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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[MUSIC…] I’m Julie, this is my husband Lowell, and
we are health and fitness coaches. I’m legally blind, I’m a Para-cyclist, and I’m aiming
for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Paralympic Games. Welcome to our home gym! In order for us to get our workout in, we
needed to create a gym. We are very busy. I can’t drive, so we needed something that
was accessible. And we designed this gym in the side
of our garage. And here we have the most important part for my
training…is the stationary bike that’s connected to a trainer, that measures how much
power I’m putting out. It’s connected to the computer, which is connected
to the internet so that I can ride with people from all over the world and my coach can see
what I’m riding, and even program workouts for me to ride on the bike. Then we also have the treadmill. This is my speciality. This is where I often run beside Lowell while
he cycles in the morning. And we have weights that have all the different
sizes and weights that we can use here. And it’s just important for us to build a
full body. So, cyclists we try to do a lot of lower body,
but we really want that full body conditioning and part of the training, part of the coaching,
and part of healthy living is to do a whole body workout. We have a mirror to make sure our form
is going well when we are doing our exercises. It’s not always pretty at 5 o’clock
in the morning. We have a wheel that helps with our push ups
to help with some core balance as well. So we do a pushup while we are rolling down
on the wheel. Can you show us one Lowell?
I have never used this thing before. So I put my hands on the wheel and I roll down
into a pushup… …and then roll back up. So lots of activities that you can do to switch
things up. Good job Lowell.
Thank you. And the big mat really helps if you’re doing
some lunges, and squats and a lot of other things that we try to do. And because I can’t see very well, it’s difficult
for me to use free weights with a bench, or to jump up and down on boxes. So the TRX has really been helpful. These are straps that hang from the ceiling,
and I can adjust the length of the strap, and it creates all body weight exercises. So if I need to do upper body and do some
pull ups, I can lean back and pull my body up and do some upper body working out. If I need to do some leg work, I can lower
it down and put my legs inside and do some squats with one leg. And I can also do some
sit ups and core movement. So, these straps are really helpful, and they also
help when we are busy; I can just take them down, clip them in, and take them out to a
park if I’m travelling, or do it from the hotel room. These are a very versatile working out tool,
and it allows me to do my workouts without any excuses, that I don’t have the equipment, because I can bring the equipment with me in my backpack or in my suitcase. [MUSIC FADES…]

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