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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I’m Katrin Davidsdottir I am from Iceland Actually from Reykjavik – we’re in CrossFit Reykjavik right now. And I’m the 2015 and 2016 “Fittest on Earth” I do about 160 grams of protein a day Every day I do 1 scoop of protein My favorite is to mix it up with coconut water – so I feel like that’s always my post workout treat For me I use protein as something that I do directly after workouts I don’t like eating while I’m working out but it’s so important for your body right after a workout to get fuel I actually went up there & I met with Ascent And I actually got to see the process of how the protein is made Literally local and they’re making their own protein so it’s not going through any steps or going through anyone else So when it comes into my bag, it’s in its purest form For the vanilla protein in Ascent, there are 5 ingredients It’s the cleanest you can find out there There’s nothing in there that I don’t need There’s clean protein and then everything else is natural There are no fillers I know there is going to be protein in all protein, but what am I also taking in And with Ascent I know I’m taking in only what I need and only in its purest form The only excuse I never want to put out there is that someone worked harder than me What I want to be and what I take as a really big compliment when people say is that I work hard For me that means the most If someone beats me or someone goes faster than me, as long as I know I went as hard as I could, I’m always happy. Find it at and your local gym.

7 thoughts on “Katrin Davidsdottir Talks Ascent Protein

  1. I just started taking ascent protein chocolate and it tastes great I will keep taking ascent I am really happy about this protein

  2. Purchased this at Whole Foods today and now I’m so excited to try it tomorrow right after my workout . She really inspired me to get my sh*t together and get fit ! Lol

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