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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

It’s Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand,
author of Candida Crusher. Formulator of the Canxida range of supplements. Thanks for checking
out my video. I’ve got a question here from a guy called Josh in Canada and Josh is a
body builder who reckons he’s got a yeast infection. I haven’t really checked his email
properly yet, but Josh’s question is “Is whey any good for Candida? If I’ve got Candida,
can I have whey protein powder?” Let’s talk a little bit about whey protein powder, Josh.
Whey protein powder is a good powder to take for energy and body building overall in general.
It has been for a long, long time, but I’m not a big fan of dairy products in general.
Especially these sorts of like filtered whey protein isolate drinks. I just don’t think
they’re really good. I think they’re quite refined. It’s almost as bad as really getting
a hold of cow’s milk and then heating it up and pasteurizing it and homogenizing it and
then giving it to people in a plastic bottle and say, “Here, drink this.” And I just didn’t
really know, but I discovered a few years ago that all the milk that we drink is, in
fact, reconstituted milk powder, so it’s actually milk that’s been completely dried out and
then reconstituted back into a liquid again. Milk’s is not really a good product.
Whey protein is allergenic for quite a few people. Now, whey is a protein and casein
is also a protein, and generally, they’re separated when whey protein isolate is made.
Particularly like these body building powders. The casein is the highly allergenic component
of cow’s milk. Casein allergies, casein intolerances are quite common with a lot of people. It’s
very difficult to separate all the casein from the whey, so many people who take a whey
protein powder still get allergies. So therefore, I would say don’t have it if you suspect you’ve
got a gut problem or a yeast infection. I’ve written down the four chief things that
you need to look out for if you’re taking whey to see if it could be causing your problem.
Gassing or bloating, so if you get really gassy inside or bloating, this is a problem.
You may want to temporarily stop the whey to see if the gassing or bloating disappears.
Farting or gas production, so lots of farts and gas. If you have a lot of this, especially
offensive flatulence and lots of it, you could be going through a protein overload or have
an allergy towards the casein component of the whey.
Stuffy nose and catarrh, all blocked up in here. Waking up in the morning being blocked
up in the nose or coughing up phlegm or catarrh. These are typical signs of a problem with
casein intolerance. Excess mucous in head, nose and throat. Doing this and then getting
all this mucous back or spitting up mucous all the time, having partially blocked ears,
having recurring sinus infections. These are all signs that you need to give whey the flick,
so it’s not good. Dairy contains lactose as well, which is a
sugar, and some people have got lactose intolerance. They haven’t got lactase or the enzyme to
break the sugar down. Diarrhea is a chief symptom of lactose intolerance. So is whey
good for Candida? Give it the flick. And move maybe across to something like a yellow pea
protein or a brown rice protein. There are other kinds of protein powders you can have.
If you want protein, Josh, just start eating good quality eggs. I’m a big fan of soy, of
non-genetically modified soy products. I think tofu is a good source of protein. Very lean
cuts of grass fed beef and bison and animals like that are very good. Not so much red meat
in your diet. I tend to go more for fish. If you’re looking for protein, you can’t beat
fresh fish. Good quality, young white filets. Fish is a superb protein.
Whey does contain quite a lot of cysteine and other good amino acids in it. Cysteine,
as we know, is one of the building blocks for a tripeptide called glutathione, which
is a very, very powerful combination of three amino acids in the body that has an incredibly
powerful effect to help prevent a lot of different kinds of diseases and reverse free radical
damage. Glutamine is also part of this tripeptide, but you can get cysteine from eggs and from
many other sources as well. You don’t need whey in your diet at all.
As I mentioned, gas, bloating, farting, stuffy nose, catarrh, excess mucous in head and throat.
If you’ve got any of those, stop whey to see if there’s a link between them. Again, just
to reiterate on the answer. No, I don’t think whey is a good choice if you think you’ve
got a gut problem or a yeast infection or this catarrh. Thanks for tuning in.

14 thoughts on “Is Whey Protein Good If You Have Candida? Can You Have Whey Protein On Candida Diet?

  1. AOR advanced whey has no casein,filtered for allergenic compounds and has 1 g of sugar per 22g protein. can I use that? u can't beat the amino acid profile of dairy and especially the lucien content. I notice gains in the gym when using whey. can I use this if I suspect candida? I typically do 1.5 servings a day

  2. Eric, when I consume Yellow Pea and Rice protein I also get a fair bit of gas, which is sometimes offensive. Is this to be expected? I have around 4-5 regular shakes per week which I don't think is too excessive. Could my body be reacting to excess protein which it can't process? I am about to start the CC program next week! 🙂

  3. Hi Eric! Greetings from Sweden! This video was the closest I could find to my question… It is about protein, but not the type of whey powders… I wonder what you, candida diet, think about EAA, essential amino acids? I work out 4-6 times a week, consume around 2500-2800 kcal/day to maintain weight and trying to build som muscles. I'm really motivated and want to try building a lot more muscles than I've got atm!  Although some days I find it hard to reach my protein levels (partly cuz I feel full and surely not hungry since I eat a lot of great healthy food) and therefore I'm interested in boosting with EAA. Of course I'm looking for something completely without sweeteners and other crap in it…
     I've been in Candida Cleanse Sweden since March and are now more in phase3, feeling quite good apart from tiredness (will book a consultation about that with you in november/december), I had around 100 Points on the yeastinfection test in february and 59 Points a month ago…. Can EAA mess up with hormones? I'm near my 30's and thinking about family within a few years. Quitted birthcontrolhormones almost 2 years ago, feeling soooo much better!!Sorry for such a long comment!Basically, what does EAA do to the human body?Sincerely Sara

  4. The reason body builders still need some type of whey protein isolate is because after working out there is a 30-60 min window where protein uptake to muscle synthesis is maximized. No one wants to work their butt off and not reap maximum benefit which would occur if you ate eggs, fish or tuna after a workout as it would take several hours of digestion before an adequate amount of protein could get to where it's needed. Casein on the other hand can be substituted for cottage cheese and other slow release food proteins before bed etc. Thanks for the info and alternative whey proteins.

  5. i agree with all your ponts with what am going tho lots are working but stay cleare of soy look at what it was used for in china and you will see y ps i love your stuff has help me loads so thanks and god bless

  6. I had an infection problems on my tongue a year ago after taking antibiotics. And immune system problems followed. Every damn morning first thing i do is open the front cam of my phone and look over my tongue. Same results everyday white swollen lines on my tongue. They came with pain also. Everything on my body is healty af but my tongue. I cannot eat i cannot properly talk. Doctors did dozens of test, i even asked if there is any hiv risks. My blood tests were great. Even my infection doctor said by his own words " excellent " . Then he started asking different questions like my psychology, my lifestyle etc. etc. I said my psychology may be bad.(This could be great negative effect he said.) One of those questions were " do you use any protein powders and something like that" and i said yes. He told me leave it for 10-15 days and let's see what happens. After a week i am writing this. My tongue looks healty. I am intrested in combat sports and body building at the same time. I need lots of protein, i hate eggs and chicken but it is worth it guys. My English is not perfect but even one guy take my experiences as an advice, that's something 🙂 and thank you channel owner for great and clear explaning.

  7. I’m wondering, for people like me who have tried for years to get rid of their Candida, Sibo and heal their destroyed gut, but Liver and Kidneys can’t handle it, even with support and active mutations worsen detox. These people can’t handle histamines, higher Oxalates, mid to high Lectins, salicylate etc. At some point even the good oils became too much for my liver and I can only digest (and barely) small amounts of clean protein (eggs are not an option due to the problems they cause me with leaky gut). I am reactive to EVERYTHING and take a lot of tissue and neuro damage almost every time I eat. Massive stiffening and inflammation and I get tighter every day because even with a ventilator I can’t breathe proper at night due to not being able to nip this in the bud earlier (plus over had mold issues with CIRS and now MCAS is out of control because of my liver and gut). I’ve seen every doctor you can imagine. What can those people eat? What simple things can build them up and heal the gut other than just broth?

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