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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Being a bodybuilder is madness and obsession. Because the way of bodybuilder’s life looks like foolish in the eyes of normal people. And I agree with that. Bodybuilding gave me a meaning of life. The more you give, the more you get. Bodybuilding has taught me how to be good as an athlete and even businessman. So finally I can give something to bodybuilding, not just take titles from it. And for me, this is much more than winning competitions like world championship. Thanks to bodybuilding I can live the life I’m living now. As a successful businessman and a person who passes experience. And I give direction to lives of many people. Those who want to do something and don’t know how. Nothing would change for me, I would continue with passing the good which is in me. I would be happy that I give them right direction in life. It doesn’t matter if it’s bodybuilding or a job or anything else. But everyday you have to be better than the day before. And still keep going. I think that this is a point of life. Be better and better… …set goals and challenges. Life is about challenges. At least for me, life is one big challenge. When I reach one goal, I immediately see a
new one. The goals are growing itself… They are bigger and bigger. I’m sure that I am fool. Because when I reach one goal,
a new one appears and it’s bigger than the previous. And I’m actually afraid of a next goal that I would set. The most beautiful about bodybuilding is that you can’t just buy good physique. You can’t buy it, you must train hard. You can’t do it by supplements or medicine… by nothing, even not by money. Just by hard training. That’s what I like most about bodybuilding. Even the richest can’t be the best. Because they don’t have the will, self-confidence, genetics…They just give up. The hardest thing about bodybuilding is that you have to keep going even if you have some personal problems. Or that you must be persistent for years and decades. You have to keep going whatever it takes! No matter if you have personal or financial problem… or stagnation… You have to keep going for years! Until you reach your maximum potential. That’s the hardest… to keep going… no matter what happens. You have to keep going for years! That’s the hardest… to keep going… no matter what happens. I don’t regret nothing about bodybuilding in my whole life. Even when I was in hospital and I didn’t know what happened… if I would die or have cancer… I was thinking to myself… I would never regret even though I would have to die because of bodybuilding. Never regret even one second… Everything that I did in my life related to bodybuilding was worth it. Because bodybuilding gave me so much in my life… it is worth everything in the world for me. Bodybuilding took me nothing. I don’t regret anything and I haven’t sacrificed anything because I was doing it voluntary. I’m doing bodybuilding because I want to
and because I enjoy it. In the hardest times during my diet I enjoy it and I wish it never ends. Bodybuilding took me just one thing… that I didn’t spend time drinking alcohol with others. And I haven’t lost a few years of my life. And thanks to that I became world champion as the youngest czechman in history. Bodybuilding in its core is… a perfect idea. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle which is so specific, so hard, but also easy. Simply life that you have to love and then you don’t suffer. Bodybuilding is a meaning of life. Nowadays, bodybuilding doesn’t have too much common with healthy lifestyle and building your body. I would be happy if bodybuilding came back in days when it was imporant to be healthy and in good physical condition. Jiří Borkovec is a man who wants to leave the legacy for future generations. Jiří Borkovec is a man who goes for it hard and nothing discourages or stops him. And always achieves his goals. Jiří Borkovec is a man who never gives up.

26 thoughts on “Jiří Borkovec – Czech Bodybuilding #4

  1. Přátelé již 4. video z dokumentu #CzechBodybuiling! Čeká nás už jen 5. kulturista Filip Grznár
    Odebírejte ať Vám video neunikne 😉 ►

  2. Jirka je co se týče kulturistiky, skvělej motivátor a myšlenka "Kulturistika je skvělá, protože vypadat dobře si nekoupíte" je naprosto skvělá a všeříkající 🙂

  3. Škoda, že v tom dokumentů chybí hodně lidí, kt. určitě mají co dát a říct včetně holek.
    Na videa od Káji a Jirky bych mohla koukat furt do kola, skvělý! ❤🙏

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