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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

If you don’t have the right mentality to be able to do this on a regular schedule day in a day out And push yourself beyond your imagination.. Then you’re not gonna be the best of the best. It takes extreme to do that. You’re not born with that, you’re not born with that mentality. You have to learn, sometime just through failures. Failures sometimes build a better person. If I was just given you know great talent, given to ability to just win everything I ever did … .. I don’t know if I would have the mentality to bounce back after the losses, injuries or whatever else. I know the defeats are what build me as a better bodybuilder.. And a better person in life in general. LOVE the challenge man! Enjoy the challenge!! You’re like holy sht can ”Can I really look like this?” You know I would go in the gym and I would train and I would focus between each set .. And be OK this next set I’m gonna do add 10 more pounds, or add 20 more pounds.. .. And I’m gonna get extra reps out of it, and I’m gonna squeeze, I’m gonna contract this way. All about the contraction man. 17 inches now.. + 5. Realizing the time I spent in the gym was extreme. But I still go to the gym on a daily basis because it’s the best part of my day. It’s the time that I feel that I’m able to relieve any kind of stress and be in a great headspace. I push myself where the repetitions turn into pain. But it’s a pain that I know is a great place for the body. Because we’re trying to improve and continue to hold onto muscle tissue. I mean to have big body parts is easy to a lot of these guys at that level.. BUT To have the conditioning factor on top of it .. .. That’s sometimes that’s just years and years of training. Winning or losing didn’t validate who Jay Cutler was. It was validated by, I had a GOAL.. And that was to be the best I could be. A STRONG MIND and a STRONG PERSONALITY and the COMMITMENT to being at your absolute BEST. In what your passion is.. That’s one that I could tell you. Lifting weights was my passion because I loved it. When you’re passionate about something, you can only be great at it.


  1. ''This is what I always wanted to do as a kid.. Be the best at something. I always wanted to be the best at something and I fell in love with bodybuilding at 18, and here I am.. On top of the world.'' -Jay Cutler

  2. Jay Cutler it s a great bodybuiler and you make crazy videos!It s a lifestyle but You need to have a strong mentality!Go to the gym and lift heavy , go to home and eat your meals and sleep!You must to repeat every day !Every day count , every year!

  3. Jay Cutler 😙😙.His achievements in bodybuilding💪💪 truly prove that in order to change our reality we must change our mentality.

  4. Just remember, it’s your body! U have to work on it, every single day! Push yourself, work hard and remember – it’s still your motherfk set!!!


  6. Great video motivation of Jay Cutler the best bodybuilder ever and the champion 4x Mr Olympia 💪🏾 thank you 🤙🏽

  7. One of the best bodybuilders ever to Grace the Olympia stage
    Jay was huge and still without a bubble gut

  8. One hech of a video. Iv watched 3 times now!! TY guys for such awesomeness…… Jay you are truly an inspiring individual…

  9. jAY, C'MON! You have massed and shredded up to Mr. O standards and past! Go for 5 in 19 and the 6 in 30! I believe in you!!

  10. I have the right mentality to do this day in day out and push myself beyond imagination I will be the best of the best. I will learn through failures. The defeats will make me a better bodybuilder, boxer and in life in general. Holy shit can I really look like this? Hell yes! Jay Cutler is so beast one day I will look like him but have way more defined and shredded abs. At that level Mr. Olympia getting huge and giant muscles will be easy but the hard part is conditioning and sculpting the muscles to perfection which takes years and a god given work ethic and obsession which I have. One day I will be just as ripped and huge as Arnold,and Jay Cutler and as lean and shredded as Frank Zane and Franco Columbu. Watch for me on the big stage winning 10 Mr. Olympia’s as the biggest most shredded highest paid bodybuilder of all time along with the most ripped beefiest highest paid champion boxer and movie star. Bodybuilding, boxing and movies are my passions and I have to be great at it. I won’t be 260 like Cutler when bodybuilding that is too big for me but I will be 245,246 at my biggest like Arnold I will be a champion boxer as well and a movie star and have to stay lean and shredded as well. I can’t be 280 and a huge bulky bodybuilder but can’t move like halveThor Björnsson. My bodybuilding weight will be 245-250 on my Mr. Olympia like Arnold and my fighting weight will be around 236,237 just huge and shredded but mobile as well and really fast for my size. Watch for in 5-10 years bodybuilding motivation Josh Peterson you can become the champion.

  11. The monsters all have one thing in common. Train until it hurts.train beyond the pump.train beyond failure.Train the way you thought was impossible and make it reality.

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