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47 thoughts on “IWF Lift the World Weightlifting Documentary

  1. I think the weight lifting competition has the most diverse participants and countries.
    A country nobody ever heard of gets a podium and the lifter becoming instant national heroes.
    It's largely dependent on individual strength and skill.

  2. @11:06, the man in the red shirt watching Aukhadov lift is Gennady Anikanov, Klokov and Klokov's father's weightlifting coach. He is the coach Dmitry is talking about here.

  3. I love weightlifting but to say its the most simple sport i cannot really agree…you need special equipment, rules, technique and its easy to get injuries….ckmpared to running, swimming, fighting, where all you need is your body to start. But yeah, its still very fascinating and mind blowing!

  4. A fat guy trying to give an inspirational speech on health, fitness, will power and discipline, just seems farcical.

  5. in Canada, where I live, we don't have a history of weightlifting. It is not very popular. We have hockey, and to succeed in it, you need a lot of money. Parents basically buy their kids way to higher levels. Not sure why I felt I needed to say that. I want to think that weightlifting is not about being in the right groups or on the right teams, or paying your way to the top, it is about lifting weights.

  6. самое главное в штанге самое удобное расположение скилета и мышц при начале поднятии штанги

  7. Никто себя как штангиста так не сделал как Василий Алексеев

  8. на всякий случай: я в Подольлске рвал в полусед 180 кило в 1975 году в декабре.

  9. и не в обиду клоков пахан лучше поднимал сына. просто лучше поднимал – чё там обидного

  10. Olá, gostaria de pedir a vocês que colocassem legenda em Português/Brasil, vocês fizeram um ótimo trabalho.

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