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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– [Host] Hey, Justin, we’re
here to see your gym and fridge. – [Justin] Hey Men’s Health. I believe you’re here to
see my gym and my fridge, so come on in. If you don’t mind, my wife is Swedish, so we’re a shoes off house. But I have slippers there for you. – [Host] Okay, cool. (upbeat tempo) – [Host] So I’m gonna ask you 8 questions about your gym, then take
a look at your fridge, and end with our rapid fire questions. – [Justin] So, here we are. Welcome to my gym, in
other words I like to call it my sanctuary. This is where I go to like find my center and to disconnect from the world and to honestly like kick my own ass. – [Host] Number one, how
long have you had this gym? – [Justin] So, we had lived
here for about 6 months, we built this house
pretty much from scratch. I had an agreement with Emily, my wife, I always wanted to have our
own space in LA and it’s so hard because everything is so expensive and we also wanted to
be close to the show. I’m on a show called, Jane the Virgin. You can use my shirt. (steamy, slow tempo) – Oh, come on. – [Host] Two, great
gym- who designed this? – [Justin] 90 percent of this gym was built from Craigslist. All of this stuff,
somebody else at one point or another owned it or I
found the shop on Craigslist. I was so poor for so much
of my, like, adult life, there’s this thought that,
why would you ever sell something on Craigslist? It’s this weird thing, I
still have the cheap, broke mentality; what’s ironic
now is that I find myself in an awkward position
sometimes when I sell things because there have been more than one time when somebody has been
a fan of the TV show that I’m on or known me
from my work and then I just feel so bad negotiating
because there’s always that weird moment where you’re like,
no, it’s actually 15 bucks and they’re like, well can you take 10? Yes, I can take 10. The water rower. I think I saved like $450 bucks. I bought this treadmill
for my wife on Craigslist. Also a Craigslist buy,
the inversion table. Funny story, I once bought a used printer from Weird Al Yankovich on Craigslist. I go and I take a friend
with me and we drive up and it’s in the Hollywood
hills and then there’s this like beautiful, big
mansion and there’s a gate buzzer and I get out
and I press the gate buzzer and I say, hello, and
it’s ‘hello’ and I’m like, that’s Weird Al Yankovic! And I looked over and said,
that’s Weird Al Yankovic! And he comes down with
the printer and he hands it to me and I was just
like, I’m a really big fan, thank you for this. And I got home and I
plugged it in and it just didn’t work. I’m still a big fan though. – [Host] Three, what music
do you listen to when you work out? – I listen to things that make me happy. I’ve also recently
realized that there are way too many white rappers on my playlist. Macklemore like gets me
going and then Eminem and then I recently realized
that another guy that I liked was a white rapper so
I’m bringing a lot more diversity into my playlist these days. And I started to remember
the things that pumped me up when I was like in high school. And I started to download
like, Will Smith’s Y2K. So, my playlist is just
straight up my high school playlist, so just don’t
hold that against me. – [Host] Four, take us
through your equipment. – This is my inspire fitness rack. I can literally do anything
on this one machine for the most part that I
can do in any ritzy gym. Then of course I have a
treadmill and I’ve always been somebody that hates cardio. You know, I do a lot of
hip training, so I’ll jog for a minute and
I’ll run for a minute. I highly suggest an inversion table. I am a man that has destroyed
my body and so, for me, just like a minute on this thing at night, stretching myself out, huge for me. This thing is so freakin’ cool. It looks like a drill but
it’s for your muscles. This is like my go-to
warm-up before I workout. It also makes your
voice sound pretty cool. Ahhhhh. – [Host] Five, what’s
your approach to fitness? – So, for most of my
twenties, I would pretty much focus on things that
just made me look good and what I realized was
that I wasn’t actually working out in a way that was functional. You name the injury, I’ve had it. And I realized that
all these workouts that I was doing were actually
destroying my body. I want to be able to play
with my kids and it’s funny my son is 16 months old. He can just like sit here
and talk to me and I started to realize, I can’t move anymore. I’m moving like an old man. Like I wake up and my hips
hurt and my knees hurt. So when we built this
gym, one of the things that I was really focused
on was functional fitness. How at 35 I can start to
take better care of my body. – [Host] Six, how do you
keep your mind healthy? – [Justin] Over here you
have some things that I absolutely hate that
challenge me that I have this very strange like love-hate
relationship with. The assault bike being one of them. No matter how hard or
how fast I push myself on this thing, the
assault bike pushes back. So it really is all about pushing myself, getting myself on the bike. On days where I’m like
overwhelmed or when my like adrenal glands I know are
shot, if I work out and push myself on a day like
that, it helps me like drop into myself. – [Host] Seven, what’s your
favorite piece of equipment? – Okay, this is one of my favorite pieces in the entire gym. This is an infrared sauna. It’s a sauna that heats
you essentially with very, very, very light radiation. So it actually warms you
from the inside and it’s really good for detoxing. And every color has a
different psychological effect that it says helps you. There’s something calm about blue. – [Host] Eight, what’s your
most meaningful tattoo? – This is one of my
most meaningful tattoos. And this is a quote from
`Abdu’l-Bahá who says, “where there is love,
nothing is too much trouble and there’s always time.” And this quote has just
been a huge part of my life. So this quote for me is
just a constant reminder to water the things that I love. Phew, okay, we’ve had a lot of deepness. Should we go see the fridge? Want to show him the pool? Come here. The pool has a motor and it actually creates a current so that
you can swim in place. You want to go show them the fridge? Want to see what’s inside the fridge? Let’s go see the fridge. This is my fridge and
I’ve gotta say I actually love this fridge. My fridge has a window, alright? Let me just be super pretentious. So, what is in my fridge? Well, we are very healthy
for the most part. A lot of almond milk. Cashew yogurt which
sounds kind of disgusting but I like it; we try
to stay away from dairy whenever we can. In terms of my diet, I’m actually trying to eat as much paleo as I can. I’ve found that for me, that’s how my body responds really, really well. – [Host] What do you eat
when you’re in a hurry? – It’s called Factor 75
so the meals actually come ready and that’s
one of the things that has been a huge help
for me because I’m just always on the go or I’m
always running and I’m someone that just
straight up forgets to eat which is not good for my body. Paleo bread, trying
this for the first time. Don’t know if it’s any good. I saw it on Amazon, I thought I’d try it. It’s grain-free, gluten-free,
paleo, non GMO, Kosher, dairy-free, soy-free,
and preservative-free. So, basically it’s eating air. Here’s some cod liver oil. So, always good getting omega-3’s. I also love pizza. Here’s one of my things, right. This is pepperoni pizza
where the crust is made with cheese and chicken. High-protein, no joke. Gluten-free, grain-free, guilt-free. They’re not paying me,
although if you’re watching this, please send me a
bunch of this free stuff. So something else, right. It’s slightly embarrassing. There’s this trend going
around where people are drinking celery juice. It annoyed the crap out of me. But I gave into it. And the funniest thing
is we went to Whole Foods the other day and celery was sold out. In what era or history
of our world has celery ever been sold out? So something else about
me is I love sauces. This is amazing by the way. Banana sauce. These two are a killer combination. Mayonnaise and sriracha. Can’t go wrong. Okay, you’ve seen my
fridge, you’ve seen my gym. – [Host] Okay, it’s time
for quick fire questions. 7AM workout or 7PM? – 7AM. – [Host] Squat or deadlift? – Deadlift. – [Host] Favorite song on your playlist? – Andy Grammar, Don’t Give Up On Me. To be seen and heard
in the Five Feet Apart motion picture coming out March 15 2019. – [Host] Crossfit, yay or nay? – Nay. – [Host] Pull ups or chin ups? – Pull ups, wide pull ups. – [Host] Dumbbells or kettle bells? – Depends on the day. – [Host] Running on a treadmill or running in the great outdoors? – Treadmill for right now because I’m a big fan of Peloton. – [Host] Cardio or weights? – Weights, fast. – [Host] If you could workout
with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? – That’s a good question. Not living, I would love to
workout with Jack LaLanne. That guy, he was like the
original body builder, fitness guru. Who would I like to workout with living? LeBron James. I think that would be pretty cool. I think LeBron James has got some cool stuff up his sleeves and I would also like to feel just like a tiny
little person next to him. And I would ask him to dunk
on me, that would be fun. Okay, you guys have been
awesome but my family is right behind the camera
and my son has a fever and I’ve got to play with my
daughter and I’ve got a 7AM call time tomorrow, so
I’m going to ask you guys to politely leave and I
really appreciate you guys coming and thanks! (upbeat tempo)

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    AND, that fucking light-radiation contraption is just dumb. The best thing is to stay away from radiation. That's why we use sunscreen. LoL, what a dolt. Ultimately, the only reason why this guy looks like that is because of low caloric intake, high caloric output and isolation exercises. Anything he tries to sell you after that is just snake oil.
    Remember, traditional strength training (pushing / pulling) & compound movements (squats / deadlifts) allows for the growth of bone density and overall strength. You may never look like this guy but you'll out live him. Don't take my word for it. Speak with a nutritionist and read some science journals just don't buy into this shit.

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