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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

good morning it’s my day off today so today it’s gonna be all about food I’m gonna show you guys everything I eat from the time I get up till the time I go to bed I’m gonna calculate all the calories and see what it equals out to and see what my macros are and my protein fat card I’ll that good stuff and then we’re probably gonna adjust it to where I really need to be because I haven’t really been eating that great lately and I want to get back to eating a really good diet I’ve been having a lot of requests for meal plan type stuff and showing what foods I eat show a little bit but not everything I eat throughout the day first thing like I said before shitload of water second thing it goes it’s got 15 grams of protein 0 grams of fat 6 grams of sugar in it it’s not like do you want to be the first thing I’m gonna use the MyFitnessPal app to record all my food and all my calories and macros and all that good stuff you can find it in most app stores I think under My Fitness Pal it’s very popular everybody uses it it’s pretty easy to use I already have mine set up but I just go to my first meal and then you can actually just scan the food hit the little scanner bar that goes finds it right for you check there it is gonna add up all the calories and macros and show you at the end of the day I have no affiliation with My Fitness Pal or anything like that it’s just a app that I found works the best and pretty much all fitness people use it there’s other ones out there you could try but I really like it and it’s very user friendly one cup of kale or it can you spinach too I know a lot of people don’t like kale six eggs I’m gonna do four whites two whole eggs 1 cup of milk 1 cup of oatmeal don’t forget to record it in the app right after breakfast I take my vitamins I do two fish oils keep the blood moving in those arteries and take a vitamin D if you’re not out in the Sun for any significant amount of time every day I take that vitamin C cuz we’re at a lot of germs every day multivitamins because everybody should take them all time later next up about an hour before the gym I drink a smoothie I’m gonna make it with coffee today because we have coffee you can start with any kind of base though water coconut water milk orange juice whatever you like I like to use coffee is my pre-workout though so I’ll use it for now large banana protein powder we’re currently using this Dymatize iso100 I don’t have any preference with protein powders as long as it’s something decent and quality so it’s not the one I always use but it’s the one I’m using right now pre-workout I had one scoop of BCAA and one scoop of glutamate that’s it’s like day today I’m gonna go ahead and add a half a cup of – half cup of oats she’s gonna do half a serving so 1 teaspoon right now I get pretty hungry halfway through my workout so the peanut butter definitely helps with that I usually drink this an hour ahead of time and by the time I’m doing any heavy lifts it’s an hour and a half two hours of gone pies [Music] all right so now I’m gonna put it in my fitness pal all right it’s gym time leg day you ride the bike there I like to ride my bike to the gym as a nice little warm-up it’s not too far so gives my legs a nice warm-up then I get there and stretch I’m gonna record a little bit for you guys as much as I can of the workout and show you what I do for legs get these skinny motherfuckers going [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right I hope you can hear me I know GoPro audio sucks one thing I’d like to see from the new GoPro cameras is a flip-down screen sort of like you know the big DSLRs have at least so you could flip it down so you can hold it up and see or if you could move it around I’d be awesome GoPro pretty good day at the gym had a good leg workout but one last thing to do is wake up this hill so that’s what I’m gonna do right now for my last little workout cardio for the legs then head home and edit all right let’s do this [Music] all right just home from the gym gotta get my protein shake you know another scoop of protein not a serving of BCA another serving of glutamine I don’t take too many supplements I’m really bad at taking supplements like creatine and things like that but you have to take every day and on a consistent basis just with traveling and working so much I always forget so I pretty much stick to the supplements that you know you can take pretty much anytime that have the most benefits really so that’s why I stick to these – there we go that’s what I stick to these two guys some Gatorade so I use that I hear different things about when to take your protein whether you should take it immediately after your workout like you hit your last rep and then drink your protein shake or there’s the other thinking that you know as long as you get your protein throughout the day that you don’t necessarily need to drink it right after your workout so there’s two different schools of thought I basically like to take it right after my workout really it just depends on how you feel if you feel like it’s gonna help you improve to take it right after your workout then do that if you feel like you can drink your protein throughout the day and not really worry about it right after your workout will then do that alright it’s 7:30 I’m a little late for my meals I usually like to eat it ten and then one for around seven and then ten for my last meal I’m a little late right now I should wait about a half hour after that protein shake but I’m fucking starving so I’m just gonna go ahead and make a meal now so I can’t forget my fitness pal for my protein shakes alright so far today I’ve eaten one thousand five hundred and sixty four calories I still need to eat 1276 so I gotta eat two fairly decent-sized meals and then I have my yogurt protein snack right before bed see where we’re at nutrition wise nutrition um that 30s it’s 7% protein so I really want to be at 50% protein 25% carbs 25% fat right now I’m at 37 percent protein 20 23 percent fat and 39 percent carbs so I’m pretty carb heavy heavy today but it is like day and I needed a lot of energy so that’s okay but I just want to eat a carb heavy meal right now the last meal of the day is gonna be a low carb meal for sure all right the highest card meal I have is this turkey meatloaf has 52 grams of carbs 15 grams of fat 45 grams of protein 531 calories anything custom made like this you’re gonna have to put it in my fitness pile yourself it’s never enough vegetables in these meals that’s my only complete after this meal I have 700 for calories remaining my carbs are still kind of high well the next low carb meal high protein and then mainly protein before I go to bed will definitely help that help my macros and nutrients out all right guys well I don’t have anything exciting going on the rest of the night I’m just gonna work and edit a little bit hang out with the dogs so I’ll see you guys at the next meal so I’ve got the spaghetti squash turkey meatballs so I got 14 grams of carbs 43 grams of protein 15 grams of fat I would actually prefer to cook on my own food I really like to cook and meal prep and that way you know exactly what’s in your food but I just really haven’t had the time since I moved to Vegas so the meal delivery service is really saving my ass hey you guys chill I still get to eat healthy and don’t have to take the time to shop for it prep it it’s really been a saving grace if you can afford it I would definitely say do it it comes out to around 10 bucks a meal which is definitely cheaper than eating out but way more expensive than cooking yourself all right so I’m gonna put this one in my fitness pal I’ll search spaghetti squash I don’t know if it’s gonna be on here though there we go spaghetti squash is on there I’d be surprised what you find on here so I still got 352 calories remaining so I’ll eat that in my yogurt protein snack right before bed final meal the day you do yogurt right before bed I’ll do caffeine protein cat seed protein is best right before bed because it clumps in your stomach so it digests a lot slower than weh-weh digests super fast probably the fastest digesting protein I’m not sure if that’s that’s right but caffeine digests slower so it’s better to take at night right before bed because you want it to digest slowly and not right away but I just do a little bit of milk if you can’t drink real milk do almond milk coconut milk whatever kind of no clear these days the good thing for my diet is we ran out of granola so eliminated that today kernel was like my one healthy cheat makes all this healthy food taste a lot better that’s for sure that might actually do is grind up one of these but first of all I’m gonna put all this in my My Fitness Pal and see where my calories are at for the day okay today I’m at 40% protein I’d like to be at about 50% and 35% carbs 25% fat those are my macros for the day let me see if I add these it’s gonna kill me or not because I really want to pull one of these in my yogurt all right with that I’m over 152 calories I did likes today I got a scene tomorrow fucking I’m gonna eat it all right well this is just what I eat throughout the day I’m not recommending it to anyone or say it’s the healthiest thing or it’s gonna build all that muscle but just what I personally throughout the day and most days are pretty much the same a little bit different food but still the same calories and everything it’s pretty much my day in the life of food so thanks for watching guys see you tomorrow [Music]

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