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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Welcome everyone back to my YouTube
channel! It’s been a long time since I’ve spoken to you. We’re actually two and a
half weeks out from the Arnold Classic USA. My comeback show which is very
exciting for me, I’ve had all of last year off to rest and recover and put on
more muscle and mentally prepare for this contest because I’m someone that
really wants to do well in bodybuilding I really want to win I want to win the
Olympia and that only comes with unfortunately time laying down new
muscle tissue which isn’t quick no matter what people say or whatever a
product tells you it’s not a quick fix you can’t gain 20 pounds of muscle in a
week so you have to take a whole year off to put a lot of muscle on. I got
up to 145 kilograms which was nearly 320 something pounds and I’ve already
dropped 20 kilos which is which is 45 pounds I’ve dropped already which is um
some people say it’s not called for you don’t need to do that it’s just kind of
a waste putting weight on and then dropping it off but my beliefs are that,
if you’re cushioning the joints especially with body fat and having a
constant energy source of body fat you’re able to put more muscle on. I mean when
the body’s deprived of a nutrient especially energy, more than likely
you’re not going to put on any muscle because physiologically there’s no need
for the body to adapt and gain muscle when you’re in a deficit it’s just no
need so and there’s a bit of a good excuse to go at need what you want have
the seafood diet see food and eat it but really it’s all about being in a positive
calorie balance eating probably every two to four hours good amount of protein
good amount of carbohydrates good amount of fats that’s been the best thing for
me to put muscle on and I’ve done that all through my offseason so now it’s
leading into the last two and a half weeks and I’m just thinking about food
all the time but we’re here to do an arm workout and I’m gonna start my arm
workout with triceps triceps there’s three heads triceps brachii long head
lateral head and medial head most tricep movements recruit all of
them but some depending on where the hands positioned but might my biggest
belief is it emphasises one of those heads more than the other what
we’re going to start here it’s like a cable crossover for the triceps what
you’ll do is you’ll grab you don’t have anything on the cable at all you grab it
with your hand I’ll grab it this way with your hand come around to this side
the same the same thing now what you want him to do is just stand a little
bit back from the cable and you want to depress your scapula so you actually
don’t want to have your shoulder blades coming up and down if you think of
putting your shoulder blades into your back pockets you’re set
because then right from there you’re just going to do an elbow extension we
don’t need any kind of shoulder movement and coming into this exercise because
then shoulders are going to come into the movement and you’re going to lose tricep
recruitment that’s the golden key here for any tricep exercise and you’ll when
it gets quite heavy it’s okay to strain or to use another muscle in the
last couple of couple of reps you don’t want to be starting the movement with
the shoulder and tricep you want to be always activating the tricep completely
and and by depressing scapula putting your shoulder blades into your back
pockets you’re able to then utilise your triceps for the movement and not bring
anything else into it I go for like a two two and a half second negative which
is this is the negative movement and a one second to one and a half second
positive movement that’s my target time under tension for today and I never
lock out and pause at the bottom I never pause at the top because the muscle
needs to grow under tension and if I’m resting here the muscles not getting
recruited it’s most likely on the joint or on other muscles stabilising muscles
to hold the the weight there being two and a half weeks in my contest as well
I’m just going to do some more high reps 12 reps today
a noticeable thing that I’ve had a lot of good feedback on this last well
really five months six months has been my arm growth and it’s been to do with
hitting them twice a week and hitting them with a lot of volume now my
interpretation of volume might be different others volumes kind of like a
blanket statement for a lot of things but volume really is a lot of sets in
the one workout and that’s how you kind of target but then at the same time you
could say you know if you’re doing only one hard set and you’re only doing four
exercises that’s only for hard sets so that’s only a small amount of volume but
really you could have done ten or twelve building sets to that one hard set so
you’re gonna incorporate all that what I’m meaning is so I’ll normally train
with one hard set or build up with a chest and back and shoulders and legs my
whole purpose is progressive overload that’s how muscles built now what I
found is my arms never responded with that I would do like two 45 pound plates
on either side of a lying tricep extension I’d do three or four plate aside close grip
bench and they still would never grow no matter how heavy I did them I’d do a a
two plate bicep curl 100kg bicep curl and they wouldn’t grow and I’m like
why isn’t this growing when progressive overloads how the muscles do grow it’s
because of what I’m doing something like a bench press or a dumbbell press
they’re recruiting so much more in that movement and that’s why they’re not
growing because they’ve already had a maximum overload so by doing another
really heavy session with arms it was really overkill was really not giving
them enough time to recover in between workouts so what I found with doing
volume and what I mean by volume is like for sort of semi hard sets they’re
not going to for maximum recruitment I’m sort of I’m sticking to the same weight
for like four sets but it’s really only 85% of my intensity whereas
chest, back, shoulders, legs it’s all 100% of my intensity so you’ll see more today
when we go through it so what I’ve done is incremented up evenly in my building sets to one hard set and I’ve stuck at this hard set and I’m doing multiple I’m
doing four sets of that. The reason why is because you’re wanting to warm up the
muscle so you’re wanting to increment up evenly from set to set
until we hit one set you’re really struggling to do and then you stick to
that for four sets that’s a volume for me in my eyes the building sets are so
important they don’t ever not do building sets you need to make sure you
do a light set all the way up to your harder set. I mean I’ve trained with
people with not even a quarter of the training experience as me and they’ll
start at a heavier weight than what I would and almost make fun of me that I’m
starting lighter but it’s really to do with protecting your joints and
longevity and that’s what it’s all about there’s no point burning yourself out
with like your warm-up sets when you don’t even get to hit your target weight
and more importantly there is no point getting injured so that’s what I’m all about This is our second we’re doing a tricep
pushdown with the rope I’ve found in my experience that tricep pushdown with the
rope or with your hands in this kind of movement is the more the lateral head
recruitment is what I found of myself and if I’m doing something like a
straight bar where my hands are pronated I’m more I’ve got more emphasis coming
through my thumb area I feel like that’s recruiting more through my long head of
my tricep so just where you’re positioning your hands and putting that
pressure through is either going to display to the outside of your arm or
the inside depending on where that force is coming in and that’s what it helps
you emphasise that part of the muscle and there’s some beliefs are there that
are like all all or nothing you are the recruiting all the heads or none of them
and as bodybuilders we really try and target sort of one area of that
muscle more than the other areas Safely not letting your shoulder blades
come up and in the movement you let keeping them depressed the whole time and you’re not letting your elbow come away from the body and
keeping it just fix in that same position I took all of 2018 off it was to
work on a lot of things it wasn’t just physically it was more like everyone has
like a business strategy or a relationship strategy or you know home
that they don’t really rarely define people have a Happiness strategy and
that’s where it come true for me it was you know I loved bodybuilding and then
all of a sudden I just finding life wasn’t that enjoyable anymore with
constantly dieting in training and traveling and pushing yourself to the
limit and taking that step back I didn’t take the year off training I took some
time off training but enough to just give my joints and my body a good rest
and then I still got back into lifting and loving lifting again and just
focusing on things around my life that would just bring more happiness to to
know that you know you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket basically and
just to refresh, refresh my mind but I’ve worked on a lot of things like to make
my body a bit more symmetrical like my arms needed to come up and my hamstrings, my traps so that’s come up as well and I hope that this show coming into it I’ll
be able to you know present a package that wins the show and there’s a
lot of good competitors on there and all you can do is your best and if someone
else wins that’s when you know you shake their hand and say congratulations but
you still will do everything in I’ll do everything in my power to win the
contest and that’s that’s the most important thing like winning isn’t
everything but wanting to win is if you don’t want to win then you’re not going
to do the extra cardio and stick to the diet and that’s the hardest part with a
food component with any goal doesn’t just have to be bodybuilding it’s any
goal in general if if you don’t want it bad enough if you want the instant
pleasure more than the long-term goal that’s when you’re not going to stick to
the diet every day Like a rather squat under like a ton
of weight it was risk of blowing my knee out than do
a curl. Feels so, coming away from the body is so awkward Today we did arms so did
all triceps first and then I did all biceps to finish off sometimes I do a
set of triceps and a set of biceps I’ll pick two exercises that are kind of
opposing like a tricep pushdown straight bar and then a straight bar bicep curl
and I’ll just do a set of each of them and sort of flash blood back and forth
though I do find that opposing muscle groups are really well to train together
so just for the blood flow factor but really getting back to the arm session
today it was all about volume for me I mean I’ve spoke a bit before about
progressive overloads my main belief system with building muscle mass but
there’s also a component of fascia stretching the fascia, it’s like a tissue
that wraps kind of from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head and it
can be restrictive in certain muscle groups and by getting a really good pump
or a good amount of blood flow there you can stretch the fascia and also increase
you know by increasing blood flow your increased recovery and recovery is a big
thing when it comes to progressive overload if you’re not recovering enough
or you’re hitting a muscle too frequently then you’re not going to
recover in time for the muscle to grow so what we’re all trying to do is little
tears little micro tears in the muscle tissue not macro tears because then the
muscle can’t recover and today we did that we did just more volume stuff
because doing like my dumbbell press or my bent over row is going to be a much
larger recruitment of a progressive overload for my bicep or my tricep in
those movements and that’s why I found I couldn’t there’s no amount of weight
I could barbell curl functionally and recruit enough of my bicep that I could
do you know with the bent over row or a
dumbbell row I could find I could you know dumbbell row lot more than I could
dumbbell curl so therefore my my bicep would always get you know a larger
overload from that so from a weight perspective the overload just wasn’t
there went with arm workouts and I’ve found by doing a lot of volume a lot of
um a lot of sets per exercise it’s just allowed my arms to grow With my workouts from week to week they don’t really change that much the exercises I found all very similar from week to week but the order will be might be different so I might start with the tricep pushdown rope or a tricep pushdown straight bar
or so on like that so but for the most part I find that this has been the most
effective way for my arms to grow so far That’s at the hardest part with
bodybuilding only just a food component is and sticking to the diet for one’s
hard enough the not not eating food that’s gonna give you temporary joy and
an instant gratification is the hardest part with bodybuilding but ultimately
the goal is to win the Arnold Classic and that’s going to take sacrifice and
nothing greater becomes without a sacrifice so the food I’m eating at the
moment is really fish and chicken predominantly and we’re lucky here in
Australia we get kangaroo which is a very lean form of red meat with a much
higher iron content than what normal regular like beef has like cow has so I
find I’m having like that to finish my day which is not a large amount of
saturated fat compared to like a even a lean or extra lean beef mince that still
has a decent amount of fat I think there’s something like 10 grams of
saturated fat per 100 grams even in an ultra lean beef so to have kangaroo
instead which is like 2 grams per 100 grams it’s obviously much lower and much
less saturated fat means a better burning of body fat in my opinion of
overall calories I mean if you can avoid saturated fat for the most part as well
as sugary carbohydrates you’re going to get a better result I find that having a
large amount of protein in every meal has been definitely the best up best
option for both muscle growth and also keeping fuller for longer so my
predominately my calories are made up mostly protein so I think two-thirds of
my diet or just over half at least is protein and the rest is
carbohydrates and greens and the essential fat Done.

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