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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi. I’m Skip La Cour and if you’re a man
who’s a little bit older now, you have a busy, productive life and now is the time
you want to take your health and fitness to the next level, then I want to invite
you to my 12-week Fitness Transformation Journey that is specifically designed
for older men with busy, productive lives just like you. Just like me. Here I am at
56 years old, living with passion and energy in all facets of my life and
continually taking my health and fitness to the next level. I want you to join me
for this 12-week Fitness Transformation Journey. You’re going to learn about
training, nutrition, the mindset that goes along with it, the systems that you can
follow through with, with your busy, productive lives and have a better
looking body. More muscle, less body fat, more energy, taking care of your health
which is really important as we get a little bit older. Maybe you are confused
by all the information all over the internet that isn’t really designed for
older men and certainly not for older men with busy, productive lives. A lot of
the information is from the younger, passionate fitness experts who live an
extreme lifestyle with their extreme strategies. And maybe you’re like a lot
of men who I coach one-on-one who have gone through this 12-week Fitness
transformation journey with me. You try to adopt those strategies. You’re
overwhelmed, you’re confused, the information seems to conflict each other.
All you want to know is what you need to do to have that physical body, to build
muscle, lose body fat and keep your busy, productive life. Your family, your
business, that you’ve worked so hard for, to keep it in tact while you’re reaching
your health and fitness goals. Well, that’s why I specialize, I help men just
like you do just that. I come from this unique perspective. I was that extreme
fitness expert. As a 6-time national champion, drug-free bodybuilder, I did all
of those things and much more, really achieving a high level of success with
my body, with all of those very detailed, very extreme strategies. Now, I’m 16 years
removed from that competitive lifestyle. I’ve taken on family,
business, more responsibilities just like you and I can’t live that lifestyle
anymore, I can’t do all those things so I had to figure out what worked. What would
still give me the results that I wanted and have more effective and efficient
systems. I had to do the things that I knew I had to do and get rid of all
those extreme things that maybe make just a tiny bit of difference, if tha.t
And I know that’s the information that you’re getting. It’s just not working for you.
That’s why so many men are attracted to my Workouts For Older Men message, And
that’s why I put together this 12-week Fitness Transformation Journey just for
you. Maybe you spent the earlier part of your life taking care of your family
and your business and now is the time that you want to take care of yourself.
You want to look better, you need more energy, you want to be fit. Now is the
time to take care of you. Maybe you have health concerns or you want to be
pro-active and prevent health concerns that maybe men your age, their
experience right now you don’t want to do that. Maybe you were following my
training journals when I was a competitive bodybuilder. Maybe in your
20s in your 30s you did all of those extreme things. You did all your meals,
you stopped and ate, you trained in the gym a couple hours day, six days a week
and now that you have your business and your family taken care of you want to
pay more attention to your own health and fitness. But you’re intimidated. You
just know you can’t do all those things that you did in the past and so you’re
having a little bit of trouble getting motivated, getting going. Because how are
you supposed to do all that, what you did before and have your family and your
business going. All that effort that you put into it, how do you keep it going. All
right, well that’s what this 12-week Fitness Transformation Journey is for.
Let me tell you about what this involves, if you’re ready to take your efforts to
the next level, you will do it in this 12-week Fitness Transformation Journey.
I’m going to take you on a journey that when we are done, when you immerse
yourself in this process, it will never be a matter of
knowing what to do with your working out and with your eating. You’ll know what to
do it’ll be just a matter of doing it. And as we go through this journey, as
you push yourself, you expand your body, your mind, as you go through this 12 weeks
with me, accountable to me, being coached by me, you’ll now feel it and you will
become it, you’ll now be able to be more motivated to take the action that you
need. It starts off with 3 one-on-one coaching sessions just me and you. I
spread this over 3 weeks. 1hour each. We’ll do it on the same day at the
same time for 3 consecutive weeks. 1 hour,
these calls with you and me privately, they will be recorded. So you know that
you’ll have them forever and you’ll continue to learn from them
for the rest of your life. And maybe you have had experiences in the past where
you’ve learned a particular topic, maybe for business, maybe some other personal
development or whatever it was and you took in the information, you got it at
one level. And then maybe a week later you heard the same information but you
understood it even more, you learned it at a deeper level. Then that same
information a month later, two months later, you heard the same information and
where you were at at that phase of the journey, it took on more meaning it had
more significance, it was just what you needed at that phase you were at. Well
that’s what you’ll get from our one-on-one coaching sessions. Again, each
session is recorded. The first session that we’ll do together,
I’ll get you clear and focused on why this is so important to you. Why you must take
action now, why you must take control of your health and fitness. I’ll help you
find that clarity, that purpose, that ‘why’ and keep it in the context of your busy,
productive life. It’s so important and maybe that’s what has been preventing
you from jumping in to this health and fitness journey to this point. All right
I’m gonna get you clear and focused in session one- why it’s so important to you,
why you must take action now. In our second one-on-one coaching session, I’m
gonna break down all the training strategies that you need, you’ll come out
of there with a training routine and an
understanding of training that is specific to you and your needs. Your
needs, your schedule. With all the different training strategies out there,
all the things that are details that don’t make a difference you’ll know
exactly what you need to do and all those things that you don’t need to do
when it comes to training. For your particular lifestyle you’ll have that
clarity with your own specific training routine to move forward with that
confidence that you need that has probably been lacking up until
this point because you hear so many different things from all the different
fitness experts. During the third one-on-one coaching session when we talk
privately, we’re going to break down the important area of nutrition. You hear so
many things a lot of older men, they concentrate on their training, they hope
that makes the physical changes that they want. Don’t put enough focus on
nutrition because they’re so confused. When you come out of that third
one-on-one coaching session, you’ll have an eating plan that will work for you.
It’s what you must, do but it’s not all those extra things like preparing meals
for the week all day long, carrying around meals, stopping and eating a couple
times a day, all throughout the day, every couple hours, all of that burdensome and
not necessary for what you’re trying to accomplish that you may hear, and you
might think you need to do it and if you can’t do that you’re not doing anything
with it if you’re like a lot of older men. I will tell you what you need to do
to build that muscle, lose that body fat at your age and all the things you don’t
need to do so you come out of session number three of this one-on-one time
together with the certainty and confidence to tackle this very important
area of nutrition. Because I know if you’re like a lot of men you’re confused
and you’re not addressing this important area of the muscle building, fat loss,
health, energy process. So we’ll spend three hours, one-on-one on three separate
coaching sessions over three weeks. That way you’ll be clear, you’ll be focused
you’ll know what to do with your training and your eating habits. Then we
join the rest of the driven, ambitious men just like
you for our 12-week Transformation Journey. We have a goal, we have a
deadline, you have the accountability to me and the rest of the group to push
yourself and stretch yourself. Maybe stretch yourself beyond what you’ll do
after, but you’ll get that sense of understanding, you’ll push yourself
you’ll be accountable to what you really can do. And once you raise your standards
because of the accountability and the deadline of this 12-week
Fitness Transformation Journey, you’ll be at a higher level and you’ll never want
to go back. You’ll have it with you forever. Each week we’ll meet for a group
coaching call. Those calls will be recorded as well so you’ll have them
forever. I am going to go through an arrangement of topics that are
specifically designed for you as an older man. When you are done with these
12 weeks and you have 12 more additional hours over these twelve group coaching
calls and you’ll see how I break down what you need to do. The mindset that you
need. The training. The nutrition, how it all works together. Systems and
strategies that will work for you. You’ll have my over 30 years of experience
helping man just like you going through the process myself. Do what it takes to
master to finally master your health and fitness so you’ll have it forever. That’s
what I promise you when you are done with our time together it won’t be a
matter of knowing what to do. It’ll just be a matter of you doing it but with
this certainty and confidence that you’ll gain, this level of knowledge it won’t
tax your willpower, focus, energy and time. You’ll be more likely just to dig in and
get the work done because you’re not so confused on how to train, on how to eat.
You’ll come out of these 12 weeks with a sense of certainty and confidence.
A level of knowledge, so you can build muscle lose body fat you’ll know how to
train. You’ll know how to eat and you’ll know how to create systems and
strategies that work well with your busy, productive life. So if you’re interested,
fill out the questionnaire below. Play all out when you fill out that
questionnaire. I will contact you first by text, then a phone call. I want to make
sure that this 12-week a Fitness Transformation Journey that is specifically designed for older men is right for you.
So if you’re at all interested, let’s take the time, let’s explore, let’s talk
about it and we can do that for 10 or 15 minutes, even if we decide that this
isn’t the right program for you at this time. Maybe there’s other things that we
can do, maybe I can give you information. Alright, so if you’re at all interested,
take action now the 12-week Fitness Transformation Journey for older men
with busy, productive lives it starts soon. Fill out that
questionnaire. I will contact you by phone. We’ll talk on the phone and we’ll
see if this is a good fit for you. Again, I know there’s so much information on
the internet. Most of it is coming from younger, passionate, extreme thinking
fitness experts. That way of thinking, those strategies, they don’t apply to you
and your life. You need the strategies that will work well with your busy,
productive life but help you build that muscle, lose that body fat, have that
health and energy, take care of your health that you must at this age and
this 12-week Fitness Transformation that is specifically designed for older men
like you, like me will help you do that. Right, I look forward to talking to you
soon so we can get started on this 12-week
Fitness Transformation Journey. It’s going to have the accountability with
you and me all throughout the process through texts, through phone calls and
again it starts off with those 3 one-hour coaching sessions and then we
have the group coaching calls and we stay connected through text, through
phone calls all throughout the journey. All of this time together with me, it’s
going to be great to get to know you to help you finally conquer, finally master
your health and fitness.

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