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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– If you have no idea who
I am and anyone out there who reads Men’s Health
or watches Men’s Health has no (beep) clue who I am cause I would never be featured
in the pages of Men’s Health unless it was like an
obituary or before picture or something like that back in the past. Here’s one where I’m in
a pool with clothes on, that’s how body shamed I am. – [Interviewer] Hey
Kevin, we’re here to see your gym and fridge. (upbeat music) – Hey! Men’s Health man,
what are you doing here? At my place of all things? Man I don’t know nothing about health, but I’m gonna invite you
in, I’m gonna show you my gym and fridge man, come on in. – [Interviewer] I hear you’re a vegan now. – I am a vegan. Recently
I went vegan about 10, 11 months ago right
after a heart attack. I had a heart attack
last year in February, massive heart attack,
cause I had 100% blockage in my LAD man. That was a
widow maker heart attack. Almost died. 20% chance of
living and came through. So at that point I said, “I
don’t want to (beep) die. “I will go vegan.” So I used to be happy
and now I’m (beep) vegan. So it’s been a wondrous journey. Wound up changing my life man. Like little changes in the
kitchen changed my whole life. You wanna go see the
kitchen? Come with me. – [Interviewer] I’m thirsty,
got anything to drink in there? – I can offer you iced tea, I don’t really drink anything all that sweet anymore man. Pretty much plain stuff.
It’s all water or like, iced tea. Straight up. I don’t drink booze. I
was never a boozer, ever. I’m a stoner, I’m a greens man. So, you know, I’m a traveler of the green. Green tea. Mmm, that is completely flavorless. But that’s the thing, we’re trained, particularly as Americans,
to like enjoy everything. Everything’s supposed to
be a sumptuous banquet, and that’s not true. Anything with sugar – Yoo-hoo, Twinkies, oh lord I could mainline that stuff. – [Interviewer] What did your
fridge used to look like? – The fridge used to be
packed with a lotta milk. I drank a lot of milk back in the day. This is gonna be a little
embarrassing to admit, I drank two gallons of milk a day. Probably why I had the heart attack, I don’t know, we’ll figure
it out sooner or later. Back in the day this household was just a non-stop Thanksgiving man. Now you don’t do gravy anymore, you do like kind of plant
based mushroom gravy. Try not to think about the mushroom part. – [Interviewer] What’s
your diet mainly consist of these days? – I’m a big fan of the Beyond meat man, I live on this stuff
eat that all the time. WW doing prepared meals man. And this is easy to do cause
I’m not like a big pig. I try not to snack out, I try to stay away from sugar as much as possible, but when I do this stuff, this MadeGood stuff,
is really amazing man. And it’s also good to
take out in the world, because sometimes you travel city to city and they don’t have the vegan choices that you have here in Los Angeles, so I pack a lot of pre-pack
snacks like these man. I love these chick peas, oh my god, get between me and these chick peas find your throat get cut man. There’s obviously some Daiya, there’s a series of fake cheeses. Everyone in this house is vegan. The kid went vegan long
before anyone else did. And then when I had the heart attack, she was in the room and
the nutrionist was like, “Maybe you should think
about going plant-based,” and the kid was like, “Yes,
one of us, one of us!” So I kind of did it for her. I ate the way I wanted to for 47 years, I’mma give this vegan thing six months. I’ll do it your way for six months. It’s not even hard, I don’t miss anything. Every once in a while, we were
just at the holidays right? Holidays passed, and you’re like, “Oh man! “Egg nog, I wish I had egg nog.” Coconut egg nog. It’s
nuts, coconut milk egg nog. You can do a (beep) ton with
a coconut, who knew man. Bananas foster; coconut. Chocolate peanut butter; coconut. I know you’re looking at
me right now going like, “Silent Bob telling me how to (beep) eat?” Yes, believe it or not man. I’m not saying I’m an expert but I’ve been through some stuff and so now I can speak on the
issue of men’s health. – [Interviewer] What’s the weirdest diet you’ve ever been on? – Weirdest diet I’ve ever been on, cause I’ve been on a series of weight loss programs across my life, I took a fat blocker back in the day and I can’t remember what the name of it was, but it said it blocked 33%
of your fat intake right? So took this pill and you’re eating your normal greasy ass diet, and it’s blocking 33% of
the fat being absorbed. But instead it’s
manifesting in your body as, wait for it, trigger warning
we’re gonna talk poo, greasy, oily, (beep). So that was the most ludicrous thing I think I’ve ever done to lose weight man. Now I don’t diet at all.
Now I just eat better. So if you’re curious and you’re like, “Oh (beep), him? He lost weight? “That fat piece of
(beep) how did he do it?” That’s how I do it and I
did it with relative ease. It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t like me going, “I hate this life and everybody in it.” I was easy to be around and stuff. I was thinking about 2019,
we’re gonna go make a movie, Jay and Silent Bob movie,
so I still wanna be somewhat look like I used to. But I was thinking after that movie maybe I will go become this
guy, like jacked Kevin Smith. Would you like to see my gym? Let me show you my gym, come on. Alright so I lied, this is my home gym. I don’t have enough money
to afford a home gym, so I use the outside world man. Number one: free no gym fees. Number two: you get to
breathe that real air instead of breathing that gym air which is made up of a lot of sweat. So me and Shecky hit the hill everyday. This is the gym. – [Interviewer] What do you consider to be an intense workout? – An intense workout is
something that I would never do, because that would turn me off to the idea of health and exercise. So this is pretty much the daily intense activity that I engage in man. It’s about a mile and
change all the way up and all the way back. And then when I started losing weight then I decided to go for Runyon Canyon. That’s where all the
skinny people go hiking. – [Interviewer] Why do you
always wear hockey jerseys? – If you saw any picture of me taken for the last ten years or more, I’m probably in a hockey jersey. I lived in hockey jerseys
cause hockey jerseys is kind of like the fat guy’s muumuu. Looks really great, you can
hide your weight under it. When I lost the weight I started looking weird in hockey jerseys. There was a moment where I was like, “Oh no, what will I do?” I’ve branded myself for the
better part of a decade. I decided alright, I’m
just gonna let that go. So I defaulted to the
way that I used to dress in 1997 before I started getting heavy, and that was suit jackets and jean shorts and t-shirts and stuff. Yeah man it was weird,
it was the end of an era. The heart attack closed a lot of doors including on my haute couture. – [Interviewer] What’s
your favorite tattoo? – So I have a couple of tattoos. I’m not a very macho or butch guy by any stretch of the imagination, but I am a writer so I’ve
words all over my body. This one says IN SMOD I TRUST. SModcast is the podcast that
I’ve done for 12 years now. So I learned over the course of making that podcast to
trust my own instincts. I realized In Smod I Trust, I’m Smod so in me I trust. Over here I got my kid’s name, it says Harley’s on this arm. That’s cause on this arm
I have my wife’s name, says Jenny’s and if we ever split up I would turn that J into a D. Alright, the fitness questions! Man hit me with your fitness questions. – [Interviewer] 7 a.m.
workout or 7 p.m. workout? – 7 a.m. workout. – [Interviewer] Squats or deadlifts? – Squat believe it or not. – [Interviewer] Favorite
song on your playlist? – Favorite song to workout to is “Outstanding” by The Gap Band. – [Interviewer] Crossfit: yea or nay? – I won’t even change a
tire in real life on a car, so I’m not gonna (beep)
around with one in the gym so no crossfit for me. – [Interviewer] Pull-ups or chin-ups? – Pull-ups or chin-ups. Well,
what an interesting question. In high school I could do neither. I remember hanging there for 20 minutes one day in gym class trying to do one single pull-up and it didn’t happen. So I can’t imagine I’d be
any better at a chin-up. – [Interviewer] Dumbbells or kettlebells? – I like kettlebells, I
like pulling something with a handle. Doing this? That’s just too macho for me. – [Interviewer] Run on a
treadmill or run outside? – I think if I had to run at all it would only be when chased. – [Interviewer] Cardio or weights? – I pick cardio over weights every time. Weights feels like a workout
and I’m never trying for that. I don’t wanna feel like I’ve worked out. So I go cardio. – [Interviewer] Big legs? Big arms? – I have big legs by child birth. My mom gave me her own
childbearing hips in my DNA, so I’ve got big legs
whether I want them or not. – [Interviewer] What’s
the biggest compliment: jacked, ripped, swole, cut? – Muscle tone and or definition, that’s something I never ever expected to see on my body in this life, but I also never expected to see my high school weight again which I have. Like now I’m thinner than
I was in high school, when I graduated high school. So anything’s possible at this point. Alright, that’s it. Generally I don’t do this while talking, so I’m like out of breath and I’m gonna continue the workout cause that’s what it’s all about: health. Men’s Health particularly,
cause I’m a men’s. So thanks for hanging out, I’m gonna do this. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Kevin Smith Shows His Vegan Fridge & Home Gym | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

  1. "Massive heart attack" with jazz hands! Seriously, he looks great. Good for him. This means there's hope for me!

  2. Everybody who tried going vegan in my vicinity got ill and started having skin deformation and hair falling out. Its stupid, where are you going to get collagen?

  3. retarded diet full of procesed bulshit… he s gonna have another heart attack. Why not quit procesed shit and eat meat, organs, fruits and vegies like a normal human being.

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  5. Great video and inspirations for those just needing that boost … give your body what it’s needs and it will take care of you

  6. Comedians are weird too me . Most of the time the popular ones that are in tvs and movies the ones that are skinny turn out fat and the ones that are fat turn skinny .

  7. You look amazing !! So much younger you look ! I give you so much props to your vegan journey! Fellow vegan here ..going on six years never felt or looked better even better than my highschool days !! You should be so proud of yourself .It's easy isn't ? Being vegan is not hard like people think it's just a new way of living with alternative foods that you always loved ! I didn't recognize you when I started scrolling through You Tube ..keep it up ..good luck on your journey ..and never be Silent about being a Vegan because you never know who you'll inspire ! 👍🤗💯🤗

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  11. any more now that everyone is on board .. theres vegan everything .. I'm not a vegan guy but it's dope theres so many choices for them

  12. No disrespect Kevin, you are taking action over your health and that's more than a lot of people can say. However you made a statement possibly attributing "Dairy" as the cause of your Heart Attack. With admitting your not really sure, you however went 100% Vegan as the way to fix it.There is no science in that approach, only Hope. Watch out as you will become deficient in B-12 and a host of other Vitamins and Minerals that are absent from Plants. You will put yourself at risk of a Stroke. Even if you had Fish and eggs that would provide all that is needed for your body to function properly, as Suppliments are No replacement for Vitamins in their natural state. Simply Not the same thing. The reason for all the "Meat Substitutes" is your body is craving them and it doesnt go away like the craving for sugar.

  13. Went plant based six months ago and it was definitely one of the best things that I have ever done. My mom went plant based too, I feel much better and the food is super delicious.

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  17. Veganism is a fucking lie that many of you have bought into. Humans for the last 100,000 years lived mostly on meat. You wouldnt have access to most of the fruits and veggies you have today. All fruits and veggies are full of anti nutrients and toxins, not to mention they are all modified to be extra sweet (read: full of sugar the real killer) prior to agriculture fruits and veggies were bitter and small. Also lets not ignore the fact that they would only be in season for a very short time so even when we did eat them it would only be rarely. Most of the nutrients in veggies and fruits are not even absorbed by your body because they are fat soluble, which is why vegans need juicers to eat 30 bananas at a time.

    What is the main thing that sustains children? Breast milk aka ANIMAL PRODUCTS! We are born to eat high fat high protien, you people filling yourself with carbs and thinking you are healthy are fooling yourselves.

  18. He's still obviously covering up his body. The man still needs to up his resistance training. Good start on the diet though, but I'm not sold on the vegan thing, sorry. Why is it that most people swing from one extreme to the other. Either paleo/keto or Vegan. Whatever happened to moderation and balance?

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  27. From a health perspective… Beyond Meat is worse than ground beef. Eat it for environmental or ethical reasons but don't tell people beyond meat is "healthier" than ground beef

  28. Losing weight just cos of being a vegan is bs. I'm a meat eater and I've lost about 10kg in the last year or so. Its all about how often u exercise and burning off more than ur consuming

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  30. Veganism is a type of fasting, Smith's body is eating itself for all those nutrients in animal products, which right now it's a good idea. However, plants do screw you up with lectins, oxalates and phytic acid… Most people on a heavy plant based diet die from a stroke and prone to alzheimer disease.

  31. I knew I wasn't seeing things when Kevin Smith kept getting smaller over time. Plus another J&SB movie would be awesome!

    As a whole though, walking is the most underrated exercise ever. I've always lifted, done conditioning, been pretty lean, etc.. But what got me ripped was starting up a part time dog walking business. Easily walk 10+ miles a day now in addition to working out.

  32. I applaud Kevin for adopting a healthy life style, but why did it take a heart attack to make him change? My friends father got type 2 diabetes then he decided to change his eating habits. My father got emphysema, then he decided to stop smoking. Again and again I see people deciding to change after they've done serious damage to their bodies. I thought humans were rational creatures.

  33. Congrats Kevin…you sound and look so happy with this new regimen. I'm expected to see you look like jacked Carrot Top!????No, really your approach seems to suit you very well. Kudos..dude!

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