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Hey ! What’s up warriors it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist and welcome to Amit Physique Fake Supplements is there all over India nowadays. Which is not only waste of money but also can be fatal to life In this video I am going to tell whether your Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate Is genuine or fake Whether you are using Impact Whey Isolate or Impact Whey Protein From this video you can draw conclusion that your product is genuine or fake Because the points which I am going to say is common in both the myprotein protein powders For demonstration purpose, in this video I am going to use Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate All Genuine Impact Whey Isolate has Safety mark which has scissor mark with a blue dotted line If in your product is cut beyond this dotted line … Or you can open the product from top Then your product is fake My protein is a trademark brand. Meaning, no matter how many places myprotein is written on the product there should be a R symbol of regmark All Impact Whey Isolate has golden color hologram of importer paradise nutrition which if you see in light. Then the hologram will emit rainbow like colors Your product should contain MP symbol at three places First , at bottom right. Second, under the product Third, at top left corner Original Impact Whey Isolate has 12 digit bar code By the help of which shopkeepers scans the product during checkout. At the backside of the product Batch code ,date of expiration and manufacturing date should be printed Whose date of expiration and date of manufacture should be in the format MM/YYYY All Impact Whey Isolate contains black logo of the importer Paradise Nutrition. (Only if your product is imported by Paradise Nutrition) Which is like a sticker pasted on the product If your product doesn’t contain any labdoor sticker Then your product is fake Because labdoor tests the product for Myprotein’s protein’s quality during laboratory test Importer sticker should contain a hologram of paradise nutrition. Which if you see it in light, then it will emit rainbow like colors Few years back, when I have purchased the product from Paradise Nutrition that time there was no hologram present. There was just a sticker At the back of the product , in eight different languages ingredients list is printed whose order is UK English , French , German, Spanish,Italian , Finnish , Swedish And Danish. Please check the weight of the product and compare the weight of the product with the flavor you have received with myprotein website Generally myprotein manufactures products in 3 different weights 1 kilogram , 2.5 kilogram and 5 kilogram. Depending upon the flavor I have rocky road flavor. Which is available in only 2 sizes First, 1 kilogram Second, 2.5 kilogram. If your product’s weight is somewhat not matching with website Then your product is fake Myprotein Impact whey isolate is available in twenty different flavors If your product’s flavor Doesn’t match with myprotein’s website and is not listed in myprotein’s website. Then your product is fake Check the address of the product on the importer sticker which should be like Myprotein The Hut Group PO box 612 Northwich, CW99HX, UK If your product contains any local Indian address Then your product is fake all the places where myprotein is printed on the product below which should be it’s tagline which is fuel your ambition All original Impact whey Isolate should contain a blue scoop which contain embossed myprotein which is of very good quality If your scoop is looking cheap Then your product is fake Follow me on my social media : Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Snapchat at “amitphysique” Please subscribe and tap the bell icon Myprotein’s currently there is only one official importer in India which is Paradise Nutrition Always purchase products from Official Importers So that you minimize chances of getting fake products I have 1 scoop of Impact Whey Isolate of Rocky Road flavor And around 300 ml of water Here goes protein powder in water Please check the solubility of the product It’s crystal clear. No clumps formed Even there is a form like substance on the top of the shake I have with me rocky road flavor. Let’s see how it tastes Awesome !!! It’s very dense shake If your product tastes like glucose water then it’s fake Impact Whey Isolate’s Review will soon be available on my channel Third fitness program designed by me will soon be available For Fat Loss Stay connected with my other social media too So that you get instant information Please Like the video If this video helped you Share it with your friends as well So that your friends stay safe as well and avoid buying fake supplements Take care guys Love you, this Amit signing off.

24 thoughts on “Is your MyProtein Impact Whey Isolate FAKE ? Impact Whey Isolate FAKE OR REAL ?

  1. the lab door sticker is not available for me but i ordered it from pigi app and all are good marks you suggested to see

  2. Bro Mene my protein impact whey isolate protein rocky road flaver healthxp se buy kra tha muje pakeit thoda kta hua Mila but usne paradise nutrition Ka importer sticker ve tha aur muje protein ive sahi lga but lske lablel par vo 25g skoop me 20g protein hai kya ye original product hai aur packet be thoda Purana lga

  3. Myprotein referral code, special discount for Eid for 1 hr (20% on all items)… link:

  4. bhai ye muscle build and weight loss bhi krta h na

    so mujhe smjh me nhi aa rha h agr build krna h toh weight loss to nhi hogi na

  5. I have recieved myprotien isolate on 21 November 2018.
    Its from msm retail.
    No labdoor sticker.
    And information behind pack in only english.
    Is it genuine???

  6. I am having it now same rocky road flavour .but the only thing in which I am confused is that it is having sticker in the middle of the packet .written as impact whey protein.but I think that my protein does not use any sticker.?pls help

  7. Sir mana 5 kg coclate brown liya myprotin ka one day phala …is ma scoop ash /gray colour ki ha myprotein vhi nhi likhuya ha kya kruu sir

  8. My protien impact whey does not have labdoor or hallmark but my protien told me some does not have it and they checked barcode what to believe

  9. Mere scoop pe my protein nhi likha hai maine unki site se mangvaya hai uspe aage print hone ki jagah sticker laga hua hai aur voh golden mark bhi nhi hai

  10. Bro mujhe aj he order delivery hua lakin Purana parking ha new wala nahi ha or isma na hi paradise ka hologram ha nahi importar logo msm retailers likha ha or pe6asa apki video sa deferent ha Kay Mera product fake ha mane to myprotin ki website sa hi order Kiya plz reply bro🙏🙏🙏

  11. Halo. Thanks for the info. I think i have a fake.. Ordered from 5kg natural vanilla. Not any blu colors on the package, No R simbol on the brand, no rainbow sticker, It has a gray scoop inside with no logo. Not mixing good like yours did.. So is it fake? If yes can i do anything about it? I payed 94 euros for this and i dont want a fake product!

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