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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What is going on everybody. It’s Jeremy Buendia Your 2014 mens physique Olympia champion Who knows what would I be doing right now If I didn’t get one stage for that first time You know I could steel be personal training working 12 hours a day. I could be working at a restaurant, like I was before I started all this suff The fact of the matter is I got on the stage that first time And I keept that drive going for the passion that I love I have no problems stepping up and saying that I am the best in the world of what I do because I truly belive that And I worked my ass off for it And is something in my mind and no one can’t take that from me I have no problem saying that I am the best in the world in mens physique And I have no problem saying that I will win 2015 Mr. Olympia physique again Called cockiness called it erogance called what ever you want to call it But what I know is what I belive and what I belive is what I do With a belife of winning all I can say I will comeback on that stage on september 20th And I am gonna win it again Thaks for watching

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