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If there are people on the side line that don’t see your vision.. Don’t even know you exist.. It really doesn’t matter. What matters most is what you believe And what you’re willing to allow your thoughts to focus on While you’re working and preparing to see your dream realized. Real talk.. we can’t depend on somebody to give us anything. But if you’re willing to work hard enough You can take anything that you want.. You can create it. He’s EXTREMELY DISCIPLINED. You know.. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week he’s focused on this win. Find a PURPOSE a REASON to get up in the morning to go to bed at night. Don’t be afraid to DREAM and DREAM BIG Because dreams DO come true With absolute work.. Commitment.. And afford.. DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Man I’m doing this cardio in the morning.. Is it worth it? I’m doing these deadlifts today and I feel tired.. Is it gonna be worth it? I gotta go to the gym and train today after I had an entirely difficult work day. I’ve got these other challenges that are pulling on me.. Pulling on my concentration.. You know what Is this extra effort worth it? FAST FORWARD. Stand here in this moment. What does it feel like? It feels like YES. This is a person who’s got tremendous adversity that he has overcome. And with that adversity It has created hunger in him. And this guy is not hungry, he’s STARVING. It’s time for you to reach deep down inside AND PULL OUT YOUR BEST. If I gotta die tonight… If this weight is gonna KILL me tonight.. THEN SO BE IT. If I meet the end of the world tonight I’m in the place that I wanna be Right here in the gym. As hard as this is.. AS HARD IS THIS IS.. This is what I wanna do. Every champion was once a contender who REFUSED TO GIVE UP. The man that controls his thinking can shape his own destiny. It’s very very important to be clear about where you wanna go and what you wanna do. EVERY man needs to have a dream.. EVERY woman needs to have a dream.. You need to have some idea of something of substance that you’re working towards That gives purpose and it allows you to have meaning in your day.

100 thoughts on “Kai Greene – EXTREMELY DISCIPLINED

  1. ''I'm doing this cardio in the morning.. Is it worth it? I'm doing these deadlifts today and I feel tired.. Is it gonna be worth it? I gotta go to the gym and train today after I had an entirely difficult work day.. I've got these other challenges that are pulling on me, pulling on my concentration.. You know what.. Is this extra effort worth it? Fast forward. Stand here in this moment. What does it feel like? IT FEELS LIKE YES.''

  2. Unfortunately all this discipline can't make him do a vaccum pose.. If today's pregnant mutants ( bodybuilders) are made to do a vaccum pose, they will shit their intestines out

  3. He has so much more than what Phill has. Quads, bicep peaks, lat width thickness, crazy hams…
    Phill has better forarms and always shows a lower back tightness that others don't show.
    Other than that overall I see Kia as so much more… I honestly don't understand why or how he loses to him.

  4. конечно лайк за труды))но какого зрена у тебя живот)))как у человека который жрет фаст фут тоннами?)

  5. Kai eres mi favorito y quiero verte un día levantar el trofeo de mister olímpia. Por favor trabaja tus antebrazos son muy delgados comparados con tus bíceps además trabaja mucho las pantorrilla y la espalda central alta osea la que se conecta con los trapecios. Tu espalda es genial tus dorsales tu espalda media baja luce estupenda sólo con unos trapecios gigantes ibas a lucir más impactante por favor que alguien te traduzca. Éxito amigo te quiero mucho

  6. Поставьте мне много лайков пусть иностранцы думают что я что то крутое написал!

  7. To me bodybuilding is one of the easiest things in the world. Only part I dont master and would be the hardest part is posing. The drugs, diet, starving, and training is easy after 7 years of steroid use under the belt. Training like 12 years. And to stay focused is fucking easy. EASY ( if you got great genetics so you never get injured) ! Real life outside the gym and bodybuilding is 10000x harder and more distracting. I just wish I did not have so bad genetics lol. Gotta get me some more hgh. Some fucking how, so I can overcome my genetic weak tendons and ligaments. My wrists/tendons get fucking overworked by a normal day job now a days.

  8. The problem with working close to death is … you might be crippled and then struggle to walk. That's the issue. Then living being able to do nothing.
    That's the bravery to face that.
    If you do it make sure you are in the game and competative before you start taking the risks. You have to not just be ready for death but to live 30 40 50 tears as 90 year old man that can't walk up a hill. And of course you need a team of doctors and the money to fix you,. You have to be smart before you commit not just run through walls thinking youth makes you invincible.

  9. my advice. Train as long as it makes you feel good. If you happen to be competitive without trying go ahead. But if you can not win do not try.-just enjoy. Trying is mostly for losers and the very few that win. Enjoying is for winners.

  10. бля никакой эстетики одни круглые бан7ки чем больше тем лучше думают они ну нихуя же не так

  11. Kai would destroy Rhoden if he came in conditioned. His back and arms alone make Rhoden look like a punk!

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