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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

All kids can benefit from strength training. Weightlifting is not just about being big. It is about being strong and strengthening muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints and protecting those. The American Academy of Pediatrics had a policy against weightlifting in pre-adolescent and young adolescents. Since that time there has been no research or reports to damage to growth plates in kids. Research has shown that weightlifting in a safe and structured environment is actually good for kids. There is a lot of misinformation that weightlifting is bad for youth because it would stunt their growth. The truth is you are very capable of lifting weights and training at a high level even at a young age. Even pre-adolescent kids (without a lot of testosterone) can still make significant strength gains. That is true for girls as well — over and above what they would get from normal growth development. If you approach a trainer about a program for your child to be better at a sport, lose weight or likewise… Ask them a question like, “what would you have in mind for my child.” If they give you stock information then you do not have a person who is highly skilled. You want someone who will first say they need to assess your child’s skill level before determining a program direction. [Kids] need to lift in a gym that is well-maintained with safe equipment. There need to be coaches present at all times. Someone needs to monitor technique and how much kids are lifting. It has to be individualized. Each kid, especially in that adolescent and pre-adolescent stage, is different. The amount of strength they have, the quality of technique is highly variable. What is safe for one child is not safe for another in terms of the amount of weight on the bar. You cannot have kids just messing around in the gym throwing plates on the bar and egging each other on. It needs to be a structured environment with a plan. []

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