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Kettlebell Swings Have Great Benefits – Learn
4 Simple Steps to a Proper Kettlebell Swing Anybody who has ever trained with me knows
that I am all about getting more out of the basics. The gadgets and fads may come and go but the
real money maker exercises have stood the test of time. One such exercise is the kettlebell swing. Many people assume that kettlebells
are a new invention because they have become the cool thing to do in
the last while and most people had never heard of them before. They have actually been around since the 1700s. Although only becoming
popular in North America in the last decade or so they have been
widely used in competition and sport in Russia and Europe since the
1940s. When performed correctly, few exercises can
match the kettlebell swing for developing total body
power and conditioning. Do
the exercise wrong though and it can be murder on your back. In this quick video 3 minute I will show you
4 simple steps to get you swinging with power and confidence.

2 thoughts on “Kettlebell Swing Exercise – 4 Steps to Proper Kettlebell Swings

  1. Hi Kev i've got a question. So I know on things like leg press machines it's bad to lock the knees out, is the same true for when you're at the peak of this exercise?

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