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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

okay guys so in the last video I saw a
lot of the comments on my breakfast video asking me the foods cool but how
do you juice so today I’m gonna show you guys how to juice I’m Fouad Abiad and
this is your morning juice a lot of people have trouble with their
blood work they have elevated liver enzymes elevated kidney enzymes for many
different reasons okay one of the ways you can detoxify
your body is by vegetable juicing that’s what I usually start my day with I get
up in the morning I make a quick juice it taste like shit I’m not gonna lie to you
it doesn’t taste good it’s not a vegetable it’s not a fruit smoothie or
anything like that it’s literally vegetables with an apple in there and
apple’s the only thing that can kind of save you but to make it really work you
got to use the vegetables that detoxify your body the most so obviously the
first thing you wanna do is wash it because the reason we’re doing this is
to help detoxify our body so if we’re not getting good fresh vegetables or
cleaning them you’re kind of defeating the purpose because and you’re just
putting dirt and shit back into your body anyway
okay so very simple juicer goes on stuff goes in it’s some parsley and cilantro carrot throw an apple in there lemon for liver health and the reason we’re juicing and not
blending because I don’t want the fiber I literally just want the nutrients that
are gonna help flush my body and we have a little piece of ginger okay so that’s
it this is your way to health okay so look there’s no easy way to do it
nothing in here tastes good like I said the apple and the lemon may save you a
little bit but it’s disgusting you just gotta get it down it’s just once a day
it’s like medicine okay so has to be done and it’s the way to stay healthy
that’s my morning ritual every morning

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  2. Was hoping this wasn’t the type of juice they were going to show! Fucking druggie, you can’t fucking detox your body from the heavy chems you are on

  3. Fuaaaark! Thx for the vid! Now I know what my friends mean when they say bodybuilders are on the juice!!! Hell Yea I'm gonna get swole now that I know the secret!!!

  4. From one juice head to another, if you will use the bag you got your veggies or fruit in as a liner for the tub that catches the pulp, you'll save LOTS of time on clean-up!!

  5. He was very sure not to get his little sausages mixed in with the greens. Now, to save the $300 for a juicer..

  6. what would i juice for my digestive health i was recently sick for 2 months from a stomach virus in which i lost 20 pounds and could not eat any food but bananas and apple sauce and still feel like my gi isnt back to the way it should be any advice guys

  7. This looks GREAT! It's good to know how to detox you're body, into an health alternative how vegetables we're in use of couple fruits to produce flavour. Also, providing with the health benefits of your body to consume the positive outcome of fruits and vegetables in morning juices/meals. Thanks!

  8. more carrots and apples in there and maybe it would taste good. oh, i also forgot the ketchup, some ketchup might help as well. jk

  9. Would I still benefit from blending? Don’t have a juicer only a vitamix. Thanks from Ontario Canada.

  10. Eat these vegetables as whole don't extract juice from it you are losing many healthy fibres content by making juice instead of juicing vegetables just eat veg salad of 250gm to detoxify your body with carrot beetroots spinach and kheera as main contents.

  11. That's a terrible waste of vegetable fiber, which also contains most of the nutrients in addition to helping your digestive tract. Seriously how much juice are you expecting to get out of that cilantro?
    And juicing to "flush out toxins" is such a dumb myth. It's good for micronutrients but it ain't flushing shit. Can't believe so many people run on misinformation.

  12. Do you actually do this "every day"?? Also, is that juicer a bitch to clean after? Just seems like a large chunk of time spend on a cup or two of juice

  13. That’s why some people in their field stand out and are special. He is hella funny but not in your face kinda way. He did that with a serious face 😂

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