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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

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so as as I prefer to be that way because there’s no point in rushing exactly if
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it as the worst thing is is we tease that we were gonna have an
on the next episode but I’ll fuck y’all wait another week yes you’ll be fine
he’ll get there because we sing gonna sing too – yeah exactly so let’s get
into this let me give the background because of what you know it’s we are
starting or officially the strong feed peer review this is the strong fit peer
review sees the number 101 exactly these are the things actually thinking out
loud we were to sell this podcast this you’d have to pay extra money for but
don’t peer review you have to pay for it yeah so but this is the thing that
Julian sent me yesterday for you and it was a study that I read and I
interpreted still differently than what they said totally but was still
incomplete because you I’m basing it off of two conclusions so if you’re so we
have to explain one thing it’s an awesome study that has linked stuff I’ve
been talking about for a long time in in a purely physiological way the axis from
the brain to the sympathetic nervous system and what it does and how we in
that case fat I win Frances fat loss so all that stuff which is a great great
piece of empirical evidence to what we talk about all the time that is not the
problem and the studies done well and all that stuff that’s not the problem
the problem is the what the studies actually is done for almost like what it
shows and the conclusion drawn from it that’s where the problem is and I don’t
think it’s by accident that the conclusion does not match the findings
of the study yeah well well I will go train but let’s let’s dive let’s dive
right into what is on there though like so what what was this yeah so I’m gonna
read it right and I think as we go I should explain the stuff that are harder
to understand and I think I’m gonna read it then with the conclusion then I’ll
explain first of all the parts of the study where there are certain things
that are a bit not precise enough for what I would like right so from my
perspective I’ll explain what to me what it says what were it shows because it’s
some very very important part and especially their
significance I think is huge and it never really mattered what you work on –
yes and then we’re gonna talk about the conclusion and why they drew it the way
they drew because I believe there’s some bit of a malicious intent
I believe it – yeah and it’s actually a good indicator though the trap you can
fall in if you don’t come to the video I’ll really take a take and try to show
you why you cannot just read the abstract of a study yeah because that’s
that’s where the damage is being done not in the study itself which is very
pernicious in a way because this study can be perfect but all you got to do is
switch a few words sure and and this isn’t isn’t unlike when we we had talked
before about how you can end up with this massive confirmation bias because I
could Google search for what this study’s conclusion is and pop up with
this study to validate that thing except that is not what this says this is how
they basically said smoking is not bad for you exactly that they do a real
study a correct study but they falsified the conclusion in a way just by not even
like blatantly as you find just by making drawing conclusions they cannot
draw they cannot draw or just changing the way to formulate the conclusion and
then suddenly they take that little look like this and then you can make it say
whatever you have and and then you end up in this feedback loop of just fitting
your own just reading your own shit which is what we run into often with
people wanting a study is the highlight zeroing just google for something you
want and that’s not any different than you could search for what’s better Coke
or Pepsi right however yeah who is what you can do is you can Google Pepsi is
trash and you’re just gonna live in that world and but if you say that Pepsi Way
better on paper see I’ll cook it was like okay so you look at a study but at
some point we have to see who’s paying for the study if Coke is paying for the
study chances I’d saying that cookies it’s funny other works yeah yeah and by
the way and as we show the study can be valid mmm that’s not the problem the
problem is not the study the problem is the conclusion yeah right that’s wrong
alright so I so you tell me what needs to be explained because I know most of
this but to some people is going to be even the way the phrase is gonna be
fucking it’s gonna be a lot of land I mean so a brain Milano cotton Vegas axis
mediates adipose tissue expansion independently of energy intake so that’s
monstrous so what it says is the brain melanocortin Vegas axis what they’re
talking about is activation of the sympathetic versus the Past sympathetic
nervous system mediates adipose tissue expansions that means mediates whether
you go to gain fat or lose fat indefinitely of energy intake
independently or how much would you you ingest soon so in the in this part I
said I understood that’s the title okay so yes no that’s why like is that right
I should mail that one and you’re like that’s the fucking title yeah yeah but
that does take some understand well yeah because no one knows what the brain mean
I know cotton axis Israel it’s just but the nervous system stay
parasympathetic versus sympathetic yeah okay so you’re going to have a direct
effect on adipose tissue which is fat tissue under the skin important part
what is saying the brain axis what they mean by that is the efferent system of
most right so afferent is the body telling the brain the brain telling the
body is the efferent system were they talking about that axis by that they
mean the brain triggering the sympathetic or triggering the past
sympathetic right we should they’re gonna do independently will have an
effect on whether you gain or lose fat regardless of what you eat of no not
what you eat of how much of in that case even that it is not energy intake is
independently of energy intake of a high-fat diet yeah because that only
works in a high-fat diet that’s that’s the basis of the stuff is does it matter
how so you can win or you can lose or gain fat mass regardless of how much fat
you actually ingest it isn’t it there’s nothing between calorie intake of fat
versus where it makes you or lose fat it’s a nervous system thing that’s the
stuff so highlight starts by saying vagal signals contribute to obesity due
to MC for our deficiency or a high-fat feeling no it doesn’t okay so that’s the
highlights sick do I start with that that’s not what he says you have to be
very careful cause it’s vagal signal contribute to obesity base
due to a high fat feeling yes and no it’s not just vagal signals it’s very
old signals in the very very space specific environment where there is no
stimulus of the sympathetic to the brain melanocortin axis so it’s already it’s a
problem yeah it’s not the same you can’t say vagal signals you have to save
agency without the control party of the sympathetic eye because vagus nerve is
past sympathetic so maybe we can give a background the vagus nerve is a highway
of information between the the CNS peripheral and enteric nervous system
and it’s an extremely important thing that allows us to socialize bases it
control the muscles of your face but also digestion and huge not digestion
but signals digestion or it’s a huge superhighway information extremely
important to us it’s on the path sympathetic side the sympathetic side is
on nerve system that does specific when you’re the brain to activate the
sympathetic nervous system does it through the melanocortin axis right so
what they’re saying is that the vagal signal when there is no stimulus of the
sympathetic will cause fat gain fat mass gainer right but that’s not exactly what
the highlight says yeah so that’s I’m gonna go into it that’s already where
you were sorta running in the city when I read that I was not happy
that’s not okay Oh bread melanocortin Vegas axis regulates fat mass
independently of caraway intake that’s true that’s Italy regular signals
promote lipogenesis or cell proliferation of white adipose adipose
tissue yes yes in a very specific environment
again you have to understand the context where you have to put all this into
context so bagel signal means the path sympathetic side of the nervous system
can promote fat mass gain of white adipose tissue in that specific
environment which is very important cause it’s going to go into the arch and
all that stuff but so that those are the highlights
summary the mineral cotton system is a brain structure the influences energy
balance by regulating energy intake and expenditure in addition the brain
melanocortin oops sorry reset additionally melanocortin system
controls adipose tissue Manipuri metabolism to optimize fuel mobilization
and storage cool ok specifically increase brain melanocortin
signaling of negative energy balance promotes lipid mobilization by
increasing sympathetic nervous system input to adipose tissue what they mean
by negative energy balance is the means fasting deficit yeah yeah they mean
fasting okay so what is saying right there is that fasting increases the
sympathetic nervous system input toward using fat as fuel so we know that that’s
why fasting basic you make you lose fat because why because he activated the
sympathetic nervous system which is a fight mode by the way the problem in
this in they say the nervous the sympathetic nervous system they are not
making a distinction between fight and flight that’s a problem that they don’t
go into that into that study because usually in the medical world they don’t
make a difference between fight and flight that’s a huge problem because
fight and flight is not the same fight you’ll see to a certain in fright is
cortisol there are huge difference between the two so you’ll have to trust
me on this when we’re going to talk about in the sympathetic nervous system
in this we’re talking about the fight mode not the flight mode fight is you
want to be there so in that particular case it means fight I as we go I’ve done
the difference kind of between that how that applies with my recent weight loss
yeah exactly good return at the end for now when this
when I say sympathetic I mean fight right any mario’s fight and flight are
not the same some people are they are trying to drone them together it is not
that simple so so bad that they means basically that
fasting promotes the fight mode why because the fight mode is wanting to be
there it’s hunting well that’s what fasting does it makes you hungry so you
want to go hunt so that’s what basically that just said in contrast calorie
independent mechanism favoring energy storage are less understood so that
means that in contrast system that makes you fat regardless of how much food you
eat our less understood but that means there are systems out there that will
make you gain weight regardless of how much food you eat so it’s what this
thing is not about calories in calories out that the nervous system has stuff
built in it that making can make you fad regardless of calories in versus
calories out so that’s a very important part because most people think it’s
Halloween versus carry out and that’s all a buddy does that was my argument
with the fairies in Aruba and all those guys they keep saying it’s all about
calories in versus calories out no it’s not
the nervous system is a huge play on whether you’re going to lose or gain fat
regardless of how much you’re eating yeah that’s what he says right there see
it’s not me it’s the fucking just google it that side of that argument is a thing
that for for a lot of years though that was I mean I argued that side of this
yes often how do you against it yeah and I remember but but that is because we
talk science in a vacuum because there are plenty of studies that they take Oh
a caloric deficit this and that but it’s since none of that is in the context of
the nervous system state it’s very easy to find information that’s just going to
that you can just pair it that says that yeah so here we demonstrate that
prediction of brain melanocortin signaling actually promotes fat mass
gain by activating the lipid genic program an adipocyte and endothelial
cell proliferation in what first deposit independently of calorie intake via
afferent nerves fibers conveyed by the commonly pathetic branch of the vagus
nerve I might have to explain that one we
demonstrate a reduction of the brain melanocortin a signaling actively
promotes fat mass gain so we demonstrate that suppression of
the sympathetic nervous system activation of the sympathetic nervous M
so activation of the fight mode will promote fat mass gain by activating the
lipo genic program and adipocyte and endothelial cell population in what fat
departs independent of context so that basically it promotes the fat gaining
mechanism that we have independently of calorie intake via F yeah so if you are
suppressing the fight mode you gain fat fat ass and come up which means
regardless now body regardless you’re inherently going to be biased towards
getting more fat no not bias you will gain more that’s correct yeah so it goes
biased about getting more fat means if you eat by bias I’m I actually mean the
the ratio between 5 muscle you again here I’m saying yeah
but that’s web that’s where the danger is is by saying the best thing biased or
well that people will take it into if you eat too much you most likely will
get fat no that’s not what he says she’s a regardless of how much you eat
you will gain fat okay again we have to make that point every time because
people still think is the system is what do I do with extra calorie no regardless
of calories even if you under you still gonna gain fat so you’ll build more
muscle but still gain fat that’s the system that we have that is independent
of how much eWEEK larger that’s very important for the style we are afarid
nerve fibers come here by the community Pathak branch of the vagus nerve what I
mean but afferent nerve fibers is again is the front part of the nervous brain
to the body conveyed by the Kumasi passing brush of the vagus nerve
basically by the so the afferent part which is called eventual vagus nerve
that’s we’re talking about so that by that what do they mean they mean they
gonna suppress the sympathetic on one side and then they’re going to activate
the past sympathetic on the other when that happens when you have
parasympathetic lifting versus sympathetic going down you gain fat
regardless of how much you eat that’s what the that’s per diamond those
vaguely regulated or messaging signals also contribute to the fat mass gain
follow following chronic high fat diet feeling this data will real this yeah
that’s well anyway this data we will a physiological mechanism whereby the
brain control energy stores that may contribute to increased susceptibility
to obesity so what is saying is those vaguely regulated orbiting signals that
means that the signals being sent to the vagus nerve so in the past empathic
state contribute to gaining fat once following Khanate hal fat diet feeling
which means what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna give a high-fat diet to
rats basically and by stimulating the vagus nerve they’re going to promote the
capacity to store fat right so the way they are phrasing it though this the
brain control energy stored I may contribute to an increase this ability
to BCD that’s my problem with a story we can go into it is that from there by
saying you would use the fat you activate the vagus nerve you get you’re
gonna store fat on a high fat diet regardless of calorie intake so even if
you have a little bit of fat – I mean percentage-wise what it means is that if
you activate the vagus nerve and you decrease the fight so and then you feed
people or high fat diet percentage wise even if there is not much fat you’re
gonna basically gain a lot of fat mass from that so even if the overall amount
of will cut such as calories is consumed it’s the ratio that they’re saying that
just a simply higher fat they’re going to the conclusion that a higher fat
ratio fat versus yeah so what they’re doing is they’re fridge again in a way
to say high-fat diet makes you fat correct and that’s not very early on but
the result that’s not what he says yes so for example the highlight is Vega no
signals contribute to obesity due to high fat feeling fuck no that’s not what
it says it says that vagal signals once the sympathetic is turned off in a
high-fat diet will contribute to fat mass gain yeah you know in that context
only that is not to say a high fat diet will make you fat yeah
so anyway it’s kind of the situation I think often and we run into this a few
times where they just kind of put the car in front of the horse
– yeah well taking associates Dannic yeah they have a graphical abstract that
is here and all of this will have will also have the link so go and then what
you see here right he says high fat diet and then they put
that integration put brain marino coating signaling goes down a high-fat
diet does not necessarily means bringing down them the mineral coating signaling
is that’s what they did in the study they suppress that part onwards by
cutting it off that is not to say that a high-fat diet causes a drop in
sympathetic signaling so if so when you say that that essentially does mean no
like if it was in out in nature in the wild the only way
that’s gonna cause that is truly with just having a lower sympathetic state in
higher Paris yeah so in nature got a great cell rats do that yes exactly
so that’s what we talk about the arch but all it shows is that basically we
need an arch between the balls we need tension no sympathetic and tension in
the past sympathetic that’s really what it shows but what this saying is that
the high fat diet will promote vagal activity which is true like I talked
about in a nutrition protocol a lot the high fat especially saturated fats if
you go through the enteric nervous system right that’s the the bacteria
leads in the gut and everything seems that protein and saturated fats create a
response in the past sympathetic side if you don’t know what I’m talking about go
back to the podcast we did about the gut flora and so in that sense a high-fat
diet would promote vagal activity would promote the past sympathetic side that’s
one of the cornerstone of the nutrition protocol we have a strong fit is the
fact that saturated fats promote the bath sympathetic and it says right here
you’ll see I’m not crazy right so then they go there I see a deep you adipose
tissue expansion yes in a vacuum if you were to just promote the vagus nerves of
just in a path sympathetic you would have a greater fat mass gain in a vacuum
right that’s not how the body is designed but in a vacuum it happens like
that right which could lead to obesity if you were to abuse it yes but again
that is not how the body works it just works in that particular context oh you
cannot draw the conclusion then a high-fat diet will promote obesity based
on that because the body does not work like that because we do have a
sympathetic site so that is true that a high-fat diet without the control agent
of the sympathetic most likely will make you fat but that’s basically saying that
a high-fat diet without any exercise without any sympathetic driver during
the day will promote fat mass gain regarding of how much food you eat yeah
so get you off of the we spend all day with a low heart rate inactive no but
even if you do yoga and have a high-five diets the extra fat
layer that you cannot lose does not come the fact so on the diet fat it does not
come from the it does not mean that you should starve yourself more it means
that you need to push the training higher to a higher ground until you get
into the fight mode it just tells you that you need the fight mode basically
in order to lose fat all right so then they go the other way so they go brain
metal cutting signaling means drop in sympathetic activity right so intake
goes up you have a calorie suppress I can that can lead to obesity yes because
once you have the sympathetic activity goes down you spend less energy right
your high-fat diet means you intake one up so calorie surplus means obesity and
what it says right here that the sympathetic activity the fight mode
leads to adipose tissue lipolysis so it means that you burn less fat and so all
this could lead to be silly right that’s which is true again taking separately
out of context that’s very true but you have to be very careful to not associate
I fight diet and obesity what it says is like if you have a high fat diet and do
not go to all the fight mode during the day you will not burn fat but if you
take it like they are doing on the vagus nerve like let’s go on the sympathetic
it means that an increase in fight mode will allow you to burn fat regardless of
calorie intake and which if you eat the If you eat the same, and you go to an intensity workout,
you’ll burn fat. So that means that you don’t have to eat less, you just have to
train harder.. That doesn’t mean more, that’s the part
we’re going to talk about at the end, it means that the intent of the
workout is what makes a difference, the duration, not the volume, not what you
do… How you do it. not what you do it’s how you do it that
matters that how you go at your workout will decide whether you burn fat or not
so that’s the difference between fight and flight is fight you want to be their
flight you don’t what they’re talking about here is going in fight so that
means that a workout where you want to be there will allow you to burn fat a
workout where you don’t want to be there won’t so when you go to the gym and you
punish yourself hating the workout and never investing
yourself mentally never wanting to be there never fucking attacking like I’m
going to kill that bitch you won’t burn fat I mean it’s that those 30 40 minute
workout that you’re putting yourself through enduring it instead of attacking
them because you do what you have to do you check the boxes sweating a lot won’t
allow you to burn fat the only thing that does is pushing the sympathetic
activity a higher in that case through because remember of the brain Melo
cotton existed talking the day talking about is a brain or doing the body to do
more so if you’re weak here and just think you have to do a 30 minute workout
just moving without pushing the intensity and get results you’re wrong
that’s what this says it’s like you’re gonna have to invest yourself mentally
into your workout fucking attacking it and then will you burn fat regardless of
calorie intake and if you always always avoid that always then you’re gonna f
your pace over if you’re a pacer right and you try to I don’t like stress oh I
don’t like this or whatever like I’m already anxious or stuff like that all
you’re doing is throwing more fat because you’re diminishing the
sympathetic response while trying to bring them the biggest number on the
other side and that will make you store fat which is why we talk often about
people falling into the you know I call it the cardio trap there’s no getting
around with cardio except that I venture on how you doing you become efficient at
it your capacity becomes very high and then you never ever ever push any real
intensity for yourself which means you’re just kind of our doing man what
you do it’s how you do it that’s really what you don’t want to hear if you do
that is that it’s not what you do it’s how you do it it’s not checking boxes
it’s because dress video doesn’t do it without hitting intensity may give you
5% further results sometimes but not even so long yeah so because and if
anything over your time you make you gain more fat no because most likely
will make you eat more and again you you remembering the vagus nerve instead of
the sympathetic response which over your time as it shows right as don’t believe
me look at the graph the vagus nerve will promote fat mass gain and there’s a
conditioning like have lovi and conditioning to this
type of work where it’s like you just now it just becomes a thing they’re out
it’s up becomes a very difficult thing to break that because you but again the
biggest problem is you never committed now you got into it saying I got to do
what I got to do you know it’s like going to school and listening memorizing
answering the test but never you’re learning anything it’s getting
information of your knowledge but we talk about it a lot it’s thinking you
read a book or study and understand what you’re talking about know you understand
what you do this stuff not just by reading the stuff it’s the same
principle and it’s just having the wrong tool for the problem that’s it’s the
body doesn’t work like that we are not built like that we are built for intent
that means that if you do a three minute workout like Fran and you put you invest
yourself and you fucking kill the thing and finish on the ground ring with the
tremendous sympathetic response you will burn more fat you will burn fat whereas
if you do cardio hating yourself while doing the thirty minutes you will gain
fat because you put yourself in flight you’ll have water retention from the
cortisol and all that stuff and basically the lessening of the
sympathetic response means you are activating the fat gain mechanism
instead of the fat loss mechanism we have a fat loss mechanism that is
activated to fight you can’t cut your way out of that one country you’ve got
to counter your way into gaining fat mm-hmm that’s why it says right there
so where we go next alright so introduction oh boy any homeostasis is
at shifts to the coordinated and integrated activity of numerous
processes including food intake energy expenditure the flu the flux of energy
which fuels among the intestine blood storage organs another mechanism that’s
easy enough while numerous brain circuits influence one or several of
these processes of particular note is a brain melanocortin system which receives
sensory input from throughout the body indicating current metabolic status and
internal coordinates many of the protein processes that influence energy
homeostasis alright it is well known that the melaka
melanocortin system regulates both energy intake and expenditure signaling
through the maloca gene for receptors as for the column Chi for the
click controls filling behavior know when manicotti in signaling also directs
also directly regulates adipose tissue mass independently of taraweeh intact
via direct afferent innovation of peripheral tissues by the sympathetic
nervous system we and others have demonstrated that increased brain
melanocortin signaling enhances sympathetic output from the brain yeah
no shit does remains a key target of this
innovation is adipose tissue since when sympathetic activity increases fat cells
undergo lipo 6 so it lipolysis releasing stuff fat
during periods of negative energy balance the parable negative negative on
that laughs and so we should repeat there ya key target of this innovation
of is adipose tissue since when sympathetic activity increases fat cells
undergo lipolysis rigor releasing stuff at doing payers of negative energy
balance so if you’re negative that you have a negative energy balance and you
spend time in an intense sympathetic state and fight if you will immediately
not immediately but but the result is basically fat cells are really does that
mean against you balance they just mean doing your day like for example like
after what that does mean is is that that type of training that type of
activity is not costing you muscle that’s not going to Pollak that but this
thing is the harder you train the more fat you build but by harder they mean
activation of the sympathetic nervous them so it means that not so much 60
minutes overnight exactly ready means they go to huddle you going to fight the
more fat you burn yeah that’s what I mean and I think that’s the very
important emphasis yes need to take forward yeah
ablation of the sympathetic innervation to specific fat deposit doing using
surgical chemical or genetic methods results in an ability to really store
fat and a consequence increase in fat mass
adipocyte size and cell proliferation so what they mean is the sympathetic
innervation to specific fat depots and means they’re going to cut the nerve
endings to that into that area in contrast with sympathetic innervation
adipose tissue likes direct innovation by the path sympathetic vagus nerve so
that means that the fat tissue do not have a direct connection to the vagus
nerve where it does to the sympathetic so
means that the relationship with fat is down to the sympathetic not the path
sympathetic nonetheless there is evidence of past sympathetic involvement
in the control of fat mass clinical studies have demonstrated that surgical
ablation of the abdominal vagus nerve can result in a considerable reduction
of body weight inveigled innervation also linked to increased weight loss
following gastrectomy yeah but that doesn’t take into account the enteric
nervous system so we’re getting into stuff that we don’t fully understand
these data suggest an increase vagal activity may have a reciprocal role that
to that of the CNS promoting gain of fat mass possibly we just don’t know how
since there is no innovation so it just says that once you cut the the vagus
nerve this seems to be we seen weight loss by cutting the beggar stealth the
thing is do we see weight loss but that means getting cutting the biggest not
mean that cunning the direct route to the enteric nervous system and what that
happens we see a massive weight loss the why though can be because of the enteric
nervous system and not the vagus nerve it doesn’t mean that the control of the
gaining fat comes from the vagus nerve it means that it has a role to play in
it but it can very well be the enteric nervous system that is responsible for
getting fat through you know the gods or let’s not that’s when the enteric
nervous system is we don’t know how that works this is more likely the enteric
nervous system since there is no innervation of the vagus nerve into
those four flat tracks miss out on everything else as far as what that does
hormonal II at the whole picture changes well basically what this thing is
cunning of the vagus nerve from the enteric nervous system which means the
gut does not have information that and I think that’s all we’re going back in the
gut flora that’s always gonna be a limitation when you’re talking about a
study that has to you it has to be my press even like you eat on human come in
and just cut exactly so what what the issue is that and we’re going back to
the podcast video on the gut flow and all that stuff is the enteric nervous
system is far more complex and we understand but that’s what all the gut
flora is that’s what the biodome is and so it seems that this relationship
between the enteric like one move the interact system from his
connection to the world weight drops completely so it seems that the enteric
nervous system has a connection to gaining fat and I think on the integrity
of the study really one of the things to mention is that that’s not a singular
variable like its records now as they say yes yeah so that means there is a
relationship there’s a difference between correlation and causation
yeah and so that they’re not implying causation yeah they’re implying
correlation which is true there is a correlation you just remove this from
the equation the problem is you’re not just changing one thing that’s why
that’s why it might be coalition is not causation because we don’t know which
one causes which consistent with this vagal blocking therapy can provide some
significant weight loss in obese patient no shit because usually you cut off you
curve the stomach from the rest of the body from the signal perspective
so again transition versus correlation but it means the duration ship between
the vagus nerve and the possibility to gain fat which is true but we don’t know
how whereas we know full well that there’s an inversion between the
sympathetic and we know full well that activation of the sympathetic means fat
loss fat burning sure because of the overall importance of the brain
melanocortin system energy balance we investigated his contribution to vagal
innervation of controlling fat stores we found that in opposition to the
melanocortin dictated Whipple Isaac leap the polite tech role of the CNS we’d use
man on recording signaling mediates adipose tissue expansion due to
increased vagal activity and that is brain Vegas exit
exists contribute to diet induced obesity yes if you remove the the fight
mode so basically so I would okay let me put this way I would agree completely
they’re removing the fight mode let me put it in simple terms
removing the fight mode from your life will promote obesity I agree completely
now what they’re saying is that they basically putting it on a high-fat diet
again this this way that the wording where they trying to put it on a
high-fat diet because no no it looks to me like none of the things that they
really change they keep saying they keep saying this is all regardless of caraway
in Texas so to me sounds like is being paid by the hot cup people I want to
blame the high-fat diet now so it’s not to get in an argument which one is best
because I don’t think either is the best of and what we do basically is mostly a
high-fat diet compared to high carbs which is calm it’s about balance
but like it’s fat all day it’s something quantity versus carbs during training so
we basically on both sides of the equation but if we are to choose mostly
on the high fat no no no no high carb that would say what’s interesting though
is there make it’s almost like they’re trying they’re manipulating two
different sides of this to get to a conclusion like this there’s the high
fat and the high carb my problem is that lasts and ends there’s the the nervous
system side so it’s we’re testing both sides of the nervous system
yeah my problem is when they said these brain Vegas exists contributes to diet
and use obesity my problem is that sentence no yes yes yes making night
what you’re really saying is that this seems to be a balance between the fat so
the sympathetic and the parasympathetic that both do something and if you remove
one and activate the other you’re gonna get obesity that is true but you could
that or me all you could just as easily say reducing the fight mode will promote
obesity yeah we know that reducing exercises down correctly promotes
obesity no yeah we knew that and so basically that induced in obesity so
basically that that’s again that’s regardless of energy intake right so
that if you have a high-fat diet and you don’t go into into fight mode it will
promote obesity yeah but that’s not because of
the fat is because the high saturated fat promote up a sympathetic side and
the goal of the path sympathetic side is to build so therefore by promoting too
much the past sympathetic side and downplaying the sympathetic side you
will go to world fat building instead of fat burning
storage that’s what it means that’s it and that I think most people
agree with that statement it just as it tends to put it on a diet and it’s to me
it’s not that simple as they say it’s not calorie dependent so Jeff on that
one that’s that’s where I’ll keep seeing where they keep pointing us because
you’re reading a thing that covers many things but it always gets pointed back
to a high-fat thing that there’s other conclusions in my opinion that we’re
seeing yeah so then you go into the whole testing right which I’m not gonna
Rico’s boner shit but it says carry independent increase again calorie
independent increase in fat mass due to loss of mc4r expression or high fat diet
feeling requires the integrity of the vagus nerve so again they’re saying we
need the vagus worm to gain fat yes that’s true but that doesn’t mean that
the high fat diet so by the way integrity of the biggest nail there is
another way to trigger the past sympathetic side is protein so you could
add I would like to do that study instead of high fat high protein and I
bet you we get the same the same with also you could say on this that high fat
diet or high protein diet can promote a B C no because if you have a massive
amount of protein you will target the to the same stuff to the enteric nervous
system you’ll go to other paths sympathetic side so high fat high
protein diet will promote obesity unless it is controlled by an activation of the
sympathetic side so basically the body is a fuckin arch yeah yeah you have the
pass if I take that you have the sympathetic that if you don’t have
balance between the two your fault yeah that’s it
that’s which we’ve been saying for so long it’s about balance people the body
is enough you need both sides of nervous system if you fuck with only one side
you’re gonna get into trouble if you fuck only with a sympathetic side you’re
gonna be a skinny bitch who’s gonna burn themselves to death yeah yeah it’s what
is really what this says is and that is what comes down to end though like you
you know framed framed in this way is that really the sympathetic sided system
as it affects body composition on its own right regardless but that system is
now to say that over eating too much will make you fat obviously you think
that even if we take the heroin versus calories out there are systems in the
body that can make you loose fat or gain fat so that means that
if you keep the diet the same we can either make you gain fat or lose fat
with exactly the same values based on how we train yeah all right so your diet
remaining exactly the same you can either burn fat or gain fat it’s very
important for people on send without eating one more one more on one less
calorie in your diet exactly the same you can gain fight or
lose fat based on how you activate the nervous system which is the base of the
strong food nutrition protocol and it says right there so after it goes into
sub D F frog Matic buy go to me so that’s calling the once they given
transiently we douches food intake in MCA or mice you need to reduce body
weight and fat mass bla bla bla bla bla so to ascertain whether bagel dependent
signals regulate fat mass independently of calorie intake we perfed wild-type
then they go into basically with a defined low fat diet a barometer that
goes will send above calories eaten by a group then the expen to you how they do
the experiment if you want to go at it please do I’m not going to read the
whole fucking thing because it’s it’s crazy then he proved that the vagus nerves
mediates fat mass gain that occurs following a reduced brain melanocortin
signaling again the fat mass gain that happened was happen after the fight mode
was cut off and then from there we saw that the vagus nerve was responsible for
that yes because the fat the fight mode was cut off so then he goes on and on
and on and it’s all the graphs and then the vagal afferents so that’s the dorsal
pathway the ventral part of the vagus nerve mediate the control of fat mass by
brenmahoney signaling yeah no shit the common empathic branch of the vagus
nerve mediates the control of fat mass by brain American signaling yet okay so
do same stuff so very no study it this is awesome by the way like I this is for
me this is great because he shows all the stuff I’ve been talking about
independent of tell me that that’s all the stuff I’ve been trying to say put in
a study this is absolutely awesome discussion brain Marrero coaching
signaling is integral for the control of energy balance yes that so all of the
sympathetic side a net reduction of melanocortin receptor
activity favors energy intake over expenditure and results in obesity yes
so it means that less sympathetic mode right gets you hungrier and eating more
why because we know the sympathic suppresses appetite appetite is on the
grass typically the most sense you know what I mean like that
that’s pretty common so uh you just crush okay we take is high in the past
sympathetic appetite is low in the sympathetic that’s why after you finish
a hard workout you’re not hungry yeah because you’re seen in a simple
reading volume from your mind right so you want to know I’ve been asked what’s
the difference between past sympathy and supper and sympathetic how will you test
it hunger is one that’s what this that’s what this means right there
here we provide initial and definitive evidence that a brain melanocortin
afferent vagal pathway contributes to the control of fat mass gain that is
true this path which arises obey obesogenic signals to facilitate adipose
tissue expansion both by activation of lipid metabolism and by promoting the
put specific adipocyte proliferation that’s by the way we you want to talk
about spot what I call at the word about reduction spot reduction it says yes
liquid activation of the sympathetic nervous system you could and basically
by having the fighting to a certain muscle right so eg muscle who do
activation of itchy muscle could get into spot prediction that body believes
I’ve been talking about yeah that’s why it says because I remember the nervous
system the sympathetic has innovation into specific areas of fat pockets so
this shows that through activation of eating muscle if I’m right about
external talked muscle you could have spoke to addiction reduction that’s
right there which the only people that I’ve ever heard talking about that buddy
Belarus our bodybuilders and the people that come to me from a science direction
with that refused to virtually have not accepted it that whatsoever because it’s
just and again I preached it because that’s what I know for a long time that
that oh you just gotta yeah if you got a bunch of fat around your belly maybe
it’s just genetics keep getting leaner you’ll you’ll lose it as it it’ll come
off you as it’s gonna come off you and this is kind of stating that maybe that
not necessarily really no it’s true in the vacuum on that side but it’s also a
way to do spot reduction by innovation because of the innovation that sympathic
has innovation in two specific areas therefore activation of the sympathetic
into that area could result in to spot prediction the question is how do we do
that right that’s where the IT versus ET
muscle could come in if I’m right about that there is a way to access the
sympathetic nervous system through the external talk muscle which would create
spot reduction in that area crazy not really I’ve been saying a long time it’s
audio I mean crazy in regards to people that would maybe just call you crazy
yeah from the same people but they still gonna even if the old shits is what I
said they’re gonna see it doesn’t but then I’m still crazy so you just
whatever I’m just there’s a study you have fun these data also suggests that
component of this axis are regulated during crawling HFD feeding and
contribute to diet induced obesity suggest to you and I would like to know
who’s paying for the study it’s true but in a vacuum it’s again this is a way to
present this like yeah these data are consistent with there’s
no s on Derrida no no I just learned something I always put an s on shit I
always build errors with an S really yeah
sorry I’m French okay whatever we’re gonna miss you so much run into a
hundred thing later yes exactly it’s not entirely wrong about that the data are
consistent with the early clinical studies that demonstrate that surgical
ablation of the vagus nerve at the abdominal level causes a meaningful
reduction of body weight yeah we still don’t know why in keeping with this
vagal denervation has been linked to increased weight loss following a
gastrectomy yeah no shit these data are all consistent with the concept that
increased vagus nerve activity promotes fat mass gainer yes we just don’t know
how consistent with this vehicle blocking therapy has been proposed as a
treatment of adult passion with obesity and that’s what disagree that is not
consistent I’m sorry did this data this data are all consistent with a concept
that increased vagus nerve activity promotes fat man
gain you’re saying that keep shutting off the vagus nerve creates see that’s
my problem shutting off the vagus nerve creates fat
gain so fat loss so therefore activating the vagus name
of more will promote fat gain there’s a difference between conversation and
correlation they they were walking a very thin line on that one consistent
with it vehicle blocking therapy has been proposed as the treatment of adult
patient with obesity yeah it’s going to work but that doesn’t mean the vagus
nerve is the only thing responsible for fat mass gain what if it’s a player that
is like three steps removed on the line mm-hmm right so what is by cutting The
Beggar’s know by the way cutting The Beggar’s now if you’re gonna fuck with
so much thing in there that’s what I see with all of this is that each thing
that’s coming down is a somewhere along the line there’s dominoes that are
falling well yeah I don’t know I don’t know where this and the consequences and
how many dominoes fall over when you cut the bag and again the jumping to
conclusions on a bunch of stuff like she called yeah like only saying is like if
we cut up the vagus nerve with the stomach you lose weight that’s true but
that doesn’t say that doesn’t mean that the vagus nerve is responsible only it’s
responsible for the fat gain it might be another player down the road that the
vagus nerve connects to for example the enteric nervous system so like basically
they’re jumping to conclusion we’re in a vacuum it’s true except if you do it on
human beings you might fucking destroy a lot of them
by not understanding that you’re cutting off the signal to something that is far
more important that just fat loss so she would be with what we talked in the past
about that connection with the plane we started on yeah the plane we started
don’t understand it’s like saying a lead paint
let paint is fine yeah 50 years later everybody had cancer nigga whoops yeah
the vagus nerve contains afferent and efferent fibers conveyancing nodes
between peripheral and the brain yes so they sing the beggars know
basically is as a dorsal and ventral side and connects the CNS and the
peripheral nervous system furthermore abdominal regular branches container of
fibers or there’s and those are vagal origin yeah we found that a must
gain do to reduce brain mineral cotton activity can be prevented by ablating
the HVX yes which contains mainly vagal afferent but also efferent as the year
but I’ll also cut your appetite anyway as well I mean advantage of fibers
likely contributed by the sea by the CNS and cutting both subjects rag Matic
vagal trunks which contain both vagal afferent and efferent but like
sympathetic fibers yes I would yeah so you’re basically going to keep the
sympathetic fibers remove and that way you lose more weight and in the process
who the fuck knows but on biased year which eliminates
Superfrog Matic vagal afferents and partially preserved sevilla frag Matic
vagal efferent yeah although although somewhat surprising considering the
relatively low contribution of efferent fibers to the hrx this data suggests
nonetheless that the OB the obesogenic activity due to reduced brain Milano
caffeine activity is mediated by vagal afferents which are at least in the
right conveyed by that branch yeah yeah sure okay so it keeps on going but I
think I think what they did and what they’re trying to see we’ve covered
pretty well yeah yeah because now we’re going into stuff where and then now what
they said yeah don’t know it then then he goes into the problem is after that
we’re starting to go into stuff where only sleep with touching things we don’t
know that well consistent with present findings gene expression analysis of
grenoble fats suggests an increase in the novel lipid synthesis following the
reduction in bone mineral coughing signaling so what they saying is
basically again we’re going back to the novel the nervous system right and what
it starts to do once we start fucking with it and so far this includes an
increase in the local synthesis of fatty acids and triglyceride as well as
cholesterol and the dictator of adipocytes eyes that can be prevented by
as the suggesting specific control of white adipose tissue expansion by the
brain melanocortin vagal access so again we’re going back to the same self saying
like that spot reduction specific control of what I did post
tissue expansion means that the there are certain parts
of the brain that control fat loss of game depending on which shout of the
nervous system you’re in correct now with that that seems to be the general
takeaway that you can see from that as you’re interpreting as you yeah so yeah
how did I see it like the fight mode allows you to burn fat so it’s not just
calories in calories that don’t get me wrong if you would seek thousand
calories a day of nuts you’ll get in trouble but the question is what so what
question these pauses for example you with 6000 calories of nuts a day right
that’s a massive amount of fibers right the most likely start to shut off all
that stuff right – so you will have cows that’s gonna cause a problem so though
my question is do you gain fat from it because of too much calories in or are
you getting fat because that amount of fibers and Cubs in your system are
showing off certain parts of your nervous system in that case the fight
mode once you have that much fiber in your system 6000 calories will be armed
like a pound of nuts or whatever you’re gonna force the digestion to work extra
hard that’s going to promote the past
sympathetic side that’s called promote the vagus nerve as they were talking
about that is responsible for gaining fat or as you say they’re like like
building which means if you’re assuming protein and a capacity it’s yeah and on
top of it like once your stomach starts to blow up like that with all the fibers
and everything you will activate a specific part of the innervation of the
sympathetic nervous system will basically will shut off the fight mode
because you can’t digest that much and fight at the same time so are you
gaining fat because of the calories in while you’re getting fat because you
fucked with your nervous system by eating too much because when you eat too
much there are certain signals right there that will show up the sympathetic
and put you into flight mm-hmm so which one it is that’s those are the good
question dispossess are we gaining fat because of the nervous system or just
calories in versus calories out at the minimum
it means calories in versus calories out is not enough to judge your diet and
that is not just that like it might be that I’m not even entirely sure right
because I had paralyzed could eat whatever I wanted versus we
all been through those phases right so I’m not even sure its calories in versus
calories out but at the minimum it shows that it’s not just that that your
nervous system has a tremendous impact on whether you’re going to gain fat or
lose fat based on whether or not you in the fight mode or not that’s what it
says and I like also the the differentiation between fight and flight
in this role as well they don’t talk about it but we are strong stuff and
it’s a very important point well I’d sent you last night was a clip
from the study which is always dangerous just but but but it made basically they
said they went the other way and they said like it’s very calm and they say
that higher testosterone there leads to or is no they said is related to a
higher level of sympathetic state and they’ve mentioned they showed the
markers that they used for to indicate that but they said yes there is a
correlation between that they said but the problem is they have actually seen
in many studies that that may actually be the activation of a sympathetic state
that causes the raise of dosterone and they have done studies from physical
activity as well as simply watching violent sports like fighting winnings
like dancing and then yep and then so they would do intense matches of like
tennis and chess where it’s high stakes and they would test the testosterone
before after during of the competitors and they found that the winners
testosterone would go up and then the losers testosterone would you know way
it happens as well on the lobsters with certain levels that winners get higher
serotonin and I’ve been talking about this to me so Tony lives in a five-month
yeah so the higher vitamin means waiting morning to be there that means winning
so someone wins a lobster wins gets higher serotonin the human who wins gets
higher testosterone to me there is a relationship and since those their own
serotonin happens in fight happens in winning and so if I if I interrupt that
at whatever moment in somebody’s lives and I say let me check your testosterone
Julian and Julian has high testosterone and carries around and weight and
carries around a fair amount of muscle mass and then I look at someone else
who’s smaller and having a heart I’m gaining size and I test theirs and
they have low testosterone I could say AHA high testosterone is the reason that
Julian is able to carry that muscle mass but that’s not the cause that’s one of
this schools being used yeah maybe I’ve just been winning more yeah you’ve been
winning you well you’ve also put the word fighting yeah exactly yeah and that
is everybody else you’re doing it so that that we’ve lied about losing and
then just avoiding the fight by staying in flight going inside we won’t real
demacian yeah means you won’t build a muscle so that means that just getting
the steroids is not the question correct like just recently they talked about how
and not just in steroids but why you need to lift heavy weights bodybuilders
will always say this yeah there’s rep schemes for hypertrophy and whatever but
if you want to stimulate your hormonal profile now we understand one you need
to get a cause you need to go everywhere you need to activate the sympathetic
side so that means that going into fight means more muscle less body fat yeah and
your body doesn’t just adapt based on I worked this muscle broke to town now it
goes you have two body to adapt as a whole and the explanation logically
speaking exactly and the explanation I give people is you get under and carry
the heaviest yoke you can imagine carrying your body is good and you do
that frequently enough not so frequently a break but frequently enough your body
has to adapt in some ways it’s not just muscle tissue it’s gonna say don’t mind
us doing we gotta do some fucking more man shit
this guy’s fucking crazy we got to do some winning yeah that’s
the key is like because I go my way and but you’re – to adapt you have to become
a better person to do that on a weekly basis someone who wants it more someone
who wants to win more it’s gonna drive you to become so that’s what we’ve been
saying in the podcast lately so much is like getting bigger getting more more so
losing fat is an attitude he’s you’re not gonna go do that just by
manipulating the diet what you need to do is you need to become a different
person you need to become the person who has more muscle and less body fat and
from what this is saying it means the person is capable of achieving a greater
fight mode that’s what I mean so you’re not chasing a diet you’re chasing the
workout you’re chasing the person you should become
yeah plus when they talk about with people that do take drugs where if you
have very high level of testosterone one of the main indicators is you just can
carry around a higher level of lean muscle mass when you have super
physiological levels their testosterone then you can add a natural baseline why
is that well there’s talk if you’re taking a misogynist hormones that there
may be causation then from the testosterone to the syphilis well yeah
because you’re tricking this you have a much higher sympathetic state kind of
constantly that you’re generally leaning more than and that’s what we saw with
the steroids is people are more in a sympathetic state naturally but that was
brought up by a by an outside help to do it that it’s like being in a cow makes
you go faster yeah you’re not running faster user is going faster cause you’re
in a cow but at some point you’re dependent on the car yeah when your car
breaks down you’re fucked so that is I mean that is the equivalent to you’re
just introducing a stimulus a little bit somewhere in the middle of the process
so there’s many of other things that can be risks associated with but I do like
that idea that that that works on that level in that context it works yeah and
any other really that that a process plays out across the board and it makes
sense yeah that’s what we talked about about the fight versus the flight versus
the flow and the FREE special and all that stuff and that the body first goes
through the nervous system is what matters and triggering the nervous
system is the key and it’s not as simple as scoring
calories in versus calories out or going to the gym and just training checking
the boxes doesn’t do it like we’re going back to if you want to make progress you
have to become a new person yeah and pushing hard finding intensity but
frankly ending up in flight all the time yeah it’s just as bad it’s just as bad I
mean if you’re not on the test roster if you finish in flight in every welcome
your testosterone goes down you’re gonna produce less muscle and well less fat
yeah and I think I see this often with some of the truly the biggest strongest
people I’ve ever met and some of the biggest strongest people I’ve ever like
known known much better than just meeting is I will tell you I’ve never
met a person who I would describe as transcendently strong
extremely large weapons that ever you would ever catch speak or act like they
are the victim of their training yes they when they go to train down mindset
to scold her mindset there’s way to smash and and really the winning losing
thing is very much why the concept of no miss lifts you know what I mean if your
squad yeah getting under a thousand-pound yoke and your femur is
bending and it’s like alright so mentally imagine what it takes mentally
to go like yeah I’ll take five more steps it takes a mentality that is built
over five years of hard work every week you can’t you
if you go under without manual your females are bending you’re gonna die it
takes a mentality built over years to turn yourself into a human being that
can keep on walking even though the females are bending and I also think
that not a good idea but because I know that people will want at some point to
reconcile this subject with one of the things we do well why do you still
sometimes program training to near failure for say internal torque muscles
right like yeah why is it okay for me to do bicep curls and some PEC flies until
I cannot move another up that seems like failure here’s the deal you go ahead and
find failure with the back squat so you can’t stand up and get stapled to the
fucking floor you’ll do it too then find a failure with bicep curls and Timmy
saying just because its failure those aren’t the same things as far as yeah
once your modules so to get the fight you also need a challenge remember the
body needs to be we used to fund fight because the bear was chasing you that
was the world we lived in not so long ago
well you had tribes coming your way to kill you every six months so there was a
drive toward it toward a fight mode that was created by an environment that does
not exist anymore we do not live in an environment that causes us to fight
anymore so we have to go find it in the gym and you you can’t win all the time
you have to also experiment losses to grow and everything except as Tyler say
we don’t want you to lose on the fucking heavy squat so we’re gonna make you lose
somewhere else and challenge you to not lose next time and so that there’s an
entire process there that takes place it’s just you’re gonna have to choose
your battles you you can win a battle and lose the war
right so that’s the key issues we have to know where we want you to fill in
where we don’t want you to fail because the idea then is winning the war which
is and the war is you against who you are right now versus who you want to be
the person you are right now has to die the person you wanna be has to live so
that’s why the war is that was the burning the questions that was me on the
harness in back in Torrance he was like this is who I am here the end of the
parking lot is who I want to be I have to kill the person that is here to
become the person I want to be yeah and I have a hundred feet to do it yeah all
right well let’s go there and that’s what burning the question is by the way
if people tell you the understand what burning the question means usually they
don’t that’s what it means it means killing the person that is gonna show
you yeah exactly that’s why it means killing a person that I am now so I can
become the person that lives at the end of that path should be able to show you
in less than three minutes an end of the parking lot house is saying over 60
seconds it took me probably maybe I got no concept of time at that time so I
don’t know where only takes but minutes military half white I calculate I think
it’s like eight years it’s a lot of but that that was the key right is killing
Who I am not to become the person I want to become and that is done in fight
right but that will promote fat loss gaining muscle all that stuff like all
the good shit which is what we looking jacked and good naked let’s be honest
that’s what we all train for yeah start there and build I’ve never seen someone
looking fat going okay I’m fine I’m just gonna keep doing that yeah at some point
there’s like I’ll fix this eventually yeah exactly let me look good yeah yeah
so well I think that’s got a studio that’s the first time a trillion spear
review yes we’ll do it we’ll do it more that doesn’t mean send him really boring
studies but if you have something that’s interesting let’s hear it yeah actually
I want to do the one on emotional balance that one is really and they’re
free you know do principal let’s they’ll be the next one that’s really good so
great study like I won’t I love the study so I just want to be able to tell
you about it because I think it’s great we should do that often like the good
ones instead of just putting upon a strong fit book club who just talked
about that on the podcast yeah diving into it what it means
when I think it means anyway yeah and there’s some that’d be a cool way to do
purchase plus that that’ll get easier and easier to as we get to where I’m
here more often yeah exactly the cool podcast like I
won’t maybe variance I won’t we don’t they will have as a set of Julian
sending me a message in the morning with it with a thing I gotta read he’s just
gonna say sit down yeah because the emotional balance is very interesting as
well so we can do a podcast on that yet but by like explaining what they study
who the people and stuff like that maybe you guys will like tell us if you would
like that and then we’ll do it more yeah also that’s not like fun so I’ll do it
well everything you need to finds gonna be a strong field equipment calm strong
fit equipment –u Manta fitness for equipment also strong fit comms for the
seminars that’s a drop the ball on seminar plugs last time there you go
stronger calm there’s a seminar lake you’re gonna find all the assessment
work stuff so there will be we talked briefly about a performance seminar I
might get announcers yeah so keep your eye peeled for that but we still have
seminars here at almost okay like three in the state’s coming up yeah next year
please the East Coast unless we go east coast you know probably yeah so and
generally it will be in San Diego so here’s the deal though if you’re in say
the New Jersey area and let’s say you live in Philly where yeah and feeling
chilly and we go to New Jersey you can’t say hey will you come to Philly yeah
you’re gonna be my man on how to Philly you’re gonna have to drive around a
hassle I’m Co sorry so I remember I think there was one where I think we
were in California and then I I remember getting a message like hey you guys
should come to San Francisco I’m like we you should have just fuckin went to San
Diego two weeks ago actually it takes me and say like next time join you
SoCal will come we went to San Diego we didn’t show up exactly so so so no we’re
not gonna go to your town just cuz you’re there
yeah sorry you’re gonna have to come mow it yep so gotta meet us in the middle so
other than that I think we got everything called strong fit one bouquet
32 Tyler Elphinstone Richards rare Barracuda yep don’t forget there’s at
least one of us got to be handsome exactly
laughs thanks let’s see you next week the one you post it looks like I’m also
taking in that but this is might a bit as bad as the other one like no retake
that one just take a bunch i’ll pick which one you use you

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