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  1. People stop assuming he did something. He clearly said it was out of his hand. For those who don't know, he is involved in a court case. That alone could be a cause not to be able to compete. There's no 100% evidence to call him guilty.

  2. Man. I knew i was not the only one who feels some kind of resentment towards Kai, after makong us build so high expectations to suddenly take them away without a clear explanation, i think, his supporters deserved.

  3. Douchebaggery at its finest. I re watched Generation Iron….Kai is so full of myself. I use to hate Phil Heath until I watched 2014 Olympia.
    Phil knows he is a role model.
    Kai just thinks about himself.
    Phil is grateful just competitive.
    Kai is arrogant and over analyzes everything and turns into himself…even thought Kai will NEVER win the Sandow…he will never be Mr. Olympia

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