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Hey ! What’s up Warriors , it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist and welcome to Amit Physique ASITIS Whey Protein is currently one of best selling protein powder in India At the same time, Fake sellers have again targeted a protein powder due to it’s high demand. In this video I am going to tell you whether your Asitis Whey is genuine or fake First things first, genuine ASITIS whey has a hologram in which it’s written ” ASITIS from the source” If you watch the hologram in light, then it will emit rainbow like colors You should keep in mind when you purchase the product That both sides should have a safety mark If your product is cut beyond the safety mark or doesn’t have any safety mark then your product is fake. Please check the color of packaging which should be orange color. If your packaging color is red, yellow or pink or something like that then your product is fake Your product should contain a scratch code having a hologram over it If this scratch code is visible before you have ever scratched I mean the 5 digit pin if it’s visible then your product is fake If your product doesn’t contain any QR-Code or QR-Code cannot be scanned. then your product is fake Because in sometime I am going to tell how you can verify your product online too by the help of Letsverifyapp whether your product is genuine or not Please check the weight of the product. Asitis whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate is available in only 3 weights. 250 gms 500 gms, and 1000 gms If your product’s weight doesn’t match which I have just stated. Then your product is fake. Your product should have a 12-digit bar code Because by the help of this bar code the shopkeepers scans the product during checkout There should always be tagline “From the source” wherever there is both Asitis and the logo is present Please look the product carefully, there shouldn’t be any spelling mistake and there shouldn’t be any grammatical errors either Please check the address of the product, which should be Sundar Industrial Estate, N.T.Y. Layout, Mysore Road, Bangalore Every original ASITIS whey protein contains a white color scoop under the bottom of which is written “ASITIS” along with the logo If your product contains some cheap looking scoop then your product is fake If you are opening ASITIS pouch for the first time. Then it shouldn’t contain any clumps Because this protein powder was just launched few months back in India If your product contains clumps then your product is fake To verify your product online, first you have to download Letsverify app on your mobile If you are on iOS device Then you can find it on App Store If you are on Android Device then you can find it on Play Store After you open Letsverifyapp. Tap click to Scan QR Next, scan the QR code printed at the neck of the protein powder After you scan , a youtube video should start playing tap close then tap click here to verify Then you have to enter 5 digit scratch code then tap OK You will get the results immediately Let’s check Asitis whey protein’s mixability. I have 1 scoop of Asitis whey protein concentrate On the other hand, around 300 ml of water Here goes protein in water I won’t cut the camera So that you get to know how much time it takes to mix in water let’s see in plain water how much time it takes Because I know most of us prefer drinking it with plain water as your post workout shake. Even I also have it. Obviously, if you use shaker or blender it will be a faster process. I think it’s almost mixed Little bit is sticking to sides of glass and that’s it ! Please check the mixability It’s almost clear. Slightly it has stuck with the glass but still it’s ok There is a foam like substance at the top of the shake Let’s taste it. I know it’s unflavored Even I know it won’t taste In spite of the fact I will check it because I know Most of us will have it as post workout drink as most of us prefer flavors So let’s decide whether we can have it without flavors or not I am going to describe the taste. If you have ever drank powdered milk in hot water it tastes almost like that So it’s not that bad If still you want to prefer flavors Then you can add little flavored BCAA Then add protein powder. Then you will get some taste atleast Please LIKE the video, if the video helped you Thank you so much for Subscribing Very soon the Supplement Review Video of ASITIS whey protein is going to be published Peace ! This is Amit , signing off.

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  1. Sir plz tell me protein ko kis site se buy kare flipkart,amazon,nutrabay ,healthkart etc batao plz which site is best to buy the protein

  2. Brother meri help kro mena na Dekha nii or isko upar se asi hi khol Diya seal padh kar but jaisa apna batya ki asitis ka logo hona chaiya scoop ka nicha wo ha address Jo apna batya wo bhi ha but code Mera se cut ho gya muja batao yeh original ha ya fake

  3. Everything is as you said, except, Let's Verify app is not scanning the QR code. Is there any reason to worry about the authenticity?

  4. Sir plz help me mane ye mangya h or mane scan kya per WO aap to Emil I'd mang rha mane email dali to no valid a rha h me kya Karu sir plz tell me

  5. Bhai mera supplemnt ki sab kuch thik he pr shake krne k baad achha mix v hota he bt protein niche hota he aur upr foam dikhai deta he …#Asitisnutrition

  6. Sir barcod scan krne se phle mai …..O no. Ckrach kiya or fir scan nhi ho rha…..baki sab right h….kya ye fack product h😌

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