Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

And the studio is really a dream
come true. You know this is my field of
dreams… You know, if you build it, they
will come. ♪ So, I think the biggest benefit
of having my own home gym or home studio is, that I can make I can make it
much more affordable for people. Before, in the past, I had to
drive to people, and it would take three hours to do an
hour session. So now, someone can come here
and we can do an hour session, or a 45 minute session, and there’s no gym fees and I
don’t have to charge for three hours and so it can be
much more affordable for a person to come and train here
which I love because I don’t like to ever turn anybody away. I like to help as many people
as I can. Its kind of my mission in life,
to help as many people as I can change their lives. So, I feel like, this is a
dream come true to have my own space. And to also be able to move
around really quickly in it because you don’t have to wait
for anything like you would in a gym. So what this does is it gives you a little
assist. You put your leg in it… Boom! Well these are gymnastic rings. And this is something you
almost never see in a regular gym. This is a rock-climbing hang
board… Here, you can move from
exercise to exercise, equipment
to equipment with no rest time, so you get a lot more
accomplished in a much shorter
time. In 20 years of training people
at the gym and going to people’s houses, I can’t tell you how many times
people have told me they hate the gym, or they’re not comfortable
working out in front of other people. So the great thing about this
is it’s an environment that
everyone can really feel comfortable working out in because its just me and the
client. It makes a lot of sense for
everybody involved. I’m really excited about.. you know, this new space and getting people in here and
working people out and… you know, making a difference
in people’s lives.

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