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A healthy start to the day for many means a fresh smoothie with a scoop of protein powder But could your daily dose of protein contain hidden harmful ingredients take a look at our next story Whether bulking up or slinging down we all want to look our best Mini gulp down this grab and go nutritional favorite the power of protein powder Smoothies and protein powder go hand-in-hand. They claim to help with everything from muscle building to maximizing overall health benefits But a new study may shake up the industry after discovering popular protein powders contained get this hidden toxic chemicals The report found over 50 of the best-selling protein powders contained BPA’s lead and even arsenic Are you building a better body or is it time for a detox? of the 134 top-selling brands that were tested in this analysis 53 of them had elevated levels of lead mercury cadmium arsenic and BPA and shed more light on these results We’re joined now by Jackie Bowen who is the executive director of the clean label project? Well you know it depends where the where do these contaminants come from and it really comes down to either the contaminated soils of which The ingredients are grown or from the packaging so when you look at the packaging and you think about things like BPA Well, that’s known as as an endocrine disruptor, so it acts like a hormone in your body when you look at things like baby bottles and infant formula Containers that chemical has been virtually removed from any of the packaging because of the controversy that surrounds this particular Chemical, but when it comes to protein powders we literally found it over 50% of the products Which means that it’s likely leaching from somewhere in the packaging into the protein powder Was there a wide variation in terms of the levels of these toxins? Absolutely when you test over a hundred and thirty products for over 150 industrial and environmental Contaminants and toxins you see trends as well as a significant quality gradient So you had some products that had very low levels And other ones that had elevated levels of both BPA and heavy metals so if someone does want to still add a protein supplement Then what do you recommend? What’s the safest and best option there are many products that we tested that did turn out great? I encourage you to look at clean label project org for our five-star rated products or protein powders of Course if you’re looking to reach for a protein powder in the morning then of course What we found is that egg based and whey based proteins had a tendency to be the cleanest and of course you can always supplement Your diet with actual Whole Foods things like lean meats and legumes Different types of nut butters and things like that people if they eat a well-balanced diet Almost everyone is going to get enough protein in their diet to meet their needs there are certain individuals who may need more you can Talk to your doctor about whether or not you might need to supplement. I do recommend doing the research I’m actually really happy you guys are doing this project and Maybe just maybe our food safety standards will step up to the plate because yeah Headlines everywhere salmonella outbreak never see the headline let out break-in your protein powder I mean you don’t so I think this is Something to think about the one thing I’ve learned on this show over the last couple seasons is certainly that supplements are not Regulated the same way as drugs But pretty much anything in the supplement world can hit market as I understand it correct so often you look at the marketing on packaging And you see things like holistic natural plant-based proprietary blends, and they all sound so healthy But it’s what’s truly inside that ultimately matters jaci keep up the great work You

22 thoughts on “Is Your Protein Powder Toxic?

  1. What s wrong with the food industry in America …seriously. Since when does the fda approve Mercury lead and arsenic in your plate. The best part is that it retails in the health corner, good sense of humor… But shhhh it makes money…

  2. This is true I took a protein powder donโ€™t want to mention the name after 5 days that powder finished I started feeling tomuch gas pain and bloating now I got constipation and diarrhea. Abdominal pain.Pls donโ€™t take protien supplements.

  3. My gym teacher (use to be a personal trainer) said most people eat more protein than they need each day. Remember to much of a good thing is dangerous…..if you go crazy with protein

  4. That got chicks spray tan is probably unhealthy to. Should look into what goes into that and what you end up breathing in from it. Glad she gave us the info

  5. Sad to know that these pigs are out their enjoying life with your money not even giving a single fuck what you consume..

  6. The sad truth is that eating meat, dairy, and eggs are positively associated with increased cancer, diabetes, and heart disease risk as well as all-cause mortality. Vegans have the lowest BMI and risk for chronic disease. The best option would be a whole-food, low-fat, vegan diet with proper B12 and D3 supplementation. Next best would be to shift to vegetarian and consume one of the egg or whey proteins listed on the clean label project website (and that too, sparingly!).

  7. I tried this product and it had absolutely great effect
    Comment on my post if you also are benefited with this product.

  8. Brown rice has arcinic
    So do apple seeds
    It's about amount, not toxin name
    Cody's lab has a video where he drinks arsenic

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