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Hi. I’m Jamie Eason, and today I’m
in the kitchen, and I’m gonna make my
Italian Turkey Zucchini Burgers. I’ve already started by prepping
my oven and setting it on broil. You wanna set it on high.
There’s high and low settings. Make sure you put it on high,
and I’ve moved the rack to the top about 2 inches
from the heating element. I’ve also already
grated my zucchini. I’m using 2 pounds of turkey
and for every pound of turkey, I’ve grated 2 zucchinis. So we’ve got quite a bit of
zucchini here, and it makes a lot of juice but we want
that because turkey tends to be really dry so that’s why we’re
putting the zucchini in there in the first place so
it’ll add some moisture. So I want all of the
liquid–as much as I can get. Try to balance that
and get it in the bowl. Alright. And then after I’ve added the
zucchini, I’m gonna add all of my spices. This is a really
easy, easy recipe. It’s got 1 measuring
spoon which is a teaspoon. So I’ve got a teaspoon of pepper
here, 1 teaspoon of garlic, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon
of oregano, and then 2 teaspoons of onion powder
and 2 teaspoons of basil. So that’s it. It’s lots of green stuff. And then I’m
gonna add the turkey. Then this is where you
get your hands dirty. You just reach in and
stir, mushing is out. You never wanna over-work
protein because then it can tend to get a little bit tough so
just really kinda squish and pick it up and fold it
over until you get it all incorporated. You can make this same recipe
with really any sort of meat whether it’s beef or
maybe ground chicken breast. I actually prefer lean
ground chicken breast but it’s actually–it’s
really hard to find. Not every butcher makes it or
every grocery store offers it. It’s looking pretty good. Now I’ve already prepped my pan. I covered it in foil because
this can get pretty messy. The zucchini adds a lot of
liquid so sometimes it gets a little runny. You can make these on the grill
if you prefer, but for me the broiler is just easy cleanup. That’s why I like it. Now I just need to
form these into patties. I get about a palm full,
and you wanna aim for maybe
about 4 or 5 ounces. This whole recipe makes
about nine to ten burgers. This is actually a
really great low carb option. Zucchinis are a carb, but
there’s very few carbs in them. This recipe’s also
really versatile. Instead of burgers, you could
make them into meatballs and put them on spaghetti squash and
there’s another low carb option. For me, spaghetti squash is a
lifesaver whenever I’m sort of in that low carb phase. And something like this makes
me think that–or makes me feel like I’m having spaghetti. Also, using the grater to grate
up your vegetables and things like that, not only does it add
moisture to your lean meats, but it adds more volume so even
though it seems like maybe your–like for instance,
if you’re having a party or something and you’ve gotta make
your dollar stretch, you can add lots of grated vegetables to
things and it’ll actually create more food. So the more zucchini I were
to grate up, if I only had 2 pounds of turkey, it actually
might make more patties. So it looks like I’m done. I’m gonna rinse my hands off. Okay. Now I’ve just gotta
get them in the oven. With the broiler, you’re
actually gonna treat it just like a grill, and this one–
I usually like to do about 7 or 8 minutes
on each side depending on how hot your oven is. I’m gonna set mine for 7
minutes and then we’ll open it, flip ’em over, and do
7 minutes more. Okay. We’ve flipped the burgers, and
it’s been 7 minutes on one side and now 7 minutes
on the other. Let’s get ’em out. They look good. So you always wanna make sure
it’s done so we’ll just kinda poke into one and peak. No pink inside. They’re really juicy
so that’s a good sign. And then I guess we’ll
just put one together. You can eat them by themselves
if you’re doing the low carb thing or another option is to
use Ezekiel buns or any kind of bread you really
want, but I prefer these. They are only made from sprouted
grains so if you look at the ingredients, there’s nothing
artificial in them. You can only find them
in the freezer section. These are buns. These are an English
muffin which is another option. And then you’ve also got just
the bread so different ones have different calorie counts. I think I’m gonna go
for an English muffin. You can toast it. You can leave them soft. Whatever you’d like. I’m gonna leave mine soft. So then I’ve got my bun ready. I’m gonna slice up a tomato. Done a few slices, a
little bit of lettuce, and then whatever condiments
you wanna put on this. Ketchup works or
mustard might work. I like the ketchup. This is the
reduced sugar variety. Just make sure you get one that
doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup in it. So I’m gonna squeeze
some of that one there. I like quite a bit. Get a patty. Put that on there, and
then there’s my burger. It looks pretty good. Alright. I’m gonna take a bite.
See if I can get my mouth on it. It tastes good. Alright. For this recipe, just
check the link below. And if you want more recipes or
articles, you can find those at

20 thoughts on “Italian Turkey Burgers | Healthy Recipes

  1. I have made these burgers countless times. They are a great healthy alternative to greasy, fatty, no nutrient, burgers.

  2. It looks great, but why use so much powders? Imho nothing beats the flavour of fresh herbs, also consume a lot less sodium that's in all the dried powders. Just something I'd do

  3. I made these last night and they were AMAZING! I was able to find ground chicken and I was surprised at how good it was for a burger.

  4. Very nice videoes! I am just starting in youtube and am learning a lot! keep up the great work! You are also absolutely gorgeous ! Very fit body! love yaaaas! xx

  5. Thank you for this. I'm doing Autumn Calbrases's 21 Day fix and I'm not normally I turkey meat eater, so I needed an idea, lol. Thanks. I'm making this tonight. I also have a profile on Bodybuilding, but I have been struggling.  I have a an old oven so all I have is  Broil lol.

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