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I wanted to be something that no one else was.. I’ve had a lot of people say, well you got great potentional. But, the only one that’s gonna do it is me.. I know that. That’s why I just gotta focus on higher things that’s all. I’ve been training about 6 months or so, And Chris is like, I’ll put him on some sort of regiment.. Because I had no idea how to eat, I had no idea really how to train, so.. We stayed in touch a little bit. And 6 months later he came back.. Chris Aceto himself he took a look at me and said ”Holy shit this kid is gonna be Mr. Olympia.” It takes a lot of time. But, I’m dedicated.. And it brought me quite a bit of attention so far. A lot of people tried to put me down. Saying I couldn’t do what I achieved. But really, if you believe in your heart and you really feel that it’s a passion at something you wanna do.. I would suggest making it a lifestyle. Staying committed to it. Fighting through the goods and the bads.. I mean, listen. The bad times always are better for the good times. I believe that you have to FAIL in order to SUCCEED. And every time I lost it seems like I came back stronger.. Sometimes we need to get knocked down before we get back up! You can achieve anything you want, And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. I wanna see changes in my physique that people say that can’t happen. I’ve always been against the odds.. There’s not one day that I wake up, even now.. That I don’t look at myself in the mirror and say ‘am I ready to step it up to the next level?’ You have to go in and train at a 100%. You have to go to bed every night and say.. Am I fulfilling the task of being the best at what I do? When Jay walked out last year, He was noticeably off.. Dexter Jackson took full advantage of that. And took the title away from Jay. Jay spend six years, Trying to win that title and take it from Ronnie. And it only took him two years to give it back. No one in the history of this contest Has ever lost a contest, has lost the title and comeback and reclaim the sandow trophy.. And that’s what Jay is trying to do. Sometimes we need to get knocked down before we get back up. Look at his conditioning.. His glutes, his hamstrings, his lower back.. He looks PHENOMENAL. Look at the striations and the detail in his legs. I wouldn’t doubt that this is the best Jay Cutler who has ever stepped on stage. I feel that I have achieved pretty much everything that I ever dreamed about being.. I’m prove that that any dreams can come true, through hard work, determination, commitment and perseverance.

100 thoughts on “Jay Cutler – The RISE

  1. Jay and Dexter are the only Olympians belonging to the new generation of bodybuilders that are still aesthetically pleasing!

  2. 2003, 2004,2005, 2008, 2011 all these Mr. Olympia title belonged to Jay, so for me he is 9 times Mr. Olympian, the best BB of all time ….

  3. this is the best Motivation video i've ever seen other than Ronnie Coleman BEAST the music the video is just perfect keep up the work bro

  4. Arnold era la perfezione assoluta,una simmetria del corpo mai vista ancora oggi,ma jay è di un altro mondo.ogni singolo muscolo raggiunge proporzioni e qualità eccellenti.è disumano.grande cutler!!!

  5. I am stuck with 2 dumbells n one spare tyre for a very long time. I will not achieve those bodies. Oh well. Just sitting here admiring someone else's successes


  7. Jay in 2009 is the ultimate body builder. Arnold was great but Jay has the ultimate body. He is literally the Hulk.

  8. Im totally safe if Jay Cutler came back to compete again he will beat to Phill and win Mr Olympia one more!!!!!!! For me Jay Cutler is the best. My inspiration. Come on Jay. One more. Come on and came back to compete again to Mr Olympia 🙂

  9. Jay culter is my inspirational im autistic and i wish to be the first mr olynpia with special needs and i want to be amazing or even more amazing as jay but i belieeve no one can be as amazing as my jay jay ❤

  10. The best video I could see about Jay Cutler I watch almost every day since you've created it my friend 😉 thank you for this perfect job I enjoy since Franceabout my favourite bodybuilder with Arnold Schwarzenegger 😉

  11. A never give up attitude from Jay, made him stronger everytime he came back, even though was placed second with Ronnie.
    Best body builder with down to earth attitude, really motivated

  12. "Hands Down" one of the best motivation videos ever… the background music used was epic.. the way Jays interviews were edited, it's really like a "short film quality".. its like a short drama movie.

  13. Jay is def a class act and a humble champion. One of the Mr O's after him should take a lesson and learn how to be a true peoples champion and not a stuck up ass

  14. I love the intro. Admitting he did not know how to train and eat. Still destroyed everybody. Carried by genetics >_> At least until he became a Pro and was against people with somehow equal genetics.

  15. You gotta respect Jay Cutler. Man and bodybuilder. Such an example of perseverance, dedication and much more.

  16. 228 crossfitters watching YouTube (probably because they got injured) did not like this video. Sorry, could not resist. 🤣

  17. This is one of the most inspirational things I've ever seen….. and I'm a distance runner, not a bodybuilder. Simply epic.

  18. Best there is best there was and best there will be ever.. Love you Jay. You are the reason of my bodybuilding. Love from India.

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