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Hey ! What’s up Warriors, it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist. Today I am going to tell about any protein powder from Musclepharm Be it Musclepharm Combat Protein Powder Be it Musclepharm Combat 100% Whey Or be it Musclepharm Combat 100% whey isolate original or not Because whatever points I am going to tell you, almost all the points are nearly the same in the protein powders First of all, check whether your protein powder contains a green color safety seal or not Please look at the seal carefully Because in most cases this seal is cut and the protein powder is sold again in the market by fake sellers Fake sellers generally replace the protein powder with glucose powder etc Fake sellers then try to make this seal intact and try to sell again in the market Musclepharm is a registered trademark symbol Meaning where ever the word “musclepharm” will be written You will find a small “R” symbol with a circle Second thing to note is , where ever musclepharm will be wriiten The font and style will be exactly the same If in your product you find the word “musclepharm” written in some different font or style. Then your product is fake Please check the serving size of your product Musclepharm combat protein powder is available in only three available sizes These are two pound, four pound and ten pound Similarly you have to check for Musclepharm Combat 100 % Isolate and Musclepharm Combat 100% Whey These come in their own respective sizes Whose additional information you will get from musclepharm’s website Musclepharm combat whey protein powder is currently available in only four different flavors Chocolate peanut butter, chocolate milk, vanilla and cookies and cream Please check the address of the product which should be If your product contains some local Indian address Or the said address is not present. Then your product is fake Original musclepharm protein powder contains twelve digit bar code By the help of this bar code, the shopkeepers scans the product during checkout Please check the quality of packaging in your product. Which is made very high quality If you look the product in light then it will shine The product packaging is like Matt finish If your product is looking blurred Or anything is not mentioned clearly Then your product is fake Please look at the product carefully, there shouldn’t be any grammatical mistake or spelling errors If your product contains grammatical errors Or containing spelling mistake. Then your product is fake Under the bottle should be a crease mark All US made tubs contains crease of mould mark from plastic themoforming Under the bottle you will find printed in black ink jet Batch code and expiration date The format of expiration date should be MM/YYYY The most important thing You will get the manufacturing date from importer sticker Look carefully , the difference of manufacturing date and expiration date Should be three years Because the shelf life of protein powder is three years If in your product all these information is missing then your product is fake Your protein powder should contain a sticker of official importers By doing this, you will minimize the chances of getting a fake protein powder Currently there are only three official importers of musclepharm in India Which are Muscle Pro Nutrition Muscle House India Pvt Ltd and Shree Balaji Overseas Original Musclepharm protein powder should contain “MP” logo embossed on the cap This logo may be hidden from importer sticker Peel off the importer sticker And then check whether this logo is present or not If in your product this logo is missing , then your product is fake If you open the cap, you will find white color inner seal This seal keeps the powder in place during transit Please look carefully, whether this seal is open or not by any means Generally what fake sellers do is They try to sell without this inner seal or try to stick this seal and sell in the market So please look at this seal carefully Subscribe and tap the bell so that you get updates of my latest videos Original musclepharm protein powder contains a premium green color scoop If in your product this scoop is missing Or your product is having a scoop of any different color Then your product is fake Let’s check the mix-ability of the product On one hand , I have around 300 ml of water On other hand , I have one scoop of chocolate milk Here goes the protein powder in water Let’s see how much time it takes to mix in water Speed of mixing is fair. Not too good not too bad Let’s see how much time it takes Protein powder is slightly sticking with the edges of glass Still the mix-ability is good. I can see I guess it’s almost mixed It’s almost mixed If you look at the mix-ability Everything is clear but I can see little clumps on the top I will show from the top and show you the mix-ability Now it’s time to check it’s taste. I will check the taste of New Musclepharm Combat Protein Powder You can see it’s the New musclepharm product. I will let you know the taste compared to old one We will find out the new taste. It’s chocolate milk flavor. Let’s check it out It’s delicious If you want a protein powder which tastes good Then I think , this tastes very good It’s one of the best I can say Thank you so much for subscribing Please Like the video if the video helped you Let’s eliminate fake supplements from India That’s why please Share the video So that no one damages their kidneys by consuming fake supplements Peace ! This is Amit , signing off

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  1. I bought this but has a little bit of bitterness and not sweet as there's 1g of sugar, the taste of chocolate milk is not strong and there's no foam, is it fake brother?

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