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A lot of people won’t go the extra mile to improve.. But I will. This is the extra things I do to be a winner. You have to dedicate your life to this. You have to eat, sleep, train CONSISTENTLY for YEARS. As far as DIET and TRAINING.. I did whatever it took to WIN. You have to eat even when you’re not hungry. That’s the most important thing. Favorite meal of the day.. BREAKFAST. Dry turkey, Dry rice.. You gotta eat on the clock. You gotta eat consistently day to day. Remember if you skip a meal the day prior it’s gonna effect the next day. It’s gonna effect the workout, it’s gonna effect the transition in the weight I really just stayed true to what I believed in and I had the passion to do what I did. And I had great success at it. Whatever it is I’ll DO IT!! I GOTTA WIN Ready to go baby! Are you working out every day? Nah I’m not even training.. You never wanna show the weight that you’re scared But this is.. SOME HEAVY ASS WEIGHT. Have a VISION DO NOT STOP. Stay RELENTLESS. No pain.. No F^%N Pain. Getting better by the day now! In your face baby!

100 thoughts on “Jay Cutler – WHATEVER IT TAKES TO WIN – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. A new vid for Jay QUADSTOMP Cutler. #WhateverItTakes
    ''A lot of people won't go that extra mile to improve.. But I do. You have to dedicate your life to this consistently for years. As far as DIET and TRAINING.. I did whatever it took to WIN.''

  2. Always looks so stupid when they pick up this huge amount of weight and its barely moving….like BARELY LOL

    Dont' get me wrong huge fan of Cutler… justsayen

  3. Goodย work again ย NickVisionMotivation
    Jey Cutler is the Best bodybuilder hands down !

  4. NickVisionMotivation
    It would have been awesome to see video on LEE PRIEST
    If someone ask me a question " Lee what it's like to compete with those big guys?"
    Use the word TALL – not BIG! #LeePriest

  5. "I did whatever it took to WIN…" Now I know Rich Piana get that infamous line from …" Whatever it Take"

  6. Of all the Mass Monsters Jay Cutler looks the Best my god that triceps and that upper chest.
    But i still prefer 1999 Lee Priest

  7. Jay Cutler coming second all those years but he never give up never ever!!! and even when Ronnie Coleman retired Jay kindly lost the passion loosing against Dexter , the following year he redesign his body he was bigger more muscular more vascular more aesthetic more everything (no bubble gut tho) and won 2 more titles total of 4 he could have win more but I respect the guy decisions he wanted to retire and let others Bodybuilders have the joy and opportunity of winning.

    I wrote this because people like Lou ferigno, Tom platz, flex wheeler, Gustavo vadel, Kai green give up to soon.

  8. A true legend. I always stand up to this guy. He just really motivates me to try my best and succeed in life!
    We love you Jason!

  9. When I was in college I had to take a bus to get to class. Every morning at the same crosswalk and traffic light the crowd waited for the walk signal light to change for us before we charged on to our goals. One day as the light changed we all began moving forward as a woman in front of me stepped off the curb and almost put one foot on the pavement. In the corner of my eye I saw a car running the light at the same instant. I didn't think. I instantly threw my arm around her waist and pulled her away from the street. Her arms flew forward, and she bent at her waist. The car rushed under her upper body within inches of striking her. She would have been badly hit and thrown. The car had to be going more than 30 mph. If I ever begin to drift off my thoughts of why I work out I remember her and that Stallone movie when he dropped the woman in the mountain valley because his grip failed. I remember the sudden scene of a gang kicking a kid in the dark shadows of a park, then quickly running away and leaving him for dead, or a young woman pushed down and gang raped, or a man getting way too angry and loud at his date at a bus stop in the dark over some trivial stuff. A man steps in when he is needed (if he is able to). We need instruction and motivation, Mr. J. You're the guru!!

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  11. This video changed my life. Whenever I wanted to quit I reviewed this video. It kept me motivated all the time. I managed to reach my goals!

  12. Jay did not have gut issue even if he weighed over 265 plus lbs… And I think his muscle tone and muscle balance is better than Ronneis…

  13. Yeah !…..jay come on jay…..brilliant……your muscle is awesome……๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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