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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning YouTube Family so y’all yeah my neighbors are currently looking at me
and pretty sure they’re judging me but we’re just gonna go with it y’all so
Thursday I went on a little movie date and we saw what is it Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw yeah that was so good in whom I love today is going to be a keto what I eat in a day video y’all know right now we’re playing along with
strict keto and lazy keto we’re gonna see how we can combine it to some type
of way we don’t know how like we want to enjoy this keto lifestyle but we still
want to have like great results so yeah this Sun is beaming down on my skin and
it’s just feeling so great like wow but you know whom I love so much started
meditating and then I’ll come back on here and talk to y’all once I’m in the
car ok y’all so we’re in the car I’m go ahead I know this I’m gonna be doing a
keto grocery haul very soon because I need to get some food in this house
y’all thank barely anything we’re barely holding on over here it’s just the whole
process of making the grocery list also you know then shopping y’all like it
doesn’t make any sense cuz my I love just going to the store and just getting
stuff but like you know I’m trying to do this whole adulting thing and that means
you’re not making a grocery list and I don’t want to do it so it’s going to be
kind of funny trying to see what type of meals I guess or whatever I try to make
today y’all because we need food ASAP send some food this way y’all so real
quick um in my last video I talked about me being and endomorph female y’all
basically harder for me to lose weight I personally do think that keto and
low carb is great for those who have an endomorph body type
y’all someone did message me on instagram asking about like my workouts
and how like what I’m doing and so as an endomorph I incorporate working out
like weight training and also doing Zumba because that’s a nice way of
getting some cardio in so yeah I like to mix both of them up because
great for like as an anymore we we can gain muscle easily y’all but we have fat
there’s like preventing people to see it like I literally have muscle y’all my
factors don’t want me to be great and it’s a problem so we’re gonna get rid of
that the rep said I find work best for me are like 10 to 12 if you don’t know
what reps are y’all is basically how many times you’re doing the exercise for
example y’all just say I’m doing 12 push-ups
so that means I’m actually doing 12 of those push-ups right then and then I’ll
um go into like a mini break so typically I take my breaks 15 to 30
seconds y’all sometimes 45 seconds but don’t tell nobody that y’all but don’t
take a long break. Sometimes y’all if I’m feeling just for WoW
I may even do 15 of that exercise so like it just depends on how I’m feeling
that day and sets y’all is basically like just say like I was saying I’m
doing 12 push-ups when I take my break I go back into
doing it so typically my sets are maybe 3 to 5 so yeah that’s just how I’m doing
it right now I don’t know if we’re gonna change it up but that’s how we’re doing
it right now alright y’all so we have done enough talking, so now we are
about to go to the gym and actually put into action what I’ve been talking to y’all about alright YouTube family so we are back in
the car workout is complete yes thank you guys okay so I don’t know what I’m
gonna eat today y’all but this will be fine um yeah I think I need to like show
you how more I like my body process you know like how it’s changing look um I
don’t know how I can do that to really show y’all like progress or whatever but
if y’all have any tips tricks or whatever I appreciate it I accept all of
it y’all hold on one second my booty ain’t calling me so just wait one second first meal of the day y’all so I’m
having two ground beef patties with some green beans one whole avocado and to
drink I’m having my Coke Zero and I’m currently on season five of Grey’s
Anatomy y’all I’m just so addicted I don’t know why I watching Grey’s Anatomy
snacktime y’all so I’m about to have my Nush Berry Cake y’all I like this
flavor it has only 3 grams net carbs I did get this y’all in my July 2019 Keto Krate Review + Giveaway video as you can see is 160 calories 12 grams of fat
18 grams of carbs 4 grams of fiber 1 gram of total sugars 11 grams of sugar
alcohol and 5 grams of protein so y’all in my keto krate I didn’t get um this
thing called sweet cheat it’s basically chocolate milk but it’s keto friendly
and dairy-free and I just put in almond milk in this y’all and I did sprinkle a
little bit of a pink Himalayan sea salt as well just for the heck of it I don’t
know why I just want to do it so yeah it says on here all the taste zero regrets
and it’s actually pretty good y’all – hi YouTube family so editing version
of myself coming in so um in my next video it is going to be my August 2019 Keto Krate Review + Giveaway video really excited for it. Y’all I’ve already
started digging in the July 219 Keto Krate and whew chile
i’ve been enjoying myself but not too much
but i have been enjoying myself so y’all like i was saying about being an endomorph you don’t need to be like doing all the cardio no no no no that’s not good
at all period i don’t even care what body type
you are in my opinion i don’t think you should be doing all the cardio like you
can do bodyweight workouts and that’s like when you’re actually like doing
your workouts with your body just in case you don’t know like planks push-ups
anything go away you just using your body also you can do lifting weights as
well and cardio so yeah that’s what i like to implement i like using all three
of those because it changes the workout up for me and i don’t get bored with my
workouts that’s right now due to the fact that i just love this and go fun
fact I don’t know if I told y’all this I used to dance and on high school and I
did send college and so dancing is just something I love to do I always wanted
to take like dancing lessons y’all and my mom was like no you’re not gonna
stick with it when she really didn’t understand I love dance and so I had to
prove it to her but basically doing you know dancing in high school in college
but she made me do piano and say y’all and I hated it hated it so much I always
told her I was like you wasting your money doing this even to this day y’all
she’s like I really wish the money with giving you piano lesson I’m like good I
told you that when I was like five but I will say my piano lessons does come in
handy because I really do love to sing y’all I don’t know can y’all tell that I
sometimes I sing my words and like I really don’t realize it until I’m like
editing my videos and I’m like why am i doing that but yeah anywho my love’s so
if you are new to the channel welcome to the fam I’m over here documenting my
Kido weight-loss journey and your girl is sharing everything over here y’all we
are doing strict keto and lazy keto and somehow we’re gonna combine those
two together I don’t know what I’m doing over here with my hands y’all but um
yeah join me by clicking that subscribe button + the notification bell as well
so you won’t miss out on any future uploads here I upload three videos a
week so you can’t expect a video from me Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays – my
returning you to family thank you so so so much for watching this video as
always if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I
will see you in the next video which will be Wednesday all right you guys
please please please they say and yeah I will see you only say hi


  1. I must be a endomorph to cause this fat ain't letting me live lol.

    I'm still jealous of your gym it's always empty.

    I love keto krate they actually have some good snacks.

  2. New subscriber and I have to say I just love your energy. I have watched YouTube for many years and I can tell the real from the phonies and chile I could tell from the first 5 minutes you are a real one. I just love how transparent you are cause a journey is never in a straight line you will definitely have hills and valleys and I love that you show it all.

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