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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up guys today and we talked about
jim stoppani 12 week program called short cut to size just as a quick
overview of this program is broken up into three phases each phase is made up
of four motorcycles one might recycle less than one week so phase is for weeks
about one month with this program you can easily one must be stable week with
exceptional think as we should be working twice a week throughout this
program each workout to get one hour to an hour and a half depending on how
closely followed the rest times between says the gym provides the program and
also the video was muscle oh that’s only talking about the overview of this
program if you want a more information on what looks like what is nutrition
plan website or with settlements he recommends a link below link will take
you straight to we’ve been down on his entire program there’s
also a set of this year’s graduation two people were killed himself give you tips and tricks exercise and
he’ll make each worker your bus let me tell you this program is amazing if you
follow it will give great results before I started this program allows learning
about 172 173 by the time I finished the program was consistently weighing in at
about 185 when it is so I put on about 12 pounds all muscle I honestly it blew
my mind I was extremely happy with the results honestly I just couldn’t be happier now
I tried my best to follow each work as closely as I mentioned it is always the
only days that ever lived at home being honest I love my other hobbies where my
voicemail biking skating getting a pretty good leg movie anyways so I was kinda lazy days I
admit that my life has always been the dismissal of body of wasn’t too worried
about the new too much less of those worked out at least not to the plan pretty good post and muscle in my upper
body is really what I was going for a vote has been pretty big bonus so I did
make quite a few nutrition changes going into this program I was someone who you
know had a few big meals a day or two maybe three breakfast too many sex
calorie intake was really low a really hard for me to put any such as long as
you’re out the day before this is next thrown between meals also waco and by
before you go to bed changes I made sure I was eating eighty
to ninety percent every day not just a dirty ball nicely muscled through really
does make a huge difference in the results you get breakfast every day and
a main meal this next sometimes I will get a min but a major do my best and at
the very least I would make up for not having this but seating is one of my
main meals with the nutrition plan he is you each of them are o’neil’s a bunch of
replacement miles for example any of the whole brain is
listed with any of the Isles and this was about 15 items so yeah really good
right it will be really gives you a lot of options it doesn’t slow down the
foods you eat aside from Korea like fascist really greasy foods but overall
you have a lot of you know I’ve been working out for about seven months
before I started this program ok games put on 10 pounds in those seven months
which is obviously not that much compared to 12 pounds I put on doing
just about his 12 week program since I was still relatively new working out I
think to justify this program is a really good choice to be the first
program for me to do this is because he had the exact form and take me for each
of the exercises a lot of which I have not done for this way to make sure the
door was getting the full benefit of each exercise and now all that being
said this is definitely not just a program for beginners and experienced
lifters I still recommend this program is a great way to switch it up I know
you’re racing games very happy with yourself just as much as I don’t want to
point out of pictures right now that way you guys can see the results on talking
about so right now we’re looking for a week before I started justices on his
service in this program you can see very soon I don’t have as much of a
development much as $1 drafts anything really 10 pounds heavier more muscular than
just to give you an idea of seeing I was there a little after Disher a lot more
muscle in my body I was very happy with it arms are bigger my shoulders and chest everything was the program hit all the
muscles I saw growth in every area as you guys and see results to those guys
that you so much for watching hope you have a studio both entertaining and
informative and more than anything else just surprised 12 week program certain

38 thoughts on “Jim Stoppani’s 12-Week Shortcut To Size | Review and Results

  1. I just did the shortcut to shred and im on week 6. I dropped from over 20% body fat to 10% and killed about 15 lbs of mainly fat. Stoppani's knows his stuff and I am doing this 12 week to size one in the beginning of may. Good results man keep it up!

  2. I am going to do this program and I signed up, but where is the actual download because I saw you had a packet…?
    Thanks! šŸ™‚

  3. I'm on week 8 & I've almost doubled my working weight on every exercise Except squats ( I keep those moderate due to knee issues).

  4. hey man, i have been finished 3 times of shortcut to shred, from 15%BF to 8%, but on the last 2 time not followed the nutrition, so i lose a little bit muscle. now i need to do this lol. anyway man, should i do giant set by this program?

  5. Hey man, I'm impressed with this video, great job. To often people come on unprepared and seem vague but as an experienced lifter and trainer, I am convinced to at least give this program a try. BTW if you are looking to take it to the next level check out "strengtheory's- average to savage". Its more for powerlifting peaking but I learned a lot about myself on this program. figured I share the knowledge. šŸ˜€

  6. Hey man i am about to start doing this program….i just have one question is working out 4 days a week enough?

  7. Hey man quick question since you've managed to put on quite a bit of muscle using the program. I'm looking to start this program in a week, but my dilemma is that I'm going to have double jaw surgery in 8 months which basically means a liquid diet for the better part of 3 months, which means I will be losing quite a bit of weight. In this case would you recommend a dirty bulk to put on extra fat that will get cut anyway, or do you think the dirty bulk would have some sort of negative impact on the actual results of putting on muscle? As an extra note I don't have any more muscular development than you did when you started.

  8. Hey man I have a quick question, how did you divide your nutrition for this plan. Jym usggests way too much protein for the program and way more carbs too than any other trainer would. So how did you fit in your macros? Please help

  9. awesome bro! ill be starting this as soon as i finish my 6 weeks to sick arms program also by jim stoppani haha

  10. I am 17 , 136 pound , skinny with little fat on my belly, Will this program work for me to gain…..plz do reply….

  11. Those are awesome gains bro! But next time, do LEGS consistently ! Research shows it builds extra testosterone and enhances your upper body gains even further! Tap into your full potential bro! Respect.

  12. Can someone give me an update about this? Im going to follow this program tomorrow. Also, can you give me tips? Much appreciated!

  13. hey bro can u explain me the method of rest/pause on final set and dropset on the final set . cannot understand both properly

  14. anyone here who doing the program seriously and seen the changes. can you please describe your diet plan. and describe your body difference in one week first day and now.

  15. I'm starting this program tomorrow, and my only concern is the array of supplements… are they completely necessary to gain results or can just plain, good nutrition and protein powder cover it you think?

  16. how do you access the program it says I have to subscribe. Iā€™m sure it was free back in 2015 when I first saw it.

  17. It's a bro split, so it's gonna be a no for me. It's proven a bro split is the least effective way to train unless you take gear.

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