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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Untill you try to put 805 pounds on your back and squat down to the floor.. Then you will realize You know.. I really have to… There’s something else that has to be motivating me to do that. Because there’s no way I can do that and say I’m a nice guy.. I might be a nasty *** behind the scenes. And I might really be able to call on that when I need to. And that’s what makes me proficient at my job. PASSION, DRIVE, VIOLENCE.. That’s what this is requiring. Because when it gets difficult It’s not about just wanna take pretty pictures.. There’s a part of it that’s just ugly You know and you gotta be just as ugly You know.. This is a part of you. That’s not pretty, not nice and doesn’t fit in so well. But you find a way to use it and challenge to do something that helps you build something beautiful Kai.. I put Kai against anybody in the IFBB for hard working. Committed, devoted.. He will do whatever he has to do to be the best. He’s always had that even when he was younger. You know he has that DISCIPLINE that DRIVE. You think this is easy? No it’s not easy.. ALL I HAVE IS MY DREAM. This is not uncomfortable yet. You need to be able to work harder. You’re gonna need to WANT to WORK HARDER. This is the time for you to reach deep down inside and PULL OUT YOUR BEST. Knock this sh*t out. REAL TALK. Don’t look weak.. It’s too early to be weak now. You’re just getting started, you ain’t even started yet.. Too early to be tired. You ain’t been inconvenienced yet. THE STRUGGLE HASN’T EVEN BEGUN.

100 thoughts on “Kai Greene – CRAZY TRAINING MINDSET – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. Stop trying to be a bad ass. Is it true you lived off welfare or assistance while going to the gym everyday instead of working a job when you were growing up in NYC.

  2. Yes Kai Green You are the oppressors of the oppressed I have not put yours in the old man Now the world is the best Wuqi developer I love you I wish I could be like you 🙂 Champion Kai Green for me another wonder

  3. Damn! Talk about killing it in the trenches. I'll be damned if Kai doesn't make finals in Mr olympia 2017… put P.H to rest.

  4. Kai greene é uma das minhas maiores inspirações de fisiculturistas pra mim o cara é foda muito determinado,focado se eu pudesse eu queria q ele fosse meu tecnico!!

  5. I Hope everyone appreciates what we are seeing here, Kai Greene is a true warrior – champion – motivator and IMO The Best in the business !!

    People ask me all the time at the gym when I am laying on the floor, puking , on my knees from exhaustion " are you alright?" – Seriously pretender, if you have to ask then you are not working your tail off like I am and like Kai is here !! Nuff said , stay true to yourself and push it to the limit.

  6. If this humble and respectful man does not WIN 2017 MR O I am going to start ah fight with da judges and the hater. Whose with ME!!!!!

  7. i hope he will be contesting on the next Mr Olympia.. ' cause i am just tired of listening every year regrets and regrets for not being there.. Kai i am one of your mayor fans, but if you want to be crowned as the next Mr olympia, do your best, you must sweap blood and be determined to beat Phil Heath.. Kai just do it!

  8. roids? If so then he is half the monster he says he is. try training with out guaranteed results. btw, drugs turn you into what arnold looks like after his career: a twisted version of his real inner self. compare 'the oak' before and after to frank zane's.

  9. Its not always pretty, Yeah he s right, Not everybody wants to go down that route of Pain and boring diet for more then 3 to 10 years

  10. Estimado kai yo te admiro mucho quiero que un día llegues a ser mister olímpia por favor trabaja mucho mucho tus antebrazos dales mucho volumen necesitas ponerlos en armonía al resto de tus brazos. Y también trabaja mucho tus pantorrillas hazlas monstruosas así como las tenía dórian con eso tienes para ser mister olímpia

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