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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi As you know, I don’t recommend you to take supplements unless it is necessary. I have talked about “4 supplements that actually work” before. In fact, even those 4 are not a MUST to show progress. But, there is more. Today, I am gonna talk about 5 supplements that you should not buy NO MATTER WHAT. FAT BURNERS If a product is claiming to make you burn fat, run away. The fat burners on the market; are either almost useless, or they rely only on caffeine for their effect. On the other hand, the caffeine free products like CLA raise doubts for their very weak effects. In a 12 month trial on CLA, average weight loss of obese people is less than 2 kilograms. For those with a relatively lower fat percentage, it will be even less. You are spending money on CLA supplementation for 12 months and you can’t even lose 2 kilograms. And you are not sure that the loss is because of CLA in this case. It is a serious waste of money. And while it is the caffeine doing the job in fat burners that have caffeine, you are spending extra money on other weak stuff. And the diuretics added in these products to make you think that you are burning fat while you are only losing water, are just making you feel better. That’s the legal part. And there are ILLEGAL fat burners that really has an effect. The most basic problem with supplements related to weight loss is as you begin to see effects, you also get the side effects. A product changing your heart rate is not a risk that is worth to take. This can end up using products like DNP,-maybe we can talk about its deadly side effects in another video- In short, don’t waste any money on fat burners. Black coffee before your workouts is enough for you. WEIGHT GAINERS If you ask me what’s the most useless product in the supplement market, the first thing that comes to mind is weight gainers. First of all, carbohydrates are the cheapest macro nutrient. Also, unlike protein and healthy fats, they are the most easily accessible. High or low glicemic index, it doesn’t matter, you can find carbs anywhere. If you want to fill up your glycogen stores fast after a workout while your insulin sensitivity is at its highest, add some sugar to your protein shake. It’s that simple. If you want to increase your daily carb intake, just add more potatoes, rice or legumes to your meals. Why would you spend money on something that you can easily buy much cheaper? Not to mention the fiber, vitamins and minerals you get from these foods! In fact, gaining weight is the wrong idea. You should be aiming to gain MUSCLE MASS.
And, while doing that, you should gain “as little fat as you can”. Don’t forget that eating too much carbs thus too many calories can make you fat. FANCY CREATINE, BETA-ALANINE AND PREWORKOUTS Creatine is a supplement that works, yes. But the form you need is also the cheapest one, Creatine Monohydrate. Instead of the products that are sold at ridiculous prices,
Especially the ones that have plenty of sugar added in to them, saying that this will trigger insulin and improve creatine absorption. You can get your post workout Creatine Monohydrate with grape juice or some other juice. Same goes for Beta-alanine. Don’t buy products which have creatine, Beta-alanine, or caffeine as the actual ingredient doing the work with overly expensive price per serving. It would be more logical to buy them separately and prepare a pre-workout mix based on your own needs. PONZI SCHEMES Bring your friend, lets f. them together. If a brand is using its customers to sell their products, there is a problem. Consider this; They can’t convince you that their products are actually working and worth the money you are paying for so they bribe you with a promise of extra cash. Those who enter this chain somehow, are forced to lie to their friends in order to be able to sell their own products that are much more expensive then other products with the same category in the market. Or lets say they have to exaggerate it in the most innocent way. As a result of this, while the ones at the top of the chain are earning the ones at the low levels somehow lose. No supplement that actually works and worth the money you pay for is marketed this way, my friends. Stay away from Ponzi Schemes that are also known as Network Marketing. TESTOSTERONE BOOSTERS You may not be able to reach the ideal testosterone secretion due to the absence of some of the minerals in your body. Like zinc or magnesium. Getting a blood test and cover the deficiency is a different story. But there are also some products saying that they can boost your testosterone production 2-3 times. In almost all of this products the common ingredient is, Tribulus Terrestris. There is no scientific evidence that this extract that takes its name from the same called plant do increase the testosterone levels. Its only effect is boosting the libido slightly, because of the small increase it causes in the nitric oxide levels. That is to say, it doesn’t aid you in the gym about strength or anabolic gains. That is to say, don’t waste your money on products that promise steroid-like effects in their ads. Yes friends. As I always say, working out should not be a passing fad coming to your life for 2-3 months. To be able to go on in the long term, you should stay away from any unnecessary expense, And, you should protect yourself from anything that can affect your health negatively. Avoid redundant, over-priced and unhealthy ways. I wish you good workouts. See you again.

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