Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What do you think of juice fasting while bodybuilding? It can help you lose weight as long as you
aren’t juicing Fruit Gushers candy. That’ll rot your teeth, too. I heard that
juice fasting was a good compromise to water fasting and eating regularly when trying to
compete. Juice will keep you hydrated as water would,
without the boredom of living off water. It provides some calories and a lot of nutrients,
but not as much as food. If you were trying to fast and only have water,
you shouldn’t try working out hard. Your blood sugar will crash. And so might you, off the exercise bike. In that regard, drinking a gallon of fruit
juice will fuel the workout while you burn calories, without replacing everything you
burn. But a gallon of fruit juice is as good as
a gallon of aloe vera juice for detoxing. That isn’t a good idea. Be careful that
your juice fast doesn’t become a colon cleanse, which happens if you have a lot of apple juice
or aloe vera juice. It might work if you intend to lose a few
pounds via laxative effects on top of the workout routine. That can dehydrate you while you’re on a
fast. I’ve heard of people living off the juice
diet for a week or more. If you are drinking forty ounces of juice
a day, you are replacing food with drink. It is like living off Slimfast cans or body
building smoothies. Someone told me that drinking a lot of juice
can satisfy your hunger on the fast. That’s true if you drink juices from green
leafy vegetables or high fiber sources like carrots. But you can mix it up with pear juice, pineapple
juice, orange juice and so forth. The problem with all that juice is that it
could have more calories than eating the equivalent serving of fruit, due to all the added sugar.
And then there’s the challenge of getting protein in. Can you drink almond milk or soy milk during
a juice fast? It’s vegetable stuff, kind of. It’s your fast.

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