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Genetically Muscularity and condition wise superior! He is motivational He is an icon Response faster than any bodybuilder his muscles are full, they’re round A lot of power in his training regime and he gives a progress on how much weight he is torning around he is very strong bodybuilder When I’m going to gym I get the job done I do what I have to do to look the way I wanna look You have a challenge in which you are about to take on in life Each and everyone of us is upon on stage will definitely love to be the Mr.Olympia and will accept that title He loves it Just nobody! who f*cking trains like Kevin Levrone what what Kevin Levrone will bring to the stage is greater than an Arnold Shwarzenneger! SHABOOM! THIS IS KEVIN’S TIME! You gotta be HUNGRY! TIME TRAIN BABY! I’M THE ONE! I CAN DO THIS! I’ve seen Kevin go from not trained to three months later and I was like OH MY GOD! it is like cellophane skin and he was just CRAZY! It’s not an easy thing to do and he was removed from the sport from more than fifteen (15) years The dude did an amazing job! AN AMAZING JOB! Kevin Levrone is like a f*cking terminator! While other guys are crying because they’re suffering daily in a full you know what I mean they working out only hours and do nights cardio HE SAVIOURS THAT SHIT! FULL BLOWN BABY YEAH! No matter how bad it is! or how bad it gets! I’M GOING TO MAKE IT! I’M GOING TO MAKE IT! So I applaud you! for your dreaming! For your running towards your dream I apploud you for believing IN YOURSELF! Because that is what life is about! Stretching and challenging looking for way in which you can begin to improve yourself! The Kevin Levrone is one of the greatest who ever did it There are will never be another Maryland Muscle Machine He is inspiring millions! of atheletes that lift weights and he is doing something that noone else’s done

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  1. "It's not an easy thing to do and he was removed from the sport from more than fifteen years.
    The dude did an AMAZING JOB, an AMAZING JOB!"
    #MarylandMuscleMachine #KevinLevrone

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