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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “Johnny Sins Diet for Great Sex ! Vlog #8 || SinsTV

  1. Now I started to believe that 7 people in the world have similar faces. I know six other people (a doctor, a professor, a pizza guy, a carpenter, a massage therapist and a gym trainer) exactly same like this dude..

  2. I think the most attractive thing about Johnny is how he has his life together. He’s not sloppy and could actually be successful in other areas too. We love a vers man

  3. Yeah yeah… when will i have time to go for work if I would be worried this much what to eat all day every day!

    Does that app and all those proteins pay your bills?? 🙄

  4. Sins, you're my goddamn hero for actually showing the wipedown. Too many folks leave the equipment all kinds of sweaty when they finish their sets.

  5. Had to make sure my girl wasn’t in the room when I started watching this other wise I would have been in big trouble

  6. Bruh it's kinda cool if u think about it. All these other people in the gym are like "damn I see this dude all the time in the porn."

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  11. one of the most talented guys…plumber,engineer,cable guy,teacher,pizza boy ,doctor,coach and now he is on youtube.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. I thought this guy was a priest. I saw a video of him once. It's kind of unique how a priest posts a video about health and fitness.

  13. I don't need diet
    Guess why?
    Bcs I am single hahahahahah
    Fuck why am I laughing

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