if you have soy sauce occasionally at P.F. Chang’s or something like that every other week, you’ll be good.

  14. bunch of bullshit I really don't trust these studies they were probably funded so that they can continue controlling us by making us more submissive and less aggressive

  15. Is soy good or bad? I don't know who to believe. Everyone seems to prove some "studies" were made which approve their claim

  16. Soy is also bad for men fat in boobs, because if you eat soy you are just going to gain fat in men boobs, so don't…

  17. If anyone actually read the sources it becomes clear that what is said in this video is not true.
    Here are the results on the tests on adult males taking soy protein powder:

    Twelve subjects were enrolled with a mean age of 32.25 years (range 25 to 47). Serum testosterone decreased 19%(+/-22%) during the 4-week use of soy protein powder (P = 0.021) and increased within 2 weeks after we discontinued soy protein powder. Serum LH concentrations decreased during the 4-week use of soy protein powder then increased within 2 weeks after we stopped the soy protein powder, but the changes did not reach statistical significance (P = 0.20). Soy protein powder was found to induce agonist activity to ER-beta using a reporter estrogen receptor assay in yeast.

    Soy protein powder decreases serum testosterone levels in healthy men and acts as an ER-beta agonist; the significance of this biological effect with respect to cancer prevention needs further study.'

    There's two studies in the description that contradict eachother. This one says that there are changes in the testostorone levels (19%!), the other says that there are no changes. Clearly more research is needed before making any of the claims in this video.

  18. i hate how difficult it is to discern the truth nowadays. a study against, a study for; what does one believe anymore?! drives me insane.

  19. yeah this was cool and all but i had an allergic reactian when my school served wowbudder(soy)and jelly sandwiches and i had a stomachache,i felt nausas,and i felt like vomiting and i belive that high ammounts of soy are dangorus to me and could kill me
    but on the bright side the sandwich tasted like shit and my school will not serve it again

  20. A lot of these studies are from milk industries and meat industries. They try to stop people from eating it so that people will instead buy the dairy products. Also GMO is really not bad. WATERMELONS are GMO. It just means that farmers have changed the plants in order to be more edible for humans.

  21. Its simple:asians wat more soy and they are bilions westerners eat more meat milk and so on and look at us! Its all about money. Why should u eat cheap good food when u can eat expensive food wich makes u sick and after that spwnd money on drugs, doctors, personal trainers to get better…. see the cycle? Capitalism at its best.

  22. All these studies contradict each other. All that matters is your own experience, and in my experience, reducing soy intake to zero flattened my chest and flattened my abdomen.

  23. there are types of soy that are good for you and that are not
    the soy found in japan and other parts of asia is the " good one " but the one sold in the west is the bad one

  24. Well, its at least healthier than chips, bacon and burgers right? There's no perfect food or perfect anything! If you try to find the down side, there's down sides on anything! Its so funny how many western people react on these "Facts".

  25. I was going from website to website to get the full picture.
    This video cleared everything up.
    I shall now proceed to drink some soy milk

  26. Whether I’m vegan or not I’m still eating a lot of soy. I’m just going to try and avoid processed soy and stick to more organic soy like tempeh, tofu, edemame, and maybe soy milk (even tho I drink almond and flax)

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