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hi guys, welcome to the new video on the czech strongman championship I decided that I end, that i will relax and
concentrate to my child but they persuaded me so I´m here, I decided 2 days ago and I´m here of course will be PR today I’m the smallest here again I´m like their child, but it doesn´t matter Čestmír arrived, Jožka is here too and other monsters so I look forward to it what did you give before?..rabbit blood and I split up with the others so if he beats me today, it’s my fault it´s true, he decided 2 days ago because I thought that I will have free Saturday but no… I really didn’t want to come because
my shoulders hurt from the loglift but I´m here again will be loglift here?…no I didn’t bring him I have to go shopping more Honza Krasinský time: 21,07 so we have 3 disciplines done the first discipline were jerks I’m pretty happy they didn’t approve me 170kg but it doesn´t matter I have 160kg and
I’m satisfied the second discipline was deadlift I did 330kg x 1 I´m after the season but I’m also happy and then was farmers walk 20 metres, 155kg I walked like drunk I had weak legs but I did it and now will be Yoke 450kg yoke I tried only 380kg and I walked only a few steps and then will be Loading Race and Tire Flip so there is a lot today I really want relax yesterday I was folding a baby carriage I said to myself that I will do loglift only in my training and I will prepare to the next year but I´m a cock but I’m glad I went because here is for example yoke which I don’t have trained and today I will try it because I want to try everything, not only thing in which I´m good I´m fine I don’t mind if I don’t win I´m starting strongman I want to take part in competitions a lot because comparing here with the people they have 150kg it´s hardcore there is when you go 450kg yoke for the first time I don´t know, who invented it good, right? what do you think? but I like it I like competitions, where everyone puts everything to it and a lot of those people didn’t do a lot of disciplines for example me that yoke but it´s extrem and I like it I hope you didn´t give the rabbit blood to Jožka, to make him not better I bathed him in it he´s like Obelix, he fell into it when he was little his girlfriend cook for him like in 5stars hotel I never have run like now it´s extrem you ran when we were shooting video on czech championship so today it´s second time second time and last time so czech strongman championship is behind us I´m very tired how I said I really didn´t want to go because I´m after season I want only relax but Jožka persuaded me so I went disciplines were hardcore for me because I´m tired it´s very long season but I’m pretty happy of course I knew that yoke 450kg will be too much for me but otherwise it was good I won the discipline with the run you won?…yes but I won one discipline too deadlifts it was the last time no it was the first time…no, last time I thought that Ticháč will be better but in the discipline with run when I started run stung me in the hamstring so I’ll have to massage it you see it, strong disciplines are fine but when you start with move disciplines… but yoke was terrible I walked only 3 metres and it was so hard but championship was great great atmosphere just the weather wasn’t so good I´m satisfied I think it turned out very well you’re right, I´m satisfied too the competition was great there were similar boys here like in Aš in Aš was my first strongman competition in this season it was sometime in May and since May I have participated in competitions until now, so it was very long season in Louny I defeated Jožka in deadlifts I left you try what it’s like to win now I´m from 80 %…. I don’t know what I wanted to say I´m from 80% horse and from 20% I´m father and in a month it turns I will be father so now it´s end of my season I will be relax I´m really tired, I don´t want it I want only relax now I’ll have a little rest now and then I will have to train because in 5 weeks will be world championship in powerlifting and this is a priority for me then I end the season and maybe I will be father too really?
I would like if you couldn’t, write me at least you would have a pretty baby I’m not going to the world championship, because it will be in time of birth so family first and we have to shoot the birth we´ll give GoPro to Monča when the baby is born, he gets GoPro right away and will be shoot Day with Krása in which category will you compete? in Open 140+ so I will be compete on Thursday 24.10.2019 so everybody keep your fingers crossed we’ll start around noon so we´ll see how much do you want to do?… 1060 I look forward to it because how long you haven’t done that 1000 when you have done the 1000 last year in September and I think that now you’re much better off I see it you are more stable in squats this year I feel confident in the squats I want him to lift those 400kg it will be I want you to lift 400kg on deadlift it’s my goal because I like when the people around me are great and lift heavy weights it motivates me it motivates me to get closer to it so I support him a lot I look forward to going to training with Hanz because that loglift is so great, it looks very nice and I want to try it Hanz´s log looks great?…yes but I really want to try the log because it looks great now he’ll have a new dumbbell so I want to try this too tomorrow I will have the new dumbbell and it starts and in month will be 100kg I have time only till October and you are old mainly, I´m old as you’ve certainly noticed wait, wait as you’ve certainly noticed, Jožka is in Bigzone team which is great, because Bigzone is great and I´m glad that they choose him which is great, but on the other hand it´s very bad because since he eats Bigzone is better, today he beat me it was the last time no, it was start of everything because suplements of Bigzone are great, buy it and really, the proteins taste so good! I drink it 3x daily which one do you like the most? cinnamon…yes, the milk and cinnamon milk rice and cinnamon it´s really foodporn and what about the training? you promised me that you will come to training you know I don’t squat too much now but I want to go to Jožka and do squats with him, to Podivín because they have the oldschool gym there and I want to see it so write comments wait I don’t want them to write comments about if they want training with Jožka, I want it! mainly don´t write that you want “lečo”, cooking with Jožka if you want cooking “lečo” with Jožka we want 500 comments: “we want lečo with Jožka” I hate lečo do you like lečo? yes training with Jožka in Podivín absolutely will be but writes these comments but Jožka can´t cook girls will teach us how to cook lečo it´ll be nice this was the czech strongman championship have a nice day, write comments, click on a bell likes, shares, subscribes I told you I’d beat you it was the last time I told it I´m be on diet now but when I will have 140kg do you want to help us take the weights off? are you ok? you take it home? do you know how much it costs? but he´s storng, he won when he was on my training, he lifted 375kg on deadlift but he didn´t beat Jožka so… when you give it back to Jožka? I told him, that today it was the last time so I will beat him in Aš he won’t go to any competitons now because he will have a fear he hangs my horse’s head on the wall and will never go to any strongman competition

100 thoughts on “Kdo je NEJSILNĚJŠÍ MUŽ roku 2019??!

  1. Keď sa pozerám ako tlačíš tých 170 kurva to ako ja keď tlačím 50 vidím tu rezervu nenormálnu ešte 😁 čosi viac odpočinku potom tvrdo potrenuješ a rakety budú lietať 😉👌👍

  2. Je jedno kolikátý končíš v těhle soutěžích,stejně si můžeš s klidem říct,že jsi silnější než 95% všech lidí na téhle planetě

  3. Zeptám se asi uplně blbě, ale proč tady třeba nebyl Tkadlčík? Nebo se účastní jen soutěží s mezinárodním obsazením?

  4. Hanzi, kurva! Seš opravdu sympaťák, naprosto nesobeckej, upřímnej, na nic si nehrající člověk. Budeš dobrej táta, přeju hodně zdraví malýmu a přítelkyni – manželce (netuším). Video sestřih super. Měj se a hodně úspěchů v životě.

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