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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello. We’re going to talk about the subject called,
Ketosis, What is it? Ketosis is a state of fat-burning, so when
you’re in ketosis, you’re making something called ketones. What are ketones? Ketones are those things that, it’s a type
of fuel for the body that’s alternative fuel than actual sugar or glucose. Ketones would be like riding a car using electricity
versus diesel fuel, which is more sugar, so it’s a cleaner fuel source. It’s an alternative fuel source that will
give a person way more energy than glucose. Even professional athletes can far outrun
and perform on ketosis than the carbo-loading. Okay. Now what’s the premises of ketosis? The premise of ketosis is lowering your insulin
or your sugars, which is refined carbohydrates way, way, way down there, to close to zero. Like 5% of your daily calories. Let me explain what insulin is though. Insulin is the hormone that regulates sugar. Normally, in your blood you only store, in
your entire body, two little teaspoons of sugar. That’s all you store. That’s all you have in your blood, so our
bodies were not designed to consume the amount of sweet or sugar that we consume. I mean, the average person eats 145 pounds
a year, so that’s just insane. Anything more than two teaspoons is going
to be very toxic to the body. So, on an average person, they’re consuming
so much carbohydrate. Well, the body will just jack up insulin. It’s like a whiplash response, and then get
it out of the blood fast and stick it into the liver, and start building up fat around
the liver. That’s what it does, so all these people with
a fatty liver, with high cholesterol, high blood fats, that is the sugar in their diet. It’s not coming from the fat in the diet. Our bodies make a lot of cholesterol, 2,000
milligrams a day. It’s not that. In fact, here’s some interesting things. The good benefits of being in ketosis, which
by the way, is lowering your carbs, increasing your dietary fats, and having a moderate amount
of protein. Is it will lower your bad cholesterol. It increases your good cholesterol. It lowers your triglycerides. It improves blood sugars. Improves insulin resistance. Now, there are studies that will tell you
that it worsens. If you eat fat, it’ll worsen diabetes or insulin
resistance and that has to do with the type of study that they did. They did it on rats and they used corn oil. They didn’t use healthy fats. Corn oil is not only genetically modified,
but it’s not a healthy fat, so I’m not surprised that that made things worse. So, you really want to, when you see these
studies that say that something is bad, actually read what they’re using as their fats or their
foods, and you’ll find that even that they just study on vitamins, and they used synthetic
vitamins versus natural. I was kind of our suspect, unless I read the
study myself. Improve memory, improve dementia, good blood
sugar levels, reducing acne. Reducing cancer risk, why? Because, sugar feeds cancer. In fact, there’s even certain types of scans
that they do to detect cancer and they look for areas of your body that you’re consuming
excess sugar, because cancer is very hungry for sugar. So, why not just cut the sugar out and decrease
the risk? Decreased polycystic ovarian syndrome. So, what is that? That’s a condition where a female has a lot
of these little follicles that are growing on the ovaries, and it’s pumping out too much
of the wrong hormone, the male hormone, and they’re getting acne, loss of hair. A lot of issues, but that will reduce, if
you’re on this eating plan. It decreases inflammation. I mean, how many people have inflammation? So, sugar will promote inflammation. Also, digestive bloating. This is very good for digestion. Now, the healthy fats that you need to be
on are basically grass-fed animal products. Like beef, or something like that. Do not consume the lean beefs, or the turkey
bacon, or the chicken without the skin. Why? Because, we need those healthy fats. Do not eat eggs without the yolks. We need that fat to be able to get you in
ketosis. But, I know the concern. The concern is, “Oh, my gosh. I don’t want to clog my arteries.” We’ve been, literally, brainwashed to think
that it’s bad for your arteries. All I’m going to tell you is try it for a
couple weeks. Go get your blood test, and you will see that
it will go down, and you’ll be … I mean, your bad cholesterol will go down, your heart
will be clean, and you’ll have to prove it to yourself. I’m going to list the studies underneath this
video, but I want you, personally, to experience the benefits of this. Because, long-term for health, this running
at your body on sugar, you’re not going to last. If you combine sugar with protein, you create
even worse problems with insulin and that’s why when I have people that say, “Well, I’m
eating mostly healthy, everything in moderation,” but they have just enough sugar in there to
cause, bump them out of ketosis, so all that saturated fat will plug up their arteries,
because they have just enough to nullify the benefits. Okay. We have a lot of benefits. We don’t want to combine carbohydrates or
too much protein, but I created a link below that lists the eating plan that I would recommend,
types of foods that you should be on to be able to get yourself into ketosis. You’ll be hearing a lot more of this in the
upcoming news. By athletes, by researchers, because it is
true and it creates a lot of benefits. There’s a couple little twists to it. For example, if you’ve been running your body
on sugar for so long, it takes a little bit to trans adapt your body to this new fuel
source. In that transition, you might have to take
it gradual, because you’re not used to it. Some people, because sugar really holds so
much fluid, you might drop a lot of water weight initially, and you also might lose
a little too much sodium. So, you might need to consume more salt on
this diet to be able to keep the blood pressure up, because it lowers blood pressure and then
you’ll feel better, but when you start dumping all this fat and all this water off your body,
and you might feel a little lightheaded, you just might need a little bit more salt. So, I suggest you push through it. It’s only a transition phase, but running
your body on ketones is much healthier long-term. Apply what I just told you and make some comments
underneath this video.

100 thoughts on “Ketosis – Healthy or Deadly?

  1. can you please tell me how come there is a whole raft of videos on youtube talking about the damage ketosis does. this is so confusing.

  2. I know exactly why I was sick with gestational diabetes, I believe two times only have record of it being one time, now I’m 47 and because I didn’t fast before my blood work they overlooked my blood sugar being 146 I’m not pregnant. I don’t know if you still or reply to your comments but I’m sick at 47, with this diagnosis they call chronic pain syndrome however I feel that it’s mostly inflammation that is causing most of my body pain and back pain ( my entire back) I have DDD in my cervical area and I have bulged discs in my lumbar area. So I’m praying that the keto diet helps me to feel at least a little better!

  3. I struggled with obesity since a very young age. Paid thousands of dollars and haven't received a fraction of the information Dr. Eric Berg provides. Thank you so much!

  4. oh how I wish I found this strong fact years ago…but it's never too late.Knowledge is powerful and ketosis is life-saving.I want to prove myself first before to anyone else.

  5. thank you very clear and informataive, I am about to start this diet. I saw a site called doctor diet that looks good to follow as it has clear meal plan  etc, would you recommend it? also I have a slighty underactive thyroid which I take meds for

  6. Is a balanced diet better than the two extremes – ketosis or plant-only? Brain naturally consumes glucose as preferred fuel and ketone is the emergency fuel generated by liver when brain starved. Excessive ketones in blood may make your body acidotic, which promotes cancer. But on the other hand, some research shows cancer cells can only consume glucose so ketosis will actually kill cancer cells. I am totally confused. Pure and fine sugar for sure is bad and should be avoided. But should we treat whole grains and fruits the same as refined sugar. I am not sure that whole grains and fruits should be controlled under the 30 carbs limit. Will they cause blood sugar level high if you select the right varieties and consume them properly and moderately, and in right time?

  7. It’s an interesting world we live in. When I go to the doctor, they make all knowledge about health very simplified, but actually never teach us and take 10- 20 minutes to educate us on a possible health condition we may have. It’s only when people take responsibility in learning about health conditions or diets in when the ignorance subsides. The problem is not everyone does that, and it sucks but that’s the reality.

  8. Greeting Dr. Berg. I am a 17 day post op Gastric Sleeve patient. My weight seems to be mostly water coming off right now. Lately I get dizzy when standing and find it difficult to stay on my feet. Light headed. I think I have the Ketosis Flu. My problem thought is I retain water extremely eaisly. Salt of any kind. Salty meats like pepperoni and pickeled olives we have me retain water immediately. How do I replace electrolytes with out retaining water and stalling my weight loss. PS. I take a water pill. Any advice would really help me.

  9. Dr Berg you are a natural interesting and informative teacher. My son begged me to try this and since I got a new smoker coming Mars aligned with Venus and i am doing it. I do have headaches since starting 5 days ago but will power through it. Thank you again

  10. Hey Doc you’re right about the rapid loss of water and fat making you lightheaded. I’ve been lightheaded with vertigo and going to eat more salt to hopefully balance that back out.

  11. I dont get it!!! I was in hospital yesterday and they said I had ketones and my body was using my muscle to get nourishment?😣😣😣😣

  12. this guy is so awesome. been doing keto diet and intermittent fasting for two and half months and have lost 35 lbs so far. i basically have the body i had in my 20s that i never thought i'd see again. seeing my results friends keep asking me about the keto diet and i always refer them to Dr. Berg's videos, specifically this one, to learn all about it.

  13. Thanks Dr. Berg. Thanks for sharing.
    We all need you and Dr. Mcdougle to reach an agreement please!

    he says eat sugars, it will heal diabetes. It is all you need. The more the sugar, the healthier the person.
    You say, fat based diet is good.
    Some doctors present fat as the culprit in obesity, hearth deseases and Diabetes.

    requesting all of you doctos to finally just decide one thing and let us know what should we eat and what not? what is healthy for us and what not?
    After all we do feel hungry. Humans are also animals. we need food.
    The views of all the doctors is confusing us, mixing our concepts and these youtube videos are really not helping anymore as every doctors has his/her own point of view..

    I will appreciate if you could arrange a meeting with Dr. Mcdougle and reach and agreement and decide what is good for health and what not. Thanks you!

    Kind regards,

  14. I was 100 lbs over weight. Have been water fasting 21 days. The results are miraculous. My blood in the mornings is in the 70s and 80s. I do a multi vitamin and vitamin c pill – no sugar. I have a foot wound healing beautifully. Not easy at first but easy now. I was a huge meat eater – not any more – i don't ever want to lose how wonderful i feel now.

  15. what if i´m also injecting 13 units of insulin into my body. My glucose was 289 and my doctor prescribed it to me. About the same time I started the Keto diet las week my glucose went down 120. my doctor doesnt like the fact that i´m in the diet, but i´m going to continue my diet. I just want to know if the 13 units of insulin are bad with the keto diet

  16. Sounds like a dangerous diet with a scientific term clipped over it for marketing. The only thing I trust to regulate weight is a balanced and wholesome calorie intake and regular exercise or training.

  17. Athletes perform better on this diet? No they won’t. Show me a Tour de France rider that eats this way.

  18. Dr. Berg…please remember the oath…DO NO HARM…short term benefits from Keto does not take away from long term harm. ALL tests today on long lived groups show a "plant" based diet w/protein as a condiment.

  19. I am late to this video, but could anyone explain to me something that has me bothered for a while. So if I understand correctly, this diet uses ketones instead of glucose. However, apparently new research shows that a high production of ketones is bad for you. Also, while they say this will help you lose weight and have positive effects on you for a short while, in long term it will be bad for you (inflammation, articulation problems and etc). So with this in mind, is this a diet I should try? Can anyone who studied this help?
    Sorry if this was long, I am just confused by this.

  20. This is literally is promoting Ketosis, telling people to eat 3-6 oz of protein per day BUT tell people to eat 7-10 cups of veggies. WHAAAT? Isn't that more of a vegetarian life style?

  21. Hey Dr. Berg!

    Can you do a video on ketone blood meters and when ketone levels are on the higher side? Mine was a 4.2 and everything I’ve read says it should be below 3.0. I’m not diabetic and have been doing intermittent fasting with Keto. I’m staying within my macros and calories. Should I be doing anything different?

  22. Is it normal to only suffer the Keto flu for 1 day. I’m a week in tomorrow and only felt bad 1 day. When I started to put coconut oil in a cup of coffee in the morning and on tablespoon in a hot tea in the evening I don’t seem to feel bad at all in fact I feel great and I am tracking all my food on an app so I keep track of all my carbs, fats, protein, and sugar which only comes from natural sources now .

  23. Cancer is hungry for sugar????
    So what about sweets,candies and cakes that mostly kids like?should v cut that sugar off from kids meal too?

  24. Thank you very much Mr. Berg . This diet had changed my entire life. I have become a very healthy person. I lost 13 kgs in 3 months. Still to loose 12 more kgs to achieve a BMI of 25. I have decided to continue keto diet for rest of my life. But shall skip the diet once in a while when I attended some party or function. I want to Know one thing that, after I achieve the desired weight how to stay in the same weight? How can I manage my self in keto diet for long run without loosing too much weight?

  25. Great info, yet got dislikes….
    must be those snowflakes feminazis that expecting a black gay guy but ended up seeing a white man explaining things.

  26. I put myself and my 82 year old mother on this diet. Threw away ALL carbs from the kitchen. 3 weeks in and my mothers sugar levels are at normal non diabetic levels (with the help of half her meds. Doctor happy. Back for Doctors blood tests in 6 weeks by which time I am certain my mother will be Diabetes free. She feels great. Her skin (face rash for over 30 years) gone. I'm losing my belly fat!! Loving bacon and eggs for breakfast!! Thank you so so much Dr Berg. Could not be happier. Way of life from now on. Oh and strawberries and clotted cream………..what could be nicer!

  27. I've been in Keto for 3 weeks already lost 10.2pounds I know could've lost even more but I kind of cheated the 4th of july so getting back from that killed my process my advice to you don't let the carbs cravings get to you trust me after a while you won't even want carbs at all other than from vegetables. When you feel the need to eat carbs eat a fat bomb or something with fat and drink lots of water it will make it go away. This diet is amazinggg I feel great, not depressive anymore and I am always pumped to workout from all the energy I have.

  28. That's hilarious. So you're advertising keto, how many people have you successfully cured of diseases? I would love to know how many. I find it interesting that you tell people to eat animal products yet when most people remove them from their diet, their organs start to function properly. Animal flesh is very high in protein which puts stress on the kidneys, especially since it gives the body no hydration. What you advertise is biased, I have never known a person to be healed of illness until they fast, and especially fruit fast. To say that human beings aren't meant to eat fruit is literally insane. Since I've been on a frutarian and raw diet, my inflammation has decreased by 90 percent, my polycystic ovarian syndrome is almost gone, my acne has cleared up, my energy levels have sky rocketed, and my insulin resistance is gone. And you're telling people to eat animal products and animal fats? That's literally all I used to eat, and I was sicker than ever, my kidneys were so clogged up I could barely get up in the morning. There are no benefits from eating animal products. As soon as I removed them from my diet I have become a different person.


  30. Hi Dr. Eric Berg, I have seen a lot of videos by you on keto diet, I am diagnosed with diabetes 4 years ago, I have high cholesterol. Can I take fats and eggs ? is it safe for me ?

  31. Can one do the keto diet while hypoglycemic? Has it been done before and is it safe to do while hypoglycemic?

  32. Carefull with your words Berg. There are about 0-1% prosent of olympic level athletes who are on a ketogenic diet. There is a reason for this.

  33. Keto diet made me yellow on the 8th day. Night sweats chills nervousness huge energy anxiety, heart palpitations. And it made my period super light. I am already thin. I lost 3 kilos in 7 days. I dont want to. My trigliserid is always around 40-49 for the last 10 years. Very good liver and kidney values. But i might have candida. I was doing it for candida.

  34. Can never eat bread = Too Extreme! ..Anything too extreme won't last!….Everything in Moderation, like your mother told you.

  35. I'm doing this diet now, it's still new to me and I am still teaching myself and cheated this weekend with sugar but overall so far, I been having so much energy, not having cravings either, full longer but this is still a process because I am still trying to understand this diet

  36. Dr. I am super interested in this keto diet. Specially since I started doing I think a version of it by Dr. David Duarte here on YouTube and a course he is teaching. And I got good results but want to know if it is healthy and if I can keep it long term?

  37. So what about meat from a restraunt such as fast food McDonalds etc, and what about bacon? Or steak from a steakhouse?

  38. There are so many food products that have you know 1 g of sugar, 2 g of sugar, 3g of sugar what would you say is OK to have and still keep in ketosis?

  39. This is only a guide, it tells us that is possible – however if you don`t believe in it – regardless what diet you have wont work or it might even get dangerous, so try to believe in it and above all LISTEN to your body – LISTEN – it will tell you if its good for you or not, if not try something else. SIMPLES!!!

  40. Good day every one I'm so confused ,all these doctors are having different opinions about this diet .I really want to lose weight but I don't want to get any long term illness I don't know what to do…..

  41. Hey Dr. Berg, wanted to ask if anyone can get asthama or any breathing problems as an after effect of keto diet ? As keto diet may increase cholesterol, hence asking

  42. I believe I have a rare blood disease called Porphyria. My grandpa had it, and I believe that the keto diet made me extremely ill. I am getting my organs tested, since I am worried could be failing. I am not saying it is bad for everyone, but it is very bad for Porphyria. Maybe I did keto for too long, and I wish my body could handle it, because I really loved it. People with Porphyria need carbs. It really sucks…..

  43. Dear respectable dr ..
    Thank you so much for the valuable data you offer
    Can i ask sir ?
    Is there is some thing like keto vegan diet am not fond of animal proteins .
    Thank you sir

  44. Stop misguiding people. When you take out sugar and starches to reduce the fat in your body then why do you keep putting more saturated fat in the body that doesn’t make any sense. And then these people miss out on all vitamins and minerals of fruits and vegetables they look pale and sick when they are in keto diet

  45. Dr., I got a question, I did keto first time in my life for one week, my kidneys pained like hell and got all swole. Can you suggest what i did wrong?
    I was taking my vitamins and Electral salts etc.
    My my bowels stopped completely for seven days

  46. I’ve noticed most of the government funded and mainstream institutions have nothing good to say about the keto diet. Why is that? Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but I’m convinced they would rather keep us on our meds to pad the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies which ultimately kick back to the government.
    Folks, I’m sorry to break it to you but the govt wants you on drugs. They want you to be a diabetic. They want you to get cancer so you can pay for those outrageously expensive “treatments” that seldom work. You wanna live? Do your own research and eat and live more naturally. I’ve had cancer and beat it naturally. I’ve known others who conquered diabetes simply by switching to keto. Doctor told me my gallbladder was full of gallstones. Next time I went back, no gallstones. Sounds impossible? Not when you treat it naturally. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. You don’t need to take another pill for every little ache and pain. You’d be surprised how much apple cider vinegar can help you. Or juiced organic lemons. Or essential oils. Quit dumping all your money into big pharma and live longer naturally.

  47. I have lose 27 pounds in 12 days on this KETO. I have urine a lot, I was 426lbs now 399lbs and I'm pretty strict with this. I was so VERY shocked. I feel ok as of now. Also drinking apple cider vinegar. I have a Instagram account picturing my journey. 100lbs in 6 months I hope.

  48. As far as I understand, keto diets are only supposed to be carried out for short periods in order to achieve fast weight loss. They are not supposed to be a new permanent way of eating as long periods of ketosis can turn your blood acidic (ketoacidosis) which can lead to coma and death. Tim Ferriss states it should be done for around 3 months at a time at most!

  49. How are ketones utilized by cells? When running on sugar, insulin will permit the absorption of nutrients. When on ketones, insulin is minimal. So…how do the cells get ketones inside?

  50. Ketogenic Diet is a Diet for Pigs who hasn't the determination to eat everything in normal amounts , as much as our bodies need.

  51. Started this 15 days ago and this is amazing I lost 9lbs but better yet I feel great….. the energy is unreal ….58 years old and feel like i did when I was 40.

  52. Ok, I don't eat any refined carbs, just the good carbs like fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, beans and seeds.
    I never eat or drink anything that contains added sugar.
    The only sugar in my plant based diet, comes from fresh fruit.

    Being a vegan, I don't eat and will never eat animals, under any circumstances.
    Instead, I get my fat from plant sources like flax and hemp seeds.
    Do I need to consume other forms of healthy fats???

  53. These are short-term effects. Do we know the long-term effects of prolonged ketosis, whether it's good or bad? How do we know what will happen to our brains in the long-term without enough glucose? There are no long-term ketosis studies.

  54. Years ago, some people brainwashed that fats are bad. Now you are brain washing all carbohydrates are bad and fruit sugars are bad!!

    Natural fats from nuts, meat, avacado and eggs are good, so are natural sugars from fruits & vegetables. Fruits don't contain just sugars and have lot of other beneficial contents. You recommend to eat a lot of vegetables. All vegetables have various forms of sugar. Some veggies have more sugar than others Carrots and beets have high sugar content. Even bitter gourd has sugar! Aren't you realizing that you are falling for the same trap as fat demonizers by demonizing sugar and carbohydrates?

    Of course, processed sugars from sodas, juices, cakes, cookies, corn-fructose syrup, sugar spiked lattes, mochas, frappuncino, capucinnos, sweetners are not only bad but it is just slow poison. These are bad sugars, just like there are bad fats from junk foods, deep fried food and processed meat. You are not differentiating between good sugars for fruits and bad sugars from junk foods!

    Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thais eat white rice, noodles, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams and lots of fruits daily, but they are lean. Lot of people from these same communities living in USA are overweight. Its not the carbohydrates consumption but what kind of carbohydrates, how much we eat, where it comes from and whether it is highly processed or not, that makes the difference.

    Of course we are consuming excessive amount of processed carbohydrates, processed cheese, processed meat, processed salad dressing, junk drinks & junk food. Once you eliminate these you will lose weight no matter what you eat! There's is no need to go into ketosis which is an emergency mechanisms of our body and a seasonal mechnanism when certain type of food in unavailable. Ketosis is helpful for certain illness and certain people in certain climatic conditions. I haven't seen a study that is 100 percent positive on keto diet. Most studies are not sure on long term affects and some are mixed with warnings.

    Noble prize was awarded for autophagy which is triggered by intermittent fasting and it is more helpful, achieves healthier results and it is safer than keto diet you are pushing here.

    I have nothing against you but you are propagating a diet like an idealogue demonizing other diets. it might be down right harmful to lot of people.

    Historically humans ate all food groups in moderation but in certain climatic and environmental condition tilted one way or the other as per availability. In the modern world, the food that we eat needs to be tailored for each individual with the help of a well qualified dietcian. We have more shirt sizes choices than a diet customized to each individual. The idea that certain food group is good to all and certain food group is bad to all is laughable.

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